Congress Considers Extending The Gasoline Tax

gas pump 80990626 Congress Considers Extending The Gasoline Tax

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is preparing for a bumpy ride as Congress considers extending the gas tax.

The federal gas tax is one of the main funding sources for all those TxDOT road construction projects underway in North Texas. The current tax expires September 30.

Given the current temperament in Washington there is some concern the funding won’t be extended.

“TxDOT has the ability to be able to issue short-term debt to be able to cover a short-term gap,” said TxDOT spokesperson Cynthia White.

And before you think the price of gas will drop, if the tax isn’t extended, think again. White says it’s more likely the price will stay the same, oil companies will pocket the money and local road construction projects won’t be funded.

In fact, White says some lawmakers want to rethink the gas tax and replace it with something else. “Vehicle miles traveled, for instance, is something that’s been discussed. The big issue is how they’re going to fund transportation, ongoing, into the future, for the long-term.”

The gas tax, currently at 18.4 cents per gallon of gas and just over 24-cents per gallon of diesel, hasn’t changed since 1993.


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  1. Mike Lallemont says:

    Are you kidding me? Do you know how much I spend a month on tolls? They are doing something with that money. We don’t need a gas tax when it is already near $4.00 a gallon.

    1. Don says:

      Tolls and Gas Taxes go to two separate entities. Elimination of the gas tax would make people feel better, sure. However, as the story points out, it’s the main source of funding for public roadways.

      So, you pay tolls to the NTTA and they maintain the NTTA roadways. You pay gas taxes and the State pays for the public roadways. Get rid of the gas tax and those roads leading up to the tollway are going to fall into disrepair.

      Isn’t much fun to pay taxes. I sure don’t want the gas tax to go up. However, I can see what will happen if the current tax isn’t extended. (And, if our lawmakers would have some courage, and quit worrying about re-election, they’d raise it just a bit as well.)

  2. bmp says:

    @Mike, while I am unaware of the percentage of money on tolls vs. gas tax that is used to fund road projects; I fail to see the correlation between the price being nearly “$4.00 a gallon” and the 18.4 cents per gallon that it has been since 1993 (considering gas was approximately $1.50 / gallon then). The raise in price is simply inflation / greed / cost of business / whatever. The tax has remained a constand for almost 2 decades.

  3. Freedom Sunshine says:

    I hope gas goes up to 8 bucks a gallon. People need to stop driving their cars so much when it pollutes the air, and kills all our ozone. When will we learn to stop developing in the name of “progress” and go back to living with nature? Going green in a hybrid is the ONLY way to save our Great Earth Mother.

    1. YRofTexas says:

      There is a ship leaving for Nirvana tonight at 7. I suggest you get on it.

      1. Freedom Sunshine says:

        Go ahead and mock our beautiful Mother. It’s because of jerks like you that we have air pollution. If we went back to riding horses, that would be great, but NOOOOO, WE HAVE TO RIDE IN EARTH KILLING WHEELED BOXES OF DEATH, DON’T WE?! I can only wish that humanity will understand what is at stake with the ozone layer and all of the other air pollution one day we may travel in peace with all of our Mother’s creatures.

      2. Omega13 says:

        Freedom Sunshine, get a real education. Fool.

        Without those “wheeled boxes of death” you’d never get more than a mile from home. Hypocrite.

      3. Ak says:

        Way back I had a girl friend like Freedom Sunshine. We used to watch nature programs and she thought the evil lion should be killed for eating the baby deer. She did this while munching on chicken wings and baby back ribs. Freedom complains about wasting energy while posting using a computer. I doubt my ex or Freedom will ever get the connection

    2. Omega13 says:

      Wow, this is the stupidest thing I’ve read all month.

      Tell you what, Sweetheart. You sell ALL your stuff and go live in the woods. Give up the comfy house, too. No stove, no electricity. Forage for your food, just to save our (snicker) Great Earth Mother.

      You hypocrite, writing on your electricity using computer in an air conditioned room. Go pound sand!

