update (8/17 – 3:30p.m.) – CBSDFW.com has learned Micaela died Wednesday morning after her battle with Leukemia.  Funeral services for the 18-year-old are pending.

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Micaela White is the girl who has it all; a graduate of Ursuline Academy with plans to attend The University of Oklahoma. Micaela White is also the girl who’s been through it all. “She’s amazing,” said Micaela’s mother, Sharon White. “The strength in her, the determination in her, the will in her.”

Micaela beat thyroid cancer two years ago. But this past December, the 18-year-old from Plano was stricken with leukemia. Doctors at Children’s Medical Center treated the disease with heavy doses of chemotherapy. Despite the setback, mom and dad never gave up hope. “I knew we were going to all come through this,” Micaela’s mother recalled.

When things couldn’t get any worse, they did. While Micaela was being treated at Children’s, a fire severely damaged the family’s home in Plano. Meanwhile, the chemo treatments had taken the teen to near death, until a bone marrow transplant brought her back to life in June.

Days later, however, the girl with dreams of being a Sooner returned to intensive care, and that’s where she remains today. “She’s afraid right now. She hates ICU with a passion,” said her mother.

Following her bone marrow transplant, her body started pumping out A-negative blood to replace her old blood. As a result, Micaela’s body now needs A-negative platelets and they’re in rare supply. The teen faces other serious issues as well, including complications with her liver and kidneys.

Mom and dad say their daughter’s battle has brought them closer together. Mom spends day and night at the hospital, while dad takes care of their 16-year-old son, who has Down Syndrome. “We’ve been apart going on eight months. When we see each other, it’s always in a hospital atmosphere,” said Danny White, Micaela’s father. “If we go out for lunch, which isn’t very often, it’s a real blessing.”

Micaela’s mother says she now knows the true meaning of life. “Just how special life really is.”

A Facebook group called “Micaela’s Army” has been set up for anyone who wants to donate A-negative platelets. Carter BloodCare has set up an account for Micaela with the donation number 050332. For information on how you can donate you can call Carter BloodCare at (800) DONATE-4 or (800) 366-2834. You can also email the family at dswhitefamily@verizon.net.