DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Incoming Councilman Scott Griggs said predecessor Dave Neumann left virtually nothing behind, except for a small amount of office supplies and a few documents.

“I don’t believe I have a stapler, tape or a hole puncher yet,” the District 3 councilman said.

Griggs said upon arriving at City Hall, he found his office practically empty. He defeated incumbent Neumann in the city elections in May.

Along with the lack of office supplies, Griggs said Neumann left him with no money in the district office account. So, what happened to the rest?

“They were disposed of one way or another,” Griggs said. “Thrown out or shredded, or moved out of the premises.”

Neumann declined to comment on the claims, saying he was out of town on a family vacation for two weeks.

Residents in the district say the news at City Hall has left a bad taste in their mouths: Especially Donna Lucas, a school librarian.

“I can’t imagine if I went from one school to another that I wouldn’t leave things for the librarian so she or he could start what I’d be doing in another school,” she said from Norma’s Café in Oak Cliff. “It’s unprofessional.”

Neumann’s supporters say they’re sorry to hear the allegations of how he left his district office, but still praise the job he did.

“I find it very odd,” said John Weekley, a political analyst and veteran of many local political campaigns.

Weekley said it’s normal for outgoing council members to take personal items, but also to leave city documents in place “so there’s continuity between councilperson and councilperson and the voters and the citizens of that council district.”

Griggs said the city gave his district account nearly $3,000 through the end of September so he could print business cards and buy supplies.

The city auditor is in the process of performing a required audit of outgoing council members.