      1. Freedom Sunshine says:

        Well lookee here. First of all, I am not your sweetheart. We are not even friends as long as you continue to desecrate our Mother. I will happily sell your stuff if it will help save our Mother . I do not have to forage for my food, I’m vegan. My computer does not pollute the air, unlike the monster SUV you probably drive. When I pound sand, it will because idiots like you have turned our bountiful green land into a desert. Until then, suck exhaust fumes. Dearheart.

    3. Al says:

      Freedom Sunshine please stand by your convictions be an inspiration to us all and go first. I am sure you could produce excellent fertilizer

      1. Freedom Sunshine says:

        I try to live a lifestyle that is pleasing to our Mother. Sometimes it is so hard to do. I get so disheartened when I see everybody else spewing all their chemicals and pollutants into the sky and the water. Oh how I wish we could return to the lifestyle of our forbears before industry began to destroy our planet.

      2. Al says:

        Freedom you keep posting and ‘wasting the earth’ so clearly you don’t follow your advice. Maybe there will be a troll tax for the internet

  4. Lyn C. Cromwell says:

    In fact, White says some lawmakers want to rethink the gas tax and replace it with something else. “Vehicle miles traveled, for instance, is something that’s been discussed. The big issue is how they’re going to fund transportation, ongoing, into the future, for the long-term.”

    I guess miles traveled means Toll Roads? This would be better if we could pay the invoices on-line like the residents of Illinois can do. It would also be good if the road construction contracts were done on a low bidder not politically connected basis. The cost of the roads would be cheaper. But Toll collections might make it easier to skim for the benefit of the Managers of the NTTA. I know I should not be so cynical.

    1. callen says:

      Lyn, no. Miles traveled would be determined at your car’s annual safety inspection and you would be taxed according to how many miles you have racked up since your last inspection.

  5. Freedom Sunshine says:

    Congress, please extend the tax! Better yet, please raise it to 40 cents a gallon! Please make all these earth-killing drivers spewing their noxious fumes into the sky pay out their fourth point of contact for all the pollution they are causing. Only when they are punished through their pocketbooks will they ever learn!!

    1. Freedom Sunshine says:

      O Great Earth Mother, please grant us all the serenity to live in peace with your beautiful land. Please let us learn to stop using such motorized vehicles that destroy your sky, choke your flowers, kill your trees, and make all of your creatures suffer. We beseech you, Great Mother to give us the wisdom to live according to your law and to stop all of this killing of your world immediately.

  6. Ray Burns says:

    So why don’t the geniuses in Austin just raise the state gas tax the same amount it’s decreased at the federal level? Instead of the money going thru the federal system and SOME of it coming back to Tx., ALL of it could stay instate to pay for needed road upkeep and/or construction. I’d rather see the price go down, but if it’s true that the oil cos. would just raise the price and pocket the difference, I’d rather it stay here to fund needed work.

  7. YRofTexas says:

    Other bloggers, have you noticed that CBS will most times not allow submission of other posts under the same story?
    I wonder if some emails are being targeted against posting more than once?

  8. JS says:

    I think Ray has the best idea, drop the federal tax and replace with a state tax. I also beleive if the tax is dropped completely, the oil companies will keep the price the same.

  9. bmp says:

    Sunshine: While I admire your passion and believe that your cause (albeit on the extreme end) is a worthwhile one, please come back to what can be accomplished in a more realistic manner. Eliminating the use of gasoline is not going to just magically happen, helping to reduce our dependency on it through the use of multiple solutions (i.e. hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, cng vehicles – all direct solutions and energy efficient lighting and appliances, “green” technology energy producers – indirect solutions) is the way to help the current situation and to help stimulate a stagnating economy. A realistic approach has to be taken to accomplish this. In the meantime, work toward a solution instead of demeaning others that do not share your thought process exactly.

  10. Dave Putton says:

    Please pass the link, below, around and try to get folks to take the actions listed on the home page. This is particularly relevant to anyone you know who has cancer.

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