Rick Perry Is Running For President

AUSTIN (KRLD 1080/AP) — Texas Gov. Rick Perry is running for president.

That’s the word from Perry spokesman Mark Miner.

Perry will announce his intentions to run for the GOP nomination on Saturday as he visits early primary states of South Carolina and New Hampshire.

Perry’s candidacy is likely to shake the GOP field.

His announcement that he is joining the field will come two days after a debate in Iowa and on the same day as his rivals participate in a test vote in the leadoff caucus state.

Perry admitted he also has a plane ready to go.  Some of my sources in Austin say the jet in a hangar at an undisclosed location with “Rick Perry for America” emblazoned on the sides that’s pre-positioned in South Carolina, ready to fire up as soon as Perry’s done speaking at Red State on Saturday to take him to Iowa.

The governor’s money machine is said to be ready to take off as well.  Dave Levinthal at Politico says Perry is the “Sam Houston of political money.”

Levinthal talks with Braddock about Perry:

So how long before Perry’s Republican rivals begin to attack him?  I sought out two of the best political minds in Austin:  Democratic Strategist Harold Cook and GOP Consultant Ted Delisi.

Ted thinks the other Republicans in the race will leave Perry alone, at least for now.  But, Harold thinks they’ll be gunnin’ for Perry pretty soon after he’s officially out of the gate on Saturday.

Braddock, Cook & Delisi’s roundtable on Perry:


One Comment

  1. helen says:

    Well, another jerk running. Just like Bush, got himself voted for Governor, now handing it over to some else and running for President.

    1. Bunky says:

      Well Helen,
      at least you’re not running.

    2. Enrique says:

      Kind of like the Junior Senator from Illinois did back in 2008?

      1. Daniel Maldonado says:

        PERRY = OBAMA = BUSH …. neo-conservatives and liberals are all bowing down to the establishment.

        PERRY IS A SOCIALIST. Go do you research.

  2. Fred says:

    Helen- speaking of Jerks, we currently have as a President the biggest jerk that ever stepped foot in the White House. Perry has done well for Texas and will do the same for America. Helen maybe you should move to Boston to be with your twin John Kerry

    1. helen says:

      You are not as funny as you think you are. I am a born Texan and I didn’t say I would vote for Obama, but then you would probably vote for Mrs. Palin.

      1. robert says:

        helen – I’ve heard of two people who claim to know everything. One who does (God) and one who doesn’t, you.

      2. travis says:

        Is that you helen thomas

      3. vh says:

        ooooh Helen you got Fred…haha NOT.. Grow up

    2. Rj says:

      very well put!!!

    3. ZZ Toppings says:

      You’re ALL pathetic losers. Step away from the PCs and Macs and look at yourselves in the mirror. You’re all man-children and women-children making trite and banal comments to one another. Sad.

      1. Fred says:

        ZZ Obviously you do not embrace the value of free speach …. you probably are not even a registered voter It is surprising you have a computer and know how to type.

    4. Kaysa Lacy says:

      Obama is a jerk face. Very true. However, Perry is just as big of a jerkface.

      Fred, you must be one of those people who see “Republican” and vote for whoever without knowing anything about them.

      Rick Perry SUPPORTS illegal immigration. Do you remember the “DREAM ACT” in 2001? Or how about when he slammed 1070?

      This man is a RINO and you fell for it. Dont make the same mistake twice.

  3. Pine Box says:

    Perry have not did anything for Texas! Where have you been the last couple of years!! Fred!!

    1. Hemroidious says:

      Pine box you are so upset you cant write coherently. I have been right here in Texas for the last 62 years. Rick Perry is a good man. He has been a very good governor and has done many good things for Texas. He will be a great President. More than anyone can say for Obama, who plays the game of blame. What has Obama done?…?…?

    2. drew says:

      Speak english?

    3. Enrique says:

      Well, he apparently did not fix the education system.

  4. oldman69 says:

    I hope he keeps running and running and running when this is over-I mean running in the opposite direction away from Texas-look what the last bozo from Texas did to tjhe country-Perry wouldn’t be any better.

    1. Hemroidious says:

      What did he do ?

