Higher Water Temperatures Killing North Texas Fish

floating fish 72105519 Higher Water Temperatures Killing North Texas Fish

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NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Humans aren’t the only ones languishing in the North Texas heat.

“Everything is suffering… anything that depends on water and unfortunately that includes every single, living thing,” said Larry Hodge with Texas Parks and Wildlife.

The hot North Texas weather is killing fish.

The 30+ days of extreme heat and drought conditions have led to higher water temperatures and lower lake levels. That combination depletes oxygen in the water, which the fish need to breath.

“It can get to the point where the fish actually do not have enough oxygen in the water and they will suffer,” explained Hodge. “You’ll first see them at the surface trying to gulp air and then eventually, if it becomes severe enough, they may die.”

Farm ponds and other small bodies of water are especially vulnerable. According to Hodge, there have been some fish kills on Lake Ray Hubbard and on some North Texas ponds.

“Because they have less ability to withstand the temperature changes, because there’s less water in them, so their temperature tends to go up and down faster than a big body of water,” Hodge said.

Temperatures on area ponds are reaching the mid-90s and there are few things that can be done to cool the water. “If it’s a small pond the pond owner can actually aerate the water by agitating the water. Anything to mix air with the water will help,” suggested Hodge.

Hodge says the only thing that will really help is rain and cooler temperatures.


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  1. GUSMO says:

    OK call me skeptical, but how does anyone know that the heat killed this fish?

    1. trixlette says:

      Read the autopsy report……

  2. Joseph Durocher says:

    How about using some of those melting icebergs to lower the temperature of the water in North Texas?

  3. JOE H says:


  4. AAA says:

    Nobody’s calling you skeptical! It’s garbage! The fools in this country allowed to make “official” statements or any statements that get into the media when they have no clue is one of the biggest jokes going. “Heat,” ain’t killin any fish! It doesn’t work that way. The fish have more than enough oxygen to breathe.

    1. Haves says:

      I think there is something not soaking in with some of the pocket scientists here. Water holds less Oxygen at higher temperature. Heat also speeds the decomposition of material in the water. Without lower temperatures or agitation to the water surface to diffuse more oxygen into the water column, the fish will die. Even with agitation, the fish may die if their are too many fish in the pond because the ability of the water to hold oxygen in higher temperature is reduced. Heat can and does kill fish.

    2. Jay says:

      ok genius.

  5. jw1965 says:

    We have a small water garden with koi and gold fish. We can tell they are suffering from the heat and keep the water aerated with water spitters. We lost one koi before getting the spitters going.

  6. Lubbock says:

    Just the course of nature, that’s all. Lakes, ponds, and streams tend to due that during times of drought. It’s called EVAPORATION. Shock – yes, drought and evaporation have happened in the past, even cataclysmically. Just ask all those poor fish, clam, and sea creature fossils basking in the sun in the badlands of the Dakotas. So now in addition of ‘what about the children’s future’ we have to concern ourselves with ‘what about the fish’s future’ with this whole global warming scam. Great.

  7. Mike Rowe says:

    @AAA And what is your experiance in this field? I have lived in the mid-west for about 30 years now and heat does have an effect on fish and other water populations that need them. As the temps rise especially in small ponds oxygen and as the article says combined with the lack of rain fall there is no agitation in the water to keep the oxygen levels high enough to sustain life.

    What a moron.

  8. NiteNurse says:

    Anybody who hasn’t watched the film “An Inconvient Truth” needs to rent it because it covers topics like this.

  9. Eli says:

    Geeezz! I can’t believe some of the readers don’t believe our Government reports; I thought they were always striving to give accurate reports…

  10. mike says:

    this usually happens early in the morning, the plants in the water, will without sunlight begin to use the O2 in the water for respiration. The fish will be deprived and die

  11. Bubba says:

    Al Gore is killing fish!

  12. Jay says:

    Some of you folks are so stupid and cynical. Go get some science education you idiots. or don’t you believe in science… oh boy..

  13. Steve says:

    I was going to start up a company to sell oxygenated water.
    The process involves heating water above 140 degrees and then bubbling pure oxygen up thru the water from the bottom. The water is heated as it will absorb
    more oxygen then when water is cooler.

    When the water cools after it’s been put in a container, it will force out some oxygen
    and pressurize the container.

    I don’t think the process works just the opposite if the water is in an open pond.

  14. Rod Pennington says:

    Texas wildlife management has several of our solar powered aeration systems with draft tubes that aerate cooler bottom water then mixes it with warmer surface water. They just need a few more.

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