John Wiley Price Shoves Reporters From His Public Office

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price shoved a WFAA reporter and attempted to slam a door on a CBS 11 reporter Wednesday morning while trying to prevent them from entering his road and bridge office at 1506 E. Langdon.

CBS 11 News was at the office with Dallas County Commissioner Maurine Dickey, who was continuing her ongoing search to find unaccounted-for electronic satellite equipment, paid for by the county.

Dickey said she was told the equipment was at the road and bridge district warehouse, but upon arriving, Price – who is under investigation by the FBI – tried to order Dickey and the reporters off the property. When he realized his request would not be complied with, Price called the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department.

Dallas County Commissioners Court Administrator Darryl Martin joined the group as Dickey and the reporters proceeded to the front door of the office.

Price allowed Dickey and Martin inside, but then used his forearm to shove WFAA reporter Brett Shipp as he walked into the doorway of the office. Price then pushed the door onto CBS 11 reporter Bud Gillett, swinging and slamming it several times to prevent him from accompanying Dickey inside.

Price screamed that the county office was “private” to which Gillett replied, “This belongs to the public. I’m a member of the public.”

“This is my office,” Price said, looking Shipp right in the eyes. “You’re not allowed in, OK?”

Commissioner Dickey was physically locked inside the office for about two minutes and was unable to leave. She finally exited and said Price would let her inspect the property, but only if the reporters stayed behind.

“I’m not allowed to come in and see this unless you all get off the property, and this is public property, paid for by the taxpayers,” Dickey told reporters. “This is what Commissioner Price says, I’ve never thrown the media off of my road and bridge property.”

Price ultimately led Dickey to several storage units at the far end of the property but none contained the satellite equipment. The climate-controlled storage pods appeared to be filled with non-perishable emergency sundry items like paper towels, handy-wipes and staplers. She filmed the inside of the pods with her smart phone.

“I’m very disturbed that this public property would not allow media on it,” Dickey said. “I just don’t think there are any rules or laws that say that.”

The five pieces of equipment are valued at about $30,000 each. Dickey said she thinks they have been misplaced, lost or never received. No one was injured in the incident, and Price declined to comment afterward.

“The door was locked and I couldn’t unlock the door,” Dickey said of being inside the office with Price and Martin. She also said she never felt physically threatened, adding, “If I were really worried for my safety I wouldn’t be doing any of this.”

Full, unedited video of the entire incident: 


One Comment

  1. Gatorfanatic says:

    what a stupid excuse for a human being. AND those bozos keep electing him!!

    1. tired of the guy says:

      Serously? I am tired of this guys unprofessonal assuming ways. Act professional, race has nothing to do with it. I am tired of it, act like a man – dont shove or cuss, it shows your immature level. Get rid of this guy already – I am sick of hearing about him…..

  2. Carl says:

    SOS. if your black you can break the law..a white person would of been arrested for simple assault. this bully/punk has been shoving, assaulting people for years and getting away with it, I hope he finally gets what coming to him now that there’s not a black mayor to protect him.

    1. Justica says:

      Please. Are you stupid or what? Dallas County has been so corrupt have you forgotten all of the minorities that have been exonerated from prison within the last year, thanks to DNA testing that proved their innocence. In America, there exists a visible thing called “white privelege” white folks use it but hate to admit it but EVERYONE knows about it. GET REAL!!!!! GET HONEST!!!!

      1. Don'tBelieveDaHype says:

        I glad someone can see truth.

      2. Dave says:

        White privelege????? What is that? Blacks have the NAACP, can whites have the same? Blacks have the United negro College fund, can whites have the same? If we did we would be called racist! Get real yourself.

    2. Michael says:

      Another big dumb idiot talkin’ out the side of his ass… Carl, please lay off the meth, coffee, and cigarettes….

  3. The Dude says:

    His dishonesty is about to catch up with him…you can fool the voters, you can jack with your fellow County Commissioners. The FBI DON’T play. Pretty soon, he’ll be just another inmate.