      1. Tara L. Briner says:

        1. Mandated Gardasil shots for all 12-year-old girls.
        2. Signed in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.
        3. Wanted to use eminent domain to build the Trans-Texas Corridor, to be run jointly with a foreign country.
        4. Pro-TARP.

        Just a smattering.”

      2. Enrique says:

        Jesus. How many elections are the Dems going to try to win by comparing Presidential candidates to GWB?

    2. Bunky says:

      Liberal logic, if you are a resident of Texas you can not possibly offer anything better than the previous president.
      After all the current one has done such a magnificent job.
      Heck he got that unemployment rate up. From GWB’s 5.6 % to 9.1 % now. Way to go!!! Hell Yeah
      Get that annual deficit way up there too!!! GWB’s worst was 450 billion. No way that would work for our obama. We need it to get to trillions!! Woo-hoo!! Yeah!!
      Hey, lets cheer for that AA+ debt bond rating while we’re at it. I mean what the hel, l that Bush didn’t have any plusses behind his AAA bond rating.
      AA+ must be like handing in a term paper. OOPS, sorry I didn’t mean to bring up obamas scholastic record.
      All right, all together, now cheer O_B_A_M_A.O_B_A_M_AO_B_A_M_AO_B_A_M_A

    3. v says:

      Old man 69?? Your screen name tells me everything.. I LOVE BUSH.. and beg for him any day over OBamanation

  5. Paul Gonzales says:

    Sounds like Fred has been drinking that fermented Tea.

  6. helen says:

    Thank you everyone for you anti Perry comments, maybe Fred can learn from all of us. Seems his is the only good comment about him yet. does that not tell him something.

    1. Bryan says:

      I would be glad to join Fred with a good comment. Perry has done well and would do well as the President. We need someone in Washington to focus on 2 things and only 2 things reducing the government and creating jobs. He would do both.

      1. Daniel Maldonado says:

        PERRY is a globalist and a socialist. ITS RON PAUL OR BUST!

  7. dealemilyn says:

    I’m not a huge supporter of Perry….but fellow Texans…look around you when driving in your car. How many out of State license plates do you see? In the DFW area I see a handful every day. So knock Perry and Texas if you want, but it’s alot better here than elsewhere in the USA!

  8. Charles says:

    Perry isn’t perfect however he is much better than anyone on the GOP ticket at this time. He is much better than the current president. Obama has the lowest approval rating in history including Nixon and Carter. The silver lining is that the only thing good that came out of Carter was the two terms of Ronald Reagan. Obama is history ….. and a Republican will win in 2012 …. and in my opinion the only current GOP candidate that is worth anything is Rick Perry. We do not need the Tea Party or their hand picked candidates and we sure do not need anyone from the liberal democratic party. They have shown that they are unable to handle this country’s current problems.

  9. James says:

    FYI- 63% of all jobs created in the United States during the last 12 months are in Texas
    Texas is one of the few states remaining that does not have a state sales tax
    As dealemilyn stated, many people from all over the country are flocking to Texas … is it our weather …..no ….. it is our economy, a reduced cost of living and a higher quality of life.

    1. Joe says:

      we do have state sales tax, no state income tax.

    2. Tara L. Briner says:

      This is a half-truth. MORE jobs were lost. It’s almost as ridiculous a claim as Obama’s “jobs saved” mantra.

  10. Philip Vincent says:


    1. Tara L. Briner says:

      To be anti-Perry, one does NOT need to be pro-Obama.

      Think about it…It’s primary season.

  11. Stacey says:

    Obama is like every other liberal democrat …. he inheirited this problem ……he believes in entitlement …. and does not accept personal responsibility when he fails much like Pelosi, Reid and Kerry. Their handling of the recent debt crisis issue shows how incompetence on both sides of the aisle is governing our country……

  12. Marco Rubio says:

    Won’t shake up the gop field but Obama

    Perry-Rubio in 2012

    1. tim says:

      Rubio is as gay as Perry so that might work out

  13. Rob says:

    People who own private jets don’t represent me.

    1. PERRY/RUBIO says:


      1. Tara L. Briner says:

        WHY would the GOP want to elect a former Democrat who led Al Gore’s Texas campaign in 1988?


    2. CWA worker says:

      They probably don’t employ you either.

