Perry Says HPV Vaccine Mandate Was A Mistake

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Governor Rick Perry officially started his campaign for President on Saturday, and voters are already asking tough questions about his political record. As a result, Perry admitted that he made a mistake involving a controversial decision, and it could become fuel for his critics during the campaign.

Perry was in Iowa touting his conservative record as a job creator and tax cutter. But on a radio talk show in Des Moines, one caller put Perry on the defensive after challenging him about a past executive order requiring girls to have the Gardasil vaccine, which prevents cervical cancer.

“You mandated that vaccine three days after Merck pharmaceuticals, which invented the vaccine, gave you a large campaign contribution,” the caller said.

“My effort is to kill cancer,” Perry responded. “That particular issue was one that I readily stand up and say I made a mistake on.”

The Texas Legislature ultimately undid Perry’s vaccine mandate.

“It was wrong. He knows it was wrong,” said Tea Party member Katrina Pierson. “So, the best thing to do is admit it and move on.” But while the Garland resident credits Perry for admitting his mistake, she said that the Governor is not conservative enough for her own tastes. “I would say he’s better than some, but definitely wouldn’t call him a conservative to the political standards that conservatism is today.”

Pierson and other critics have said that they are troubled by Perry’s failed proposal to use eminent domain to build the Trans-Texas Corridor toll road. Critics have also said stated that Perry has not done enough to fight illegal immigration.

However, Dallas County Republican Party chairman Wade Emmert insists that Perry has a strong conservative record. “Perry has a very solid pro-life record,” Emmert said. “He’s got a very solid business record. Very aggressive tort reform in Texas.”

Emmert believes that Perry is now the front-runner in the Republican race, but he will not endorse the Governor – or any other candidate — until the party has selected a nominee.


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  1. C Bauer says:

    Yeah, great reporting, Marianne. WFAA already has this story online.

  2. OY VEY says:

    WHAT THE HELL? Are you just plagiarizing parts of Jack Fink’s story now? He posted his story LAST NIGHT, which touches on the HPV issue, about the same time as Brad Watson’s on WFAA, and you post this tripe, which has some phrases verbatim to Fink’s story? If you’re going to borrow stuff from the AP wire, RE-WRITE IT and make it your own! Maybe being a reporter isn’t your calling.

    Jack’s story for comparison:

    1. Eddie Van Murrow says:

      LAZY, lazy reporting. Very sad and indicative of the “quality” of news these days.

  3. Rod says:

    That ole perry,tell ya whatever you want to hear.Let’s see which way the wind blows for perry tomorrow.

  4. C Bauer says:

    As a conservative and former Republican, I don’t trust this guy. Now he’s backtracking on the HPV vaccine mandate. I won’t tell you my opinion of the mandate, which was later blocked, but the fact that he’s now saying it’s a mistake is typical of every other sleazy politician who will say anything to their base to get elected. We had Slick Willy (great president, by the way), now we may have Slick Rick (God help us). NO THANKS! I wish the candidates with business sense and common sense would finally win one (Herman Cain, for example).

    By the way, Katrina Pierson, a member of the Tea Party in Garland, is in my opinion, an idiot. This is why I identify myself with the principles of the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party, but not with all candidates who are praised by the TEA Party. If you can’t see through Rick Perry’s obvious pandering and double talk, then you are a sap who deserves what happens in the next election, too. So he admits it was a mistake, and you buy that hook, line, and sinker? Drooling simpleton. THINK, g-dd-mnit, THINK!

  5. Rod says:

    I dislike the tea party.We need a middle of the road movement,not far left or right.I will not vote for anyone that has anything to do with the tea party or those that will not compromise.

    1. You Are A Typical Illiterate Loser says:

      Those WHO will not compromise.

      1. Rod says:

        say that to my face,coward behind her little
        You see folks,these are the types that want to run your lives and name call.That’s all they have.Just another right wing nut.

      2. You Are A Typical Illiterate Loser says:

        An EDUCATED right wing nut. LOSER.

      3. Go Back To Your Bong, Or Thrid World Toilet, Whichever Applies says:

        Name CALLING.

  6. Rod says:

    That by the way is not a complete sentence,lol@U

    1. LOL@YOU says:

      I think that person was correcting your erroneous segment. Ergo, a complete sentence is not necessary. Ergo is Latin for “therefore”, in case that word stumped you. LOSER.

  7. Far Right is Far Right and I have a problem with any party that refuses comprimise and would let the whole nation default just to make their point. Theres bad politics and there’s stupid politics…..that’s bad politics.

    1. I said there’s bad politics, and there’s stupid politics, I ment to say and thats Stupid Politics.

      1. Are You Rod's Brother? says:

        Spelling MEANT as MENT is also stupid, you moronic hick. Also, it’s THAT’S, not THATS.

  8. Helen says:

    I hate to say this, since I was born and raised in Texas, but can you tell me the last President from Texas that was any good?????? I hope my spelling meets with all your approvals!!!!!

  9. Sick of Perry says:

    Perry is slimy, sleazy jerk that will do & say anything to get his way. He says he wants to prevent cancer, but the vaccine only prevents certain forms of HPV. You can STILL get cervical cancer even if you get the vaccine! Not all cervical cancer is caused by HPV. Perry only said this because Merck paid him & his cronies big campaign contributions to push this on our young daughters developing bodies. How dare he tell me I HAVE to inject my baby girl with a drug to prevent an STD!!! If I feel that that is a decision we need to make later on, then I will make that decision! And Perry says he’s against government getting involved in healthcare! What the hell do you call this mr governor?

  10. NiteNurse says:

    Personally and professionally I think getting girls to take the HPV vaccine was one decision he made I could get behind. It’s true it doesn’t cover all the strains of HPV but we still get the pneumonia and flu vaccines even though they don’t cover all strains. Everyone calm down the HPV vaccine is as safe as most vaccines and HPV causes alot of health problems. I am for anything that could prevent a problem later on. Nothing in medicine is fail safe! Get a shot and stay healthy!

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