  4. Guest says:

    Immature racist that thinks he can say and do anything he wants to do.. WRONG thats public property paid by all of the people of Dallas CO anyone can walk on it. What a arrogant sob he is entitled to nothing and is only voted on not because of benefit to society but because of the color of his skin. If he was benefiting his district (district 3) it would not be the areas that have the highest drop out rates, highest crime rates, high teen pregnacy rates, high number of constituents on government assistance, and the list goes on. How about doing something for your district JWP instead of hating everyone who isnt black and acting immature. I hope the FBI sticks it to you and someone like Sheila Jackson Lee takes your spot someone who does not use race or power as an issue, complaint, or excuse for everything!

    1. RR Worker says:

      You are wrong about Lee, she is as bad or worse than JWP, she perpetuates the very things you listed in you post

    2. Steven W. says:

      Anyone can walk on it, huh? Does that apply to the police station too? How about the mayor’s office? Can you just walk in there any-old-time you want?

      Please try it, just for me. Please! Be sure to tell them it’s public property!

      1. RussP says:

        Why yes, you can walk into a police station or city hall any time it’s open for business. The mayor’s office on the other hand is his private space even though it’s city property. Price was keeping them out of the building, not his personal office.

      2. Genial says:

        Why are you guys defending this thug?

    3. Genial says:

      No, no; not Sheila; she’s as bad as they come!

    4. Mike says:

      You are obviously abusing meth… Sheila Lee is just as bad, idiot.

  5. RR Worker says:

    While he does need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for assaulting the two men and throwing them off of public property, the mayor couldn’t protect him anyway. The mayor has nothing to do with county employees and supposedly has no influence on them because they are two totally different entities. I think the van he tore the windshield wipers off of years ago should have run him over and then backed up to make sure.

  6. Chaz says:

    I imagine Price will be in prison in due time. Long overdue.

  7. looking4work says:

    Lets see, If I shoved JWP I would be in jail. It’s amazing how the so called wanna be County Politicians can get away with assaulting people. Dissapointed in the reporter for not filing assault on him. Thats why JWP continues to act like a fool cause no one does anything to him. I didn’t know that our tax dollars bought JWP a whole private road and bridge district office. Last time I checked it was public property.

    1. larry says:

      No sir If you shoved JWP you probably would be in the hospital. He is a 7th degree blackbelt.LOL

      1. Fred says:

        Don’t say BLACKbelt, JWP will say that is racist.

      2. Genial says:

        In one view of this on TV, he threatened to “..split your throat..” of a reporter who approached him.

  8. Ndoorfin says:

    He knows he’s headed for Club Fed and it was just a matter of time before he cracked –nothing new here, he’s always done politics by intimidation and no one will stand up to him including african americans. At least when he hopefully gets locked up someday it’ll be the end of having to hear his loud mouth and obnoxious behavior—-gee…other black politicos,the church pastors that stand behind and the stupid people that elect him must really be proud of this idiot and the way he conducts himself–what a joke.

    1. ThinkB4Utalk says:

      Love how it’s always the black community’s fault when it’s a black politician being an idiot. Can we start pinning it on the white community when it’s one of the white politicians getting their actions ousted? Career politician are corrupt, it’s not a black or white thing, it’s a politician thing. Just so you know that race card is two-sided.

      1. Honestly You Should Think. says:

        But people do pin it on the white community. It’s called the argument of white privilege and The Man.

  9. DAVID says:


  10. grahawk says:

    JWP…”Why Y’all Pickin’ On Me?”. nuff said, POS for decades… To use a lib name…”THUG”.

  11. RussP says:

    I hope Brett Shipp and Bud Gillet have filed assault charges against Price. I’m sure Price would if he was treated the same way.

    1. glorysun says:

      Unfortunately no charges have been filed :(.

  12. TravlnTxn says:

    JWP is a nothing more than a flashy, hot-headed, THUG, who does more polarizing than good! Shame on those in his district who continue to support him. He is NOT “your Saviour”! Grow up.

  13. Shove??? says:

    Just watched the video, that wasn’t a shove, that was a hit and that’s assault. I would file charges if I were that guy. I don’t know JWP, a year ago I probably couldn’t of picked him out of a line up. But I think we are now seeing the REAL JWP. He is obviously mad and embarrassed about something he doesn’t want us to find out.