    3. Enrique says:

      Yes, they do. Their names are Barack Obama and Joe Biden, and they used not one but two separate private jets during the 2008 Presidential campaign. Did you vote for them?

    4. vh says:

      I would love to be a CEO with a jet one day.. That would make my story more interesting than some nasty pot smoking hippi scratching their arse and waiting for a welfare check… Atleast a jet owner has done more in their life than you can ever achieve in a lifetime..

  14. Tara L. Briner says:

    With his past as ALGORE’s Texas campaign chairman in 1988, maybe his jet should read “PERRY/GORE 2012.”

    1. Brook Ashby says:

      Reagan was once a democrat also

    2. Suburbob says:

      You need to do a little more research Tara. Perry was a Democrat, and he was heralded as probably the most conservative democrat elected in Texas in the last 50 years. He tried to bring the party back to some sense and was not able to, so he switched. I am a 48 year old lifelong Texas Conservative, and he will beat Obama because I suspect that there are alot of people in this country that believe the Democrat Party has left them Too.

    3. Philip Vincent says:


  15. Christi says:

    Whose jet was owebamAA flying around in when he was campaigning before his election, you know the one with that weird logo, perhaps it belonged to the real puppet master soro’s?

  16. tom says:

    Adios MoFo

  17. W.C. Welch IV says:

    This is the real Rick Perry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTqSp6r1QP8 living high on the Texas taxpayers’ money

  18. callen says:

    You think the nation will want yet another Texas president? Really? REALLY? The two Bushwhackers we have had so far have gotten us into three wars, quadrupled the national debt, and given tax relief to the tiny fraction of wealthy Americans who control almost all of our national wealth. Want to finally destroy America? Vote this clown into office. Don’t forget, during his campaign for governor, he claimed time and time again that there were “billions” of dollars in state budget reserves. Less than three months later after being elected, it somehow turned into “billions” of dollars in debt. Obviously, he is a liar. Do you really want another liar in the White House?

    1. Stuck In NYC says:

      We already have a liar in the white hiphophouse.
      What I want is a straight shooter.
      Perry would be fine.

      1. callen says:

        What, exactly, has Obama lied about?

    2. Mms says:

      If Bush was sooooo bad why has Barry doubled down on everything that Bush did, 5 wars now without congressional approval, blowing TRILLIONS printing TRILLIONS and socializing this country, destroying the economy with his freakish obamacare.
      Barry scared this country and until he is gone there will be no recovery.
      All you have on Perry is that he is from TX really, REALLY? Idiot

      1. callen says:

        Well, no. Duh. Duh. Moron. Perry is a liar. Do you really want a president who is a liar? If so, why? (Also read other posters who unlike you do have a grip on reality.)

    3. texasteacher says:

      You are right on the money!!!! Perry is an arrogant, lying, self-serving, corrupt jerk!! I am a teacher in Texas, and let me tell you, Perry has our educational system in a mess! He lied about our state budget to get re-elected & a few months later said we were in a budget crisis! Now he and the Republicans have cut BILLIONS of dollars from Texas schools. We are feeling it big time! Bigger class sizes, less teachers, no pay raises, programs being cut… Yet they somehow found the money to create a new standardized test for us to give – the STARR! I can’t stand that man!!!!

      1. Suburbob says:

        Well at least he found a way to shore up the budget. I think Texas teachers should be paid based on performance, and I live in Texas and I have seen the stupid little uneducated brats running around. Maybe if you did a better job you could command more, just like with any other job in the real world.

      2. vh says:

        A teacher who is for pay raises and says their system is a mess hahahhahahha says it all.. you should not be a teacher.. thank god for private schools … a standerized test to find out what teacers are actually good…If you are so good what do you have to be worried about??? YOU DISGUST ME

  19. Christy says:

    Perry is a fake and a phony. I hope people don’t fall for this, but it looks like they already have.

  20. Leisa Less says:

    Ron Raul doesnt have a snowball chance of winning.. He has great ideas but no backbone to get the job done. I rather see his son in office.

  21. Mike says:

    Next time you run a story like this SHOW A PICTURE OF THE PLANE!!!!!

