Polygamist Leader Missing At Sentencing Hearing

SAN ANGELO (AP) – A polygamist group leader convicted of child sexual assault is boycotting his sentencing hearing in Texas.

Warren Jeffs walked out on his sentencing in protest Friday and has been held in another room in the courthouse while the hearing continues. He can return to the courtroom whenever he wishes.

Jeffs had been acting as his own lawyer, but once he left in protest, the judge ordered his stand-by counsel to represent him.

The 55-year-old is the ecclesiastical head of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which believes polygamy brings exaltation in heaven.

He faces up to 119 years in prison after being convicted on two counts of sexually assaulting underage followers he had taken as brides.

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  1. Paul says:

    We shouldn’t be surprised at this man’s unwillingness to participate in his sentence hearing. He has no respect for the law of the land and his so-called religious beliefs are nothing more than a facade, a cloak of religious hypocrisy used to try and justify his pedophilia behavior and desires. What I don’t understand is why this man is being prosecuted for the same behavior we are asked to accept as part of the Muslim faith. Our own president has promoted sensitivity to a religion that promotes and protects marriage between men in their 30,s 40’s,and fifty’s to little girls, 8, 9, and 10 years old. Many of these child brides die from hemorrhage due to intercourse their little child bodies aren’t ready for, but their pedophile husbands force on them anyway. So far in this country, the marriage may not be allowed, but what stops one the wealthy Muslims from coming and going in this country while they rape these children in their native countries under the guise of marriage? Then if the child is fortunate enough to survive her pedophile husband’s deplorable sexual advances, she still might be killed if she doesn’t accept his Islamic beliefs, an honor killing its called. That part aside, we still have a judicial system setting a double standard. One condemns an American citizen for having sex with a child-bride, and another that asks us to be sensitive to a religious belief. Is our president really sensitive to a foreign faith that allows pedophilia, or is he cowering to economic pressure from Middle Eastern oil supplies? Either way, it condones by proxy the pedophilia for which the polygamist has been found guilty and now faces 119 years in prison. Where is the deciding difference? Both claim religious right they say is founded in their holy books. If the man in Texas was of Middle-Eastern decent and Islamist faith, would the judicial system look the other way? If not, why do we allow so-called oil sheiks with child wives, often many child wives, to come and go in this country with immunity, even rolling out the red carpet during their visits? There is something seriously wrong with the moral values of our United States. We only condemn what we say is morally wrong if it is convenient and politically acceptable. Why America? Why are are moral values worth less than barrels of oil?

  2. texas justice says:

    Maybe he thinks; Out of sight, Out of mind……I don’t think so jerk.

  3. Joey Tean says:

    Pretty sick and twisted people those Mormons are. Wow, I thought the Catholics were weird.


    1. Duh says:

      He’s not a Mormon.

    2. RR Worker says:

      It’s not Mormons who are sick. As with any other group, you have the outer fringe who refuse to follow the rules. Jeffs group is one of these. Mormons don’t practice what this group does and haven’t for a hundred years or more. They have denounced the actions of groups like this and they aren’t even connected to each other. That’s like saying Baptists and Catholics are the same thing just because they are followers of Christianity. If your cousin robs a bank, does that make you a bank robber too? Use your head for something other than a boat anchor once in a while. And no, I’m not Mormon, I’m Lutheran.

  4. jane says:

    well if they let the pope and the catholic church skipp on malestation charges why convict this one group…any one remember how heavey the catholic priest were molesting little boys back in the 80s and 90s that was big news then a few of them got jail but most of them walked, and the pope never went forward to speak about it either, double standards when it comes to a certain human, or religion molesting our kids. this man is just the same as david caresh, and jim jones, they both were polygamist to who took a whole lot of innocent people with them instead of faceing their own faults, this man on trial, lacks the support of his followers which most took off and left the mormon compound cause their king was decrowned, thos women in thos compounds are nutts, BRAIN WASHED IDIOTS WHO ANYTHING BUT GIVE A DAM BOUT CHILDREN, THE BARE THIS IS JUST SAD

  5. JT says:

    Look at all the pedophiles in the government – Judges, Police, Lawyers, Politicians, public school teachers, etc. – yet they claim a higher law than religious freedom. It’s called “immunity.” They get away with these crimes much more than religious groups. Even if someone isn’t charged criminally, they can be sued. Not so with government employees – almost impossible and no lawyer will take the case. So get off the high horse about religion being the world’s problems. Right now, government has all the powers of the law and the system on its side and is doing all the same stuff.

  6. David says:

    These people are not Mormons. They are a splinter group that broke away from them when the Mormon church said no more plural marriages. Learn the truth before you spread such lies.

  7. Patrick says:

    a lot of human beings on earth casually throw their lives and their freedom away because they believe their next life, or the afterlife(what ever way you term it) will be better. there are hundreds of millions of women who are submissive victims to man’s tyrannical dogmas. live your life, become educated; that’s the key. for at least 40,000 years human beings have participated in some form of ritual, idolatry, sacrifice, etc. if there is a god(i don’t deny) then perhaps entertain the idea for a moment that your religion is one of hundreds/thousands that have risen, evolved, transformed, adapted, mutated, borrowed and perished for millenniums. from the moment each was forged by man he has been quick to wage war and commit genocide on its behalf. often time religions, even the pagan ones, teach us to be sexists and bigots and deny our truest human intuition. when someone is a convincing enough psychopath, like the ‘prophets’, televangelists, charles manson, polygamists….. people or easily convinced that certain atrocities are validated when i believe you should always look at someone else and think that your souls could trade places at any moment, why stay convinced that any God would love you more than he/she?

  8. James says:

    He’s an F’ing prisoner!!!! Grow some balls Judge and cops and cuff that SOB taze the F out of him and drag his sorry a ss into the court room. Man what p u s s y’s!!!

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