  14. Carl says:

    File Charges on that P.O.S. Racist,Bully,Thief, Thug !
    Typical politician, does what ever he wants, lies,cheats, steals and pushes, knocks down anyone that gets in his way..
    Throw his dirty rear end Under the Jail !
    Think I’ll organize a prayer vigil and help send this Devil to Jail !
    can I get an Amen ?

  15. C Bauer says:

    Gee, why so nervous, Johnny?

  16. Jesse says:

    The equipment is probably in the Road and Bridge at Harry Hines Blvd and Market Center Drive. There is a large warehouse in the back with a lot of furniture and computers among other items. I did some community service there this spring and they only allow a selected few in the warehouse.

  17. Lycos says:

    He is a racist and needs to be removed from office. People act the way he does when they are trying to hide something.

  18. Frank Junio says:

    it was the reporters who instigated the confrontation.The way i saw it and blew up the picture frame by frame the two reporters started kicking away at his shoes and legs while coming through the door.then,before the HONORABLE JWP even had a chance to defend himself,one reporter raked him across the face with a foreign object,,the other attack reporter shoved him into the door and Price fell to the ground.Both reporters started kicking away at him and one grabbed a handful of hair So what was JWP sopposed to do????Stand there and take this abuse?Watch the replay,you’ll see

    1. Dave N. says:

      I hope your comments were in jest? If not sounds like another JWP supporter!

      1. Frank Junio says:

        Don’t worry!!!! This is the way he and his supporters would see the situation,using a few wrestling terms of course.People like him will say this is all trick photography !!! HE will convince everyone he is a victim!!!!!!!

  19. Preraph says:

    Oh, the irony. All during the ’90s, WFAA and other stations as well, acted like JWP was the only black in town. Every time there was need for a comment on issues, he was called on to represent the black perspective, it seems. My only question is why it took this long for the law to catch up to him. If the press hadn’t been cowtowing to him all those years, we might have shaved 10 years of corruption off our city government.

  20. David says:

    Police were notified, and JWP still doesn’t face assault charges? If Brett Shipp and Bud Gillet fail to do so, then the city or state should press charges. JWP is a disgrace to Dallas.

  21. Grey Ghost says:

    The people of Dallas should certainly be proud the way some of their officials behave. Surely Mr. Shipp is going to file charges on Mr. Congeniality.

  22. Jwargo says:

    hang him with rope at the court house….maybe the rest would get the msg then! A lot of stupid people out there…

    1. ThinkB4Utalk says:

      Who are the rest?? With your ‘hang him with rope’ comment sounds like you mean other blacks?

      1. darrell says:

        Think, you crack me up. prime example of the social environment you inhabit. ive allways wondered one thing though. are blacks born with a built in “race card” and a chip on their shoulder or do they get it attached when they get home?

      2. david says:

        I would mean other crooks not blacks. Corruption knows no color. So hang his azz.

    2. ThinkB4Utalk says:

      Hope you meant other politicians

      1. harry larry says:

        Darrell you need to get a grip. Blacks lash out about race simply because of how they have been treated. They are just reciprocating what they have experienced

  23. threefour66 says:

    Yup, saw it with my own two eyes, Mr. Shipp assaulted JWP’s closed hand with his neck.

  24. the dude says:

    as long as there’s 1 black juror, price will always walk. he’ll never take a plea that includes resigning or doing time just for that reason. try all you want, he’s a hero to his constituents.

  25. twowoods says:


  26. Dave N. says:

    JWP vs FBI

    It’s the crook vs the Feds. Go Feds!

  27. Obama Dum Lama says:

    I admire JWP. He is like a south side view of a northbound donkey.

    His days are numbered. Bring back the tar and feathers days. A crook, thief, biggot, and example of someone abusing the power of office. And to think he tried to cover up his character by getting videotaped in the Church a few weeks back…complete blasphemy.

  28. Truth and Justice says:

    When John Wiley Price asked the news reporters to leave; they should have. Brett Shipp and Bud Gillet tried to enter after they were asked not to enter his office. Yes, John just pushed them away. That was not an assault. I truly believe reporters go overboard in telling the truth. When reports can’t get a person to talk to them why would the go to your home which is your private place. Why keep fishing; for what? All you are doing is creating hate among the city. Every time there is a change in power in Dallas everybody wants to dig up dirt. When Laura Miller was mayor, she did a lot of damaged in Dallas which was covered up. Go harass her.

