Number Of Academically Unacceptable DISD Schools Soars

By Kent Chapline, CBSDFW.COM

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The Texas Education Agency released its 2011 accountability ratings Friday, and the numbers are not good for the area’s largest school district.

Thirty-three Dallas ISD schools are now rated “academically unacceptable,” which is the lowest rating on the state’s 4-step scale.

That’s up from just 14 last year.

Why the jump?  It’s because this year the state dropped the controversial Texas Projection Measure, or TPM.  That system was used to predict whether students taking certain parts of the TAKS test would pass it.  If the TPM said they would pass the test next year, those students’ predicted scores were used in their school’s accountability ratings for the current year.  So it was possible for a student to fail the TAKS test but get credit for passing it.

Now that students’ actual TAKS scores are being used in the accountability ratings, the DISD has more than twice as many “unacceptable” schools as last year.  In fact, the district says if the TPM was still being used, it would have just 5 “academically unacceptable” schools this year.

Of the district’s 21 “regular” high schools — that is, non-magnet or other specialty schools — 13 are now rated “academically unacceptable.”  That’s 62 percent.  By comparison, five of Fort Worth’s 13 “regular” high schools have that lowest rating.  That’s 38 percent.

To be fair, Dallas also has several of the best high schools in the country.  Two of its magnet schools are currently ranked by Newsweek magazine as the top two high schools in the USA.  They and 28 other DISD schools are rated “exemplary” by the state, which is the highest rating on the TEA’s scale.  However, many of the district’s “exemplary” schools are magnet or vanguard schools.  Those schools have specialized curricula and students must apply to attend them.  In those ways, putting those schools up against the “regular” schools is not an apples-to-apples comparison.

The district’s overall rating remains “academically acceptable.”

That’s also Fort Worth’s overall district rating.  The FWISD has 6 “exemplary” schools, 33 that are rated “recognized,” 60 that are “academically acceptable,” and 22 rated “academically unacceptable.”

Click here to see the ratings for all Fort Worth ISD schools.


One Comment

  1. S Kicker says:

    Looking at the list and doing the math, roughly 16% of FWISD schools are unacceptable, whereas 14% of DISD schools are unacceptable. DISD numbers have certainly jumped, and they’ll surpass FWISD next year if this continues, but I was really surprised to see so many pi$s-poor FW schools. That’s a shame – for both cities and their children.

    1. msutton says:

      Take out the illegal aliens and see if the scores improve

  2. Feral Grognard says:

    Shocking well no, in our new culture where the Culture of “ME” are dominate over the near extinct culture if “US’, outcomes of common ground “US” exceptionalism are to be expected to be overwhelmed by this least common denominator refuge of “ME” and its usual outcome of mediocrity.

    1. CSB says:

      is dominant… FYI

      Big AMEN, nonetheless.

  3. CSB says:

    I can see the City of Dallas promotional video now.

    VO: Come to Dallas, where we have air pollution levels that only reach red in the summertime. Come see our year ’round circus – the Dallas City Council. Is excitement your style? Dallas has crime out the ying-yang, and if you feel a bit naughty, come by and visit our fire chief through September 1, 2011. Dallas offers an abundance of outdoor activities, too. Fish the Trinity River and bring the whole family. Your children will love catching freshwater crustaceans nibbling on the occasional dead body floating by. Come see our freeways – works in progress since 1971. Is your kid an overachiever? Dumb him or her down in one of our 33 academically unacceptable schools. Or you can move to Fort Worth, where things are a bit better. Dallas – We Don’t Give A Sh-t! Paid for by the City of Dallas Economic Growth Board.

  4. Lee May says:

    “So it was possible for a student to fail the TAKS test but get credit for passing it.”


  5. jpg says:

    Why are we spending so much money fo try to educate ILLEGA Children? They don’t wan to be educated, all they want is a Free Ride just like their Illegal Parents.

    1. CSB says:

      Oh my God. You didn’t really just seriously type that, did you? Please tell me the misspelling(s) is a joke.

    2. lee ijeda says:

      or like all u 3rd 4th generation welfare ppls that dont contribute at all , at least with the illegals sure they use false ss numbers but at least the government is getting something!!!

      1. JPG says:

        I paid Over $30,000 in Taxes last year and I amd tired of supporting you Liberals.

    3. CSB says:

      Sorry to bust your bubble, JPG, but I’m a Tea Party conservative and I live in Westlake.

    4. 2sister says:

      I don’t agree with illegal immigration, but we can’t say that all of the children of illegal immigrants don’t want to be educated. Also, the children didn’t ask to be in that position. There parents put them in that position.

  6. Paul says:

    “Texas Projection Measure, or TPM. That system was used to predict whether students taking certain parts of the TAKS test would pass it. If the TPM said they would pass the test next year, those students’ predicted scores were used in their school’s accountability ratings for the current year. ”

    I predict I will pay my taxes next year. Now I get a freebie and don’t have to pay any next year. I like this.

    I predict I can pay my bills next year. Now that I have made that prediction, I don’t have to pay any bills this year. This keeps getting better

  7. says:

    Teachers have been fired and schools are closing while DISD’s contractor and builder friends continue receiving a check and wasting our tax dollars.

    For example DISD has still failed to give an answer as to why it spent $2.6 million dollars of taxpayer money to renovate the historical O.M. Roberts school, only to now demolish it…then we have DISD’s twisted plan to spend another 22 million tax dollars to build a brand new school…And…in addition to the reckless demolition of the O. M. Roberts school tax dollars were used to seize homes residing behind the school only to destroy them to put in parking lots in-between the remaining homes. Does that make sense?

    How about appreciating our teachers, providing better education and uniting for preservation of historical schools and neighborhoods!

    This is an outrage! If you agree contact DISD and tell them NO to wasting our tax dollars!

    Learn more at

    Listen and watch satire video about the issue below

  8. Rita O says:

    I can beleive what i am reading !!! This is very upsetting. First of all American people blame illegal immigrants for everything, well let me tell you something, they may not know english but their education level is a way lot higher because they go to school and study alot harder and its all because their parents are alot more involved in their education. I have been to every parent conference meeting there is and it is a shame to see how many students parents have never ever been to not one parent conference and you want to blame illegals ??? If parents would CARE about their children and come more INVOLVED with their childs school we would not have this problem so dont blame the illegal immigrants for whats going on in the school district and please get your facts straight before blaming or pointing the finger at someone .

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