  22. Founders1791 says:

    What a Palin Cabinet Could Look Like?
    Constitutional Succession of Presidential Power
    1789 (00) President: Sarah Palin (R-AK)
    1789 (01) Vice President: Marco Rubio (R-FL)
    1789 (02) Speaker of the House: John Boehner (R-OH)
    1789 (03) President pro tempore of the Senate: Richard Lugar (R-IN)
    1789 (04) Secretary of State: Newt Gingrich (R-GA)
    1789 (05) Treasury Secretary: Mitt Romney (R-NH)
    1947 (06) Secretary of Defense: General David Petraus (R-NH)
    1789 (07) Attorney General: Michelle Bachmann (R-MN)
    1849 (08) Secretary of Interior: Tim Pawlenty (R-MN)
    1889 (09) Secretary of Agriculture: Rick Perry (R-TX)
    1913 (10) Secretary of Commerce: Gary Johnson (R-NM)
    1913 (11) Secretary of Labor: Rick Santorum (R-PA)
    1979 (12) Secretary of Health and Human Services: Dr Oz (R-NJ)
    1965 (13) Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Trump (R-NY)
    1966 (14) Secretary of Transportation: Alan Mulally (R-MI)
    1977 (15) Secretary of Energy: T Boone Pickens (R-TX)
    1979 (16) Secretary of Education: Jeb Bush (R-FL)
    1989 (17) Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Herman Cain (R-GA)
    2003 (18) Secretary of Homeland Security: Rudy Guiliani (R-NY)
    1913 Federal Reserve Head: Ron Paul (R-TX)
    1972 Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms: Ted Nugent (R-TX)
    Back to Ambassador to China: Jon Huntsman (R-UT)

    1. callen says:

      Get a grip, dude.

  23. Black Eagle says:

    I’d vote for nearly anyone but Obama, but Perry will test my moral scruples mightily. He is no authentic conservative, but is very much like Bush in being a Big Government Republican. He claims to be for family values, but for one example signed into law an executive order forcing all young girls in Texas to get a mandatory VD vaccine, whether the parents object or not. He’s also pro-gay, cloaking that from his conservative peers, but slipped up recently about it. He also is a bit too “better than thou” wearing his religion like a giant flag out in public, finger pointed to the heavens and so on. Do we want to swap a communist Islamist for a statist fundamentalist Christian, who is pro-illegal immigration, pro-Big-Medicine (will he really recind Obama-care, while supporting police to force parents to obey on questionable childhood vaccines?), etc.?

  24. Donjo says:

    i am not sure who is more Texan? W Bush or Rick Perry?

  25. JerryinTampa says:

    Rick Perry is our best candidate to stop the encroachment of Socialism/Marxism on our still great Nation. Hopefully he will also be able to prosecute those predecessors who managed the current Socialist/Marxist on our Country.

  26. DemBuster says:

    I’d vote for Perry, I’d vote for ANY of the repubs over this criminal in the site house! Hell, I’d vote Elmo from sesame street, anybody but the loser we’ve got now!

  27. steve mcfadden says:

    Save the country recipe: 1. Fire obama and the democratic majority in the senate. 2. Quickly overturn and kill the unconstitutional obamacare. 3. Freeze federal spending to year 2000 levels. 4 Pass a balanced budget amendment to the constitution-present to states for passage. 5. Reduce and cut the budgets of none performance agencies. 6. Eliminate planned parenthood, homeland security, atf, dea, and other worthless departments. 7. When you bring the troops home from Iraq and Afganistan, give those men and women 1 year vacation paid for by taxpayers to thank them for their service. 8. Use the National Guard for border security from San Diego to Larado while a serious wall is built. That will be a good jobs program to start with. 9. Other jobs programs will include helpiing the oil companies with the new ofshore drilling at any place in America and in as shallow water as they want. 10. I’m going to stop for now on great ideas for the new conservatives who will be in charge…..Oh year cutting the tax rates for all people that pay taxes and cutting the department of edumacation by 75%.

  28. DemBuster says:

    That was supposed to read:
    I’d vote for Perry, I’d vote for ANY of the repubs over this criminal in the white house! Hell, I’d vote for Elmo from sesame street, anybody but the loser we’ve got now!