    1. darrell says:

      hey T&J, your on the wrong side of the fence. that wasnt his home, its taxpayer property. any hate created has been created by price from years of abusive behavior to others. i understand your tunnel vision is so narrow you refuse to see the “truth” as it is. price suffers from a genetic handicap. its become widespread in south dallas unfortunately.

      1. Steven W. says:

        A police car is taxpayer property too, as is city hall and any street. Try driving off in a police car claiming it’s “taxpayer property” and see how far that gets you! Try walking into any office you want in city hall, or just laying down in the middle of the street because they are “taxpayer property”.

        Or is your position on “taxpayer property” limited to JWP’s offices?

  29. allicia galbreh says:

    You guys are crazy. I dont blame him for what he did to reporters they shouldnot be there at all . You guys need to leave that man alone go after the woman who kill her baby. This mess you that you guys put on tv is nonsense.MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!!!!!!! Life is too short there are people who need shelter,food,a job report that !!!!!!!!!

  30. Phillip says:

    A white Man would have been charged, with a Hate Crime !

  31. darrell says:

    @harry larry
    oh, i have a firm grip. lived here all of my life and watched price continue to be the worst racist ive ever seen. abusive, criminal and ghetto in everything.
    reciprocating? you need to get the grip and take a look at history. prices actions do more to devide the races than they will ever do to help them. but thats the way he likes it, otherwise he would be out of a job. he thrives on keeping race relations at a low. im going to enjoy watching him go to prison.

  32. Hunter Bonner says:

    Like Diane Ragsdale, Al Lipscomb, and a host of others, John Wiley Price continues to get away with murder. The man spews racist speech, nothing happens to him. The man assaults reporters, and so far, nothing happens to him. He was arrested for destroying a woman’s van back in the 80s, and somehow, continues to be re-elected year after year.

    I think that his longevity in office reflects more on the people that have elected him there since 1985. Since he’s “Their man downtown” we can only assume that the black community in his area of Dallas are equally as racist as he is, since this is a representative, elected official. John Wiley Price’s days are numbered, and frankly, it’s been a long time coming. Him knowing Karate or not, had that been me he did that to, I would have done my best to drop him right on his keister. Funny thing is, had Bud Gillet done just that, JWP would have been the first to file a lawsuit, and label it a hate crime. The guy is a complete joke!

  33. Dave says:

    Diana Ragsdale wow there is another Racist from the past! She was as bad or worse as JWP.

  34. Dave says:

    For T&J what Darrell said it was not his home but a PUBLIC office, the media has every right to be there. And the video doesn’t lie! Brett Ship and Bud Gillet were shoved out the door with a forarm from Price and then Shipp was told by Price that he would slice his neck if he didn’t back off! Where is the DA on this? Oh yeah he is black too! JWP is above the law… until the Feds lock his sorry azz up!

  35. watching says:

    most people of like minds of JWP thrive on this kind of stuff that is why he is where he is and sadly he will stay there and till the FBI put he away. people of like minds of JWP think they are owed something and if they cant get it they will take it. just look around it is happening more and more every day.

  36. darrell says:

    WATCHING, thankyou. i was just waiting for someone to bring up the “owes me” line. lets talk about that. FACTS
    first slaves in america were white. which transgressed into indentured servitude. black slaves introduced around 1623 when they became cheaper to maintain than servitude slaves. most blacks in africa were sold into slavery by other blacks. when civil war began there were more free blacks in the south than the north. many were landowners who owned slaves themselves. at the end of the civil war blacks were freed and the 14th amendment came into being to insure all blacks and their children were afforded american citizenship. since then its turned into a immigration loop hole for anchor babies. back to the “owe me” thing.
    blacks actually should be thanking us whites every day of their life. why? if we had not brought your ancestors here as slaves they would not have gained their freedom which is why you live in this country. even the poorest blacks and there are whites this way as well are better off than 99% of all africans. a lot better off. if your ancestors had not become slaves in america, where would you be, if alive at all. you would be dieing of disease, famine, war, women would be constantly raped, just murdered for the fun of it, living in a level of poverty lets hope this nation never has to face. with very little hope of it ever getting better.
    and then you think WE owe you something. im sorry, that dog dont hunt.
    so if we owe you something then fair is fair. you owe whites as well. reparations with interest for the money invested to buy your ancestors, feed, cloth, keep healthy and afford a better life even though it was in slavery. the value of which we lost in investment property at the end of the civil war.

    ill take mine in cash, your checks are no good thankyou!

