New Books About Perry Releasing Amid Campaign

NEW YORK (AP) – Rick Perry has the book world’s attention.

The Texas governor and recently declared GOP presidential candidate is the subject of new book by James C. Moore, co-author of the anti-Bush best seller “Bush’s Brain,” and Jason Stanford. Metropolitan Books, an imprint of Henry Holt and Company, announced Tuesday that the book is scheduled for early 2012.

The book is titled “Adios Mofo: Why Rick Perry Will Make America Miss George W. Bush.”

Also Tuesday, Crown announced an e-book on the governor. “Rick Perry and his Eggheads” by Sasha Issenberg will come out next week.

Meanwhile, a book by Perry himself received a sales bump after he announced his candidacy Saturday. The hardcover of “Fed Up!” has moved into the top 400 on and is out of stock until Friday.

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  • Sick of My GOP

    If it’s a book about what he’s done wrong, it will be the size of a Solzhenitsyn novel. If it’s about what he’s done right, it will be a PAMPHLET.

    • Rod

      very true

  • Land

    So all over the political blogs are quotes about Perry advocating violence toward the Fed. Where are these stories? Can we not get worthwhile news here at CBS?

    Rick Perry is 100% kook.


  • Boooom
  • Cole Younger

    He has done so much bad things for Texas it couls be a book full .He is a jerk

    • jason

      I mean, he couldnt fix your grammer… or did you learn that out of state?

      • jason

        haha, and in case you didnt get it.. i spelled grammar wrong to poke fun at your stupidity…


        Did you also not put an apostrophe in “couldnt”? Nice cover up attempt, dunce.

  • rver2006

    We are Perry supporters.

    • Land

      You advocate violence against the fed?

    • altha

      You people are Perry and Palin supporters. (non intelligence)

  • jason

    It is crazy for anyone who supports logic to post on this article. as it is to cause this reaction by a bunch of people who choose only to follow like sheep the feed bucket we now call a government. If you can talk poorly about Perry, Bush, Clinton, or any leader we’ve had with the exception of Carter and not fault Obama’s very poor performance (worse than all the others including Carter) then you are a bias liar who refuses to break from your socialistic view regardless of cost. I mention Carter as he hold the rear… That is one guy you wish would keep his mouth shut until you’re trapped in Iran… Then break the glass on his cage and send him on a peace mission… Then catch him and contain him again! haha…

  • Rod

    who would be dumb enough to buy a perry book of lies.I know.Those that want to give him money.Bright idea.Doesn’t look like a campaign contribution and they get to buy his influence.I’d bet if it could be found out that there are a few that bought hundreds if not thousands.
    On the book about perry side.That’s an easy target that I hope is learned by the rest of the country that think he’s so wonderful.That he is not,matter of fact he is a very bad man.period.This stated by an independent.Thank you.

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  • Dirty Harry

    He’s Texan and believes in God and guns….I’ll vote for him!

    • NiteNurse

      That’s why the country believes we’re morons.

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