  29. Marissa says:

    Democrats, Unions and those who embrace the right to entitlement are the problem! The local poster child for these beliefs is John Wiley Price.
    Enough already

  30. Michael says:

    As a United States Marine that served our great country I am saddened and scared. That’s right scared.! This country is in the worst shape it has ever been and the direction it is going is very clear. We need to change course. Not a change we can believe in ……. we are seeing that play out on a daily basis. Obama is wrong for the United States. We need a leader that is willing to work hard for the people not the special interest groups and their own hidden agenda. 2012 is an opportunity to send a message not only to our President and his staff, but to the entire Congress and Senate. The approval rating of our elected officials of our governement is the lowest it has ever been. We the people need to send a message to our lawmakers and our President and start fresh embracing the same values our country was founded on.

  31. Just the Facts Jack says:

    What a FRAUD the Rickster is… He was on Al Gores campaign, plays like he’s a Christian, is a Bilderburg globalist puppet and worst of all they will all probably buy the marketing lie… WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  32. Jeff Faulkner says:

    I love that the thought of Perry has all these Liberals up in arms, that means we have found someone that scares the hell out of them. Because he will win and they know it. Look how they attacked Palin with the lies. All Democrats have today is the politics of destruction. They cannot point to what they have done.

  33. Rememberthealamo says:

    Perry and Reagan have at least two things in common. They both started out as Democrats. And they both wised up and became Republicans.

    Someone in a thread pointed out this is primary season. Ok, I can respect you have another candidate you prefer. But let’s all ask ourselves now -“if my candidate doesn’t win the nomination, can I support Perry?(or Romney or whoever). If the answer is no, then you just gelped elect Obummer for another 4.

    My candidate isn’t perfect. I don’t agree with any of them 100%. But ANY of the ones now running is better than the Community Organizer.

    Me, I’ll take a former fighter pilot over a community organizer any day.

  34. Luke says:

    I went back east the last week of July and went up to a lot of people and asked, “who do you want to run for President on the Republican side?” The answer was clearly Perry. I sincerely believe he is the answer to the current failed President that we have now. Additionally, I believe if President Obama is elected for another 4-year term, we are doomed as a great nation.

    1. rICK says:

      Luke,this country hasn’t been great since Bush told the Iraq lie that started a fake war.I would rather this country be destroyed than have Perry in the White House with his boyfriend of the month.

  35. NowYouKnow says:

    The Gardasil deal got shot down and became a non-issue right up until the young girl who prompted this idea died of her cervical cancer that could have been prevented had she been immunized. Parents were unwilling to accept the fact that their 12 year year olds could be sexually active. So there you go again on a sexual issue.

    The in-state tuition story is not true.

    The Trans-Texas Corridor (a freeway for trucks and drunks only) got shot down and unlikely to resurface.

    Who wasn’t pro TARP?

    Texas has done just fine under Perry.

    Just a smattering.

    1. rICK says:

      So millions of low paid jobs is his only claim to fame? A debt of $27 billion.He is gay for Christ sake.I can not wait for the national media to start digging into Perry’s closet and see what they drag out besides all the twinks he has banged over the years.

  36. sadiedog says:

    i have a question . can perry run for president and be the governor at the same time, or does he have to resign as governor ????

  37. Tim says:

    Perry the fairy will never be president.


    Perry would put the final nail in the US coffin.It took Bush 8 years to destroy American and it will take twice that long to fix it.Perry has given Texas low paying jobs and $27 billion in debt.You get the president you deserve and if you vote for this fairy Perry then you must not deserve much.

    1. Brad says:

      Drink more Obama flavored Kool-Aid …. it has quite an effect on you and your intelligence

  39. Bob says:

    Rick Perry the number 1 Political con artist in America…Ron Paul number 1 republican to lead the Republican Party to victory in November 2012…Perry qutie conning the American people..you not fit to be even a dog catcher.

  40. michael says:

    Hey tricky ricky, Do all of us a favor and save your time and our tax dollars…You have no chance with newt gingrich on the ticket, A nd not only that what makes you think that we, the american people want another crook in our house?
    So grab yourself an iced tea and all that surplus money you haved stashed and go back to where ever it is you came from.
    Oh and remember that innocent man you put to death, when new evidence showed he hadn`t set fire to his residence.
    Just thought I would throw that out there.

  41. cicisox says:

    Judge Judy (Judith Sheindlin) for President of the United States, write it in on the Ballot

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