    1. Steven W. says:

      What in the world are you talking about?!

      1. darrell says:

        i think its beyond your ability to grasp there steven. as a price deciple there is no room in your mind for truth or reality, only the formentation of racism and hate. oh and as a reminder, your check is no good either.

      2. Genial says:

        Yeah, and free blacks in America owned slaves too! Africans SOLD their own people into slavery. Darrell speaks the truth.

      3. Steven W. says:

        @Genial But what does that have to do with the topic of Price refusing to let reporters into his office?

  37. D Gaston says:

    Thanks JWP! I hope the Feds use this tape at the punishment phase of your
    federal trial.

  38. RussP says:

    Obviously not much love for this man in these postings so I wonder why he’s been elected and re-elected for over 26 years now. One of many reasons I’m moving out of Dallas County.

    1. Dave says:

      Because the folks in Dist. 3 keep voting him in. He is black and a loud voice. What they don’t know is that he is in it for him and not them. He has them all fooled!

  39. Rick McDaniel says:

    That is the true nature of John Wiley Price. Now it is really beginning to show.

  40. Steven W. says:

    Price not letting reporters in that office is the equivalent of a cop not letting them drive a police car. Both are public property paid for by taxpayers, but neither is subject to being walked into by just anyone, anytime they want.

    Reporters attempting to shove their way in when they have been told not to enter isn’t acceptable behavior in my book. It’s just more baiting – and unfortunately for Price he’s a sucker for being baited.

    1. Dave says:

      Did we watch the same video? The reporters were forcing there way? That is total BS! He has no right to keep them out but if he didn’t want them in there he could have done it in a nicer way, asking them to stay outside not having his gofer pull the door closed.

      1. Steven W. says:

        So now you’re calling Court Administrator Darryl Martin a “gofer”? LOL, you haters just get better and better!

        Price has EVERY right not to allow them in; even the Feds got a warrant before entering – and the video clearly shows that Martin was gently closing the door when Shipp grabbed it and started forcing his way in preventing it from closing while whining “This is public property!”. Price pushed him back so he could close the door. Then the chubby guy – is that Gillet? – grabs the door and yanks it away from both Price and Martin. If you can’t see that, there’s no hope for you.

    2. Genial says:

      A specious argument. As if it were pertinent, a police car, BY LAW, is not available to anyone who might want to drive it. Conversely, public entities ARE open to the public.

      1. Steven W. says:

        That’s a false argument. Public entities are indeed owned by the public, but individuals do NOT have the right to enter at will. That also, is the LAW.

  41. Dave says:

    Haters? It’s no secret that I don’t like Price. It’s the way he does things, he is a bully pure and simple. This is the example that you want him to set for Dist. 3?

    He should be kicked out of county government. Again if he didn’t want the media inside he could have done it a different way and asked nicely. His gofer yeah his gofer pulled the door close and Price had to get past him to get back to the door and SHOVE with a forearm to keep the reporter out.

    There was no push to it. I can the video just fine!

    1. Steven W. says:

      If you’re going to stick with calling a Darryl Martin a “gofer”, I feel comfortable in putting you in the “haters” camp. You’re right, it’s no secret that you don’t like Price – but that’s not what this is about. Nor will I debate with you the difference between “push” and “shove”. That would be childish.

      So you DIDN’T see the reporters attempting to force their way in, huh? I get that you want Price gone, don’t like his attitude, etc, etc. The question is, what do you see on THIS tape? To me, that Shipp grabbed the door and tried to force his way in – triggering Price to try to force him back out – is incontrovertible.

