Texas Power