DART Set To Charge Some Rail Riders To Park

dart rail DART Set To Charge Some Rail Riders To Park

Photo of a DART light rail train. (credit: http://www.dart.org)


NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – DART will begin charging some train riders a parking fee at the Parker Road Station in Plano and North Carrollton/Frankford Station. But the fee is just for those who live outside those cities.

Rail passenger Leeann Phelps told KRLD NewsRadio 1080 that she can’t afford the new fees and will have to start driving. “It’s going to be a loss of a convenience for me, because it’s so convenient to take the train to get downtown, to not have to fight the traffic, gas prices,” said Phelps, who lives in McKinney but works in downtown Dallas to Baylor Hospital.

The cost to park and ride will be $2.00 a day or $40 a month.

For Phelps the fees just don’t add up and she’d rather deal with traffic and high gas prices. “It’s not gonna be as much as paying $40 a week to park, plus your $20 a week for your train ticket,” she said.

Despite the additional cost for some riders Morgan Lyons with DART says traveling by rail is still a good deal. “Transit’s an incredible value when you look at gas prices still around $3.75 [or] four bucks,” he said.

Lyons says there are issues to resolve before imposing the new fee. “Maybe there’s a hanging tag. Maybe there’s a sticker or something like that. We’ve been looking at other systems.”

The next step for DART is to hire a contractor who will handle the parking fees.

Allen resident Rob Coach rides the rail from Parker Road because there isn’t a station in his city. He says he’ll just have to adjust his morning routine. “I’ll get my wife to drop me off, because I also don’t believe in paying for parking on this kind… a system like this.”

DART officials say if people don’t want to pay to park at the Parker Road Station they can drive to the Bush Turnpike Station and for those taking the North Carrollton/Frankford Station they can use the Trinity Mills Station for free.

The yearlong trial fee is expected to begin by the end of the year.


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  1. Really Tired says:

    I think it is only right that they pay their fair share. There are other stations that they can park at for free. They may just have to drive a little farther. Even at $40 a month it is cheaper than driving. If they work in downtown Dallas, it is also cheaper than a parking lot.

  2. Save our roads says:

    It’s only $40 a month according to the article. Driving from McKinney to Downtown has to me more expensive than that. I think she is confused.

  3. darrell says:

    how about just having a guy with a mask and gun greet them at the entrance? amounts to the same thing.

  4. RussP says:

    So Ms Phelps says $40 a month for parking and $80 a month for the train. That $120 a month. Hard to believe she won’t spend more than that just in gas driving from Mckinney to Dallas and back 20 days a month plus she’ll still have to pay for parking in Dallas and that’s more than $2 a day. Still a good deal on the train, especially since she’s not paying the 1% sales tax to support DART.

    1. GINA says:


      1. RussP says:

        Still a good deal. $120 a month is $30 a week which is only about 8 gallons of gas which gets you 160 miles in a car getting 20mpg. McKinney to Dallas is 70 miles round trip or 350 miles per week. She’s still way ahead on the train even with free parking in Dallas.

  5. Ravinder Singh says:

    this is such a poorly written article. how about you actually lay out the fees. what they were vs what they will be.

  6. Kim says:

    Ravinder Singh, the fees are just like the article states. $2 a day or $40 a month to park plus your ticket to ride the train. READ before you post.

  7. P.B says:

    I think it’s great and a long time coming, Dart is finally charging commuters that live outside Dallas County parking fees. They don’t want the buses operating within their neighborhoods, So pay to park. Residents of Dallas pay taxes in order for Dart to operate here. I don’t get those people. You can’t always get something for nothing.

  8. Juana says:

    I agree with the posters that these people need to quit complaining. Gas for their trips to work will be more than $40/mo!!

  9. RM says:

    I think what one of the commentors is attempting to say is that the article would have “read” more clearly had the DART parking PLUS riding fees been clearly laid out in comparison with the cost of driving — fuel, parking downtown. In my opinion, neither Ms. Phelps nor the writer of this article made much of a case for an opposing viewpoint.

    It was a poorly written article.

  10. Susan A Pitman says:

    I see something else here that is a good idea. If you’ve ever been to Parker Road Station, it is always WAY CROWDED for parking. Hopefully what this will make people do is drive just another mile or two down the street to Bush Turnpike Station for free, to even out the amount of cars parked there.

  11. Uncaring says:

    That’s unfair if only some lots get charged all lots should be charged. After all people come from Cedar Hill, Duncanvill and they don’t contribute to the tax I know because I live in Duncanville and they voted not to participate in your system. But I also don’t park in any of your lost I have other ways to ride Dart. Because I cna get a pass and still ride Dart and not pay a higher price to do so. And there isn’t anything Dart can do to stop me. Unless you can make everyone who rides the Dart system show proof they live in one of the funky cities that contribute. I will never live in a city that pays into the system I got out of Dallas over 13 years ago and have no intention of returning to it ever again. I also rarely shop in Dallas even when I lived there because Dallas has gone downhill like trashy cities usually do.

  12. Dan says:

    Folks, EVERY texas resident who pays taxes contributed to DART facilities. They got/get state sales tax money and they also got federal tax money.

    Next, either the system is public or it’s not. If it is, then the “public” needs to have the same rules. You are arbitrarily punishing people who live near those 2 stations and no one else.

    Finally, what added benefit or service do people who pay to park get, and how will you make sure that people who do not have to pay to park will not make use of the added benefit or service? More cops? A guarantee against vandolism? How about lockers for your valuables? No? Ok, then I’m paying you extra.

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