      Are you still saying you didn’t see that? Are you still claiming the reporters did NOT try to force their way in?

  42. Dave says:

    I saw the reporters trying to go in, not forcing there way in. There was nothing reported up to that point that they were told that they could not enter so of course they assumed they could. It is a public facility. If they had been told no then they would not have tried to go in. As far as Darryl Martin, don’t care but he is just as guily as Price in this incident.
    They should have asked the reporters to stay outside please if they didn’t want them in there. To me that is wrong too because it is a public facility but better than shoving the reporters back out the door.

    1. Steven W. says:

      Okay, thanks for letting me know what you saw.

      To me, that Shipp grabbed the door and physically prevented first Martin and then Price from closing it while sticking his head and shoulders in and whining “This is public property!” is a pretty clear indication that he knew he wasn’t invited, but if you see that differently, then it is what it is.

      I appreciate the exchange of views, and I consider it concluded.

      1. Dave says:

        Me as well. Thanks

  43. L. C. Ensey says:

    Dear Bud and Brett: Don’t you think it’s time to just kick John Wiley Price’s butt and get it over with once and for all? I think both the black and white communities will thank both of you. This jerk is a menace to society and has been for years. He does nothing but bring shame on his own race. He’s a low-down thieving, conniving, racist crook and does not represent Dallas County taxpayers respectfully in any shape, form or fashion. Someday, he is going to shove or yell the wrong thing to the wrong person and he’s going to get a real good butt whipping! I just hope the media is present to capture it on film! Thank God for responsible and respected journalists like Bud and Brett, who somehow managed to keep their cool;. Keep up the good work, Maureen. You are on the right track.

  44. Steven W. says:

    @RussP If it’s a public owned facility, why should you have to wait until it’s open to enter it? As a member of the public, it’s yours to enter as you wish, right?

    Oh, and about “building” vs “office”, check the title of the article…

    1. Dave says:

      Before it was if it was a cop car why can’t we drive it now it is why can’t we enter the building after hours? All lame arguements.

      As tax payers that means me and you. Everyone has the right to go in that building, as long as your not breaking the law and you have business there.

      The reporters were just trying to do there job. Price, not letting them in tells me he has something to hide.

      1. Steven W. says:

        You apparently have little idea of what the rules are regarding taxpayers and public property, but I like the fact that you’ve added the ‘not breaking the law’ caveat. Don’t worry, I’ll help.

        You may NOT enter the offices of a public official without permission, even though they are taxpayer funded – and yes, that WAS the door to Price’s office. Check the article title if you disagree. You may NOT use streets, public transportation, or any other public facility outside of the manner and times allocated to you by law, regardless of the fact that your taxes helped pay for them.

        This “I’m a taxpayer so I have a right to access any taxpayer funded facility” nonsense needs to stop. Here’s a simple rule of thumb that will keep you out of trouble; if the door has a lock and you don’t have a key that fits it, you may NOT enter without permission.

  45. Steven W. says:

    There was something else in the article I wanted to comment on, but after 3 attempts I am giving up. They aren’t going to let me say it. No profanity or anything else either; just an analysis of a quote from the article.

    Wonder why?

  46. Steven W. says:


    I’m not a fan of Commissioner Price. I don’t like his attitudes, his methods or the degree of confrontation he seems to be comfortable with. What I DO like is the fact that he gives you haters and racists no end of grief, so as long as you keep twisting truth, distorting facts and being so TRULY petty in your hatred of the man, I will continue to enjoy the way he ticks you off.

    I couldn’t buy this kind of entertainment!

  47. darrell says:

    all of this talk about racism and how racist we whites are reminded me of a recent article on these boards about a whites only scholarship program. the boards got flooded from the black community about how racist that was. imagine that. an easy Google search showed these results.
    blacks only scholarships: 28,700,000 results
    whites only scholarships: 283,000 results


  48. da Cliff says:

    It would appear to me that it is time for “change”. Wonder where the satellite equipment is…??? Perhaps it is lost in a “Black Hole”?

  49. Uncaring says:

    Get rid of the moron he does nothing but flap his lips and does nothing. I am glad that I didn’t vote for the moron.

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