Plano 8-Year-Old: ‘I Saved A Little Boy From Drowning’

PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) – On Thursday, the Plano Fire Department will honor an 8-year-old boy who rescued a toddler from drowning.

The story starts more than two months ago, when Henry Lara thought it was time his son, Jesus, learned how to swim. Lara began teaching him at their apartment pool in Plano.

Their timing couldn’t have been more perfect for a toddler – not quite two years old –Friday night.

“We’d only been at the pool 15 minutes. And, all of a sudden I see Jesus. I hear Jesus. ‘Dad, dad.’ I looked up and he’s holding a toddler in his arms above water,” Henry Lara said.

Jesus said, “I saw, uh, an object at the bottom of the pool. I was like; he must be trying to see how long he could go under water,” the 8-year-old said. “Then, I saw bubbles coming out. From the bottom. And I was like, no there’s something wrong. I have to help him.”

Jesus brought the toddler to the side of the pool and his father began CPR. A nurse, who Lara said was with the toddler’s family, took over.

“Two seconds later, I looked over at Jesus to make sure he’s okay. And he’s kneeling on the concrete praying,” Lara said.

“Please God, let him be all right. Let him survive,” Jesus said, remembering his prayer.

The toddler’s family already told them: their child is perfectly fine.

“God put me there right at the right time. Because if I hadn’t been there, it could’ve been too late before someone else found him,” Jesus said.

School starts soon. And Jesus will have a little more than usual to say about his summer vacation.

“I’m going to say I went swimming,” Jesus said. “I had a great time and I saved a little boy from drowning.”

Though Henry Lara says the toddler’s family was nearby, it’s still unclear how exactly the 21-month-old ended up in the pool.

The Plano Fire Department will recognize Jesus for his life-saving actions at the Plano Fire Station at 10 a.m. Thursday and August 11th at 10:30 a.m.

The toddler’s family will not be at the ceremony.


One Comment

  1. C Bauer says:

    Jesus really does save! How about that!

  2. melissa says:

    Where the EFF were the parents that should have been watching the TODDLER around the pool???? I hope to GOD that CPS investigates the family of the baby and SERIOUSLY considers removing the baby from the home!! PURE NEGLECT! The parents are absolute TRASH!!

    Thank goodness that 8 yr old boy was there to save the baby!!! Now it’s the states job to save the baby from their neglectful family. Remove the baby from that home!

  3. mandy says:

    I have to agree with melissa’s comment!! There is NO excuse for not properly watching a toddler around water. Thankfully the baby was saved, but obviously this story could have had a much sadder ending. The parents should be investigated and the child should be removed from the home, at least until a thorough investigation is completed. I find it quite suspect that the family of the toddler will NOT be attending the 8 yr old boys award ceremony. Hmmm ….really makes you wonder. Lets hope the state doesn’t drop the ball in regards to the safety and well-being of that baby.

    1. melissa says:


  4. bdub77 says:

    umm…yeah…what about the parents of the toddler?? I’d like to know the answer as to how and why he/she ended up in the pool??? poolside is no place for a toddler – especially at an apartment, where the shallow end is still 3-4 feet deep. most apartments do not have shallow pools for toddlers – theres too much liablilty. just stupid. Thank Jesus…literally, that someone was there with MORE maturity at 8 years old, than the parents of the toddler.

    1. melissa says:

      Amen to that!!!

  5. Kevin says:

    Maybe they ARE being investigated and that’s why they are not going to the ceremony. Or, they could be illegal aliens and are intentionally not showing up for fear of deportation.

    1. YRofTexas says:

      You may have a point there. Their names weren’t mentioned, nor any details. It is odd that they not want to publicly thank Jesus and his family, so there must be some personal reasons to keep quiet.
      Bottom line: A child was saved by the quick actions of another child. And Jesus’ prayers were heard!

  6. P.B says:

    May God send many blessings to Jesus and his family. He has truly been taught well. I am also so very glad that Jesus was around to save the kids life. The parents of the drowning victim could have attended the ceremony regardless of what’s happening in their life. It was very inconsiderate of them.

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