Groups Gather Opposition To Perry Prayer Meeting

AUSTIN (AP) – Civil liberties groups are gathering together in opposition to Governor Rick Perry’s day of prayer and fasting this weekend.

The groups, which say they represent tens of thousands of Texans, oppose the governor’s prayer meeting on Saturday because they say it disrespects the separation of church and state. They also complain that the groups organizing the event hold extreme positions on freedom of religion, homosexuality and the role of religion in government.

Perry has rejected the criticisms as unfair.

The Texas chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union is hosting an alternative event in Houston Friday night. The Texas Freedom Network sent Perry a letter signed by 10,000 people saying he is using religion for political gain. People for the American Way criticized the event for including intolerant groups.

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  1. darrell says:

    “People for the American Way criticized the event for including intolerant groups.”

    talk about the kettle calling the pot black.

    well, im going to take this prayer event as an opportunity to pray that all of you intolerant hypocrites go to hell.

  2. Norman Paget says:

    If the far right teapartiers were raptured tomorrow, another set of self seekers would materialize to take their place. Tea party is just a name, such people have always arisen to take advantage of perceived weakness, history clearly demonstrates that extremists by their very nature cannot be satisfied. It is a condition of that type of mentality and is showing itself now just as it did with the dictators of the last century. Teapartiers focus on something called ‘the will of god’ to justify their actions, to make the country somehow right for the bizarre concept of his return to earth. They don’t actually believe such nonsense of course, but it serves to distance the perpetrators of such lunacy from its results. (“we are only following orders”…does that sound familiar?) They take advantage of democracy to inflict themselves on everyone, with the ultimate aim of destroying democracy itself. Consensual government has no place with the far left or right, only rule by diktat; and that can only come about when the economy is rendered chaotic. These people tell gullible voters that everything will be well when they are in power: jobs, pensions, cheap food and cheap gas when Jesus has returned to fill up all the oilwells.

  3. callen says:

    Rick Perry prayer and fasting? Yes, just like the Satanic Islams we are fighting and getting killed by in Afghanistan and Iraq. Let’s pray, pray, pray and see if we can pray harder than the Islams. Whoever prays the hardest, wins! Yeah, that is the way Jesus wanted, right? Good Lord, wake up.

  4. Nonya says:

    Calls for tolerance usually come from the most intolerant people. Who cares what the Governor does? If you don’t like it, don’t worry about it.

  5. RSage says:

    No such thing as separation of church and state. That’s not even in the constitution at all and never has been in the constitution. Separation of church and state is a false perception. Anyone that has studied true American History, not the watered down progressive version, knows that. This country was founded by Christians for the purpose to be able to practice Christianity freely. Juda/Christian values has been part of our laws and intertwined with our Government since the beginning. To deny it is fruitless. Read the Federalist Papers and find out for yourself.

    1. sonny says:

      Ben Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Monroe were Founding Fathers who were also Deists or Unitarians. The religious right, especially those who serve on state-wide school boards, want them written out of high school history textbooks because they were not orthodox Christians.

  6. TAmikaB says:

    Most people don’t really believe in tolerance. It is tolerance for everyone except for true Bible believing Christians.

    Unfortunately they have never taken the time to read the Bible (the whole Bible) and not take things out of context. Sadly they are staking their eternity on what others have said.

    I challenge you to read the Bible and see if you can resist the love of the only Savior of the World, Jesus Christ.

    I didn’t know that the Bible has hundreds of written prophecies about Jesus the Messiah. Specific prophecies about where he was going to be born (Bethlehem of Judea…not Atlanta, GA or Athens, Greece), how he was going to die (crucified), that he would make the blind see, that he would be born of a virgin and resurrect (physically) on the 3rd day with hundreds of eyewitnesses seeing Him after His resurrection, etc. All those prophecies were written hundreds of years before Jesus came (so they could not be changed, it was already written).

    I was especially moved when I read that the Bible prophecied Jesus was going to be crucified, but that prophecy of his way of dying was written hundreds of years before crucifixion was even invented. It is enough information to at least make you want to look into the Bible. Don’t believe when people say it is just another book, at least read it for yourself and research the historical accuracy of the prophecies and make your own decision. If the prophecies are true, then everything else the Bible says is true.

    Start with the book of John, read the whole thing, a chapter a day. As you read, ask the God you don’t believe, pray with a sincere heart: “Jesus, if you are real, help me to know You.”

    What do you have to lose? If He doesn’t exist or you are not sincere in your praying, you won’t know the difference.

    1. callen says:

      You sound exactly like an Islamic son of Satan.

  7. NiteNurse says:

    Ya’ll this is the Bible belt and the bible nazis will have their way. Up north where the country was born they understand there should be a seperation of church and state. NOT down here all the christians believe in being saved and carryng guns and THAT’S ALL THEY CARE ABOUT! That’s why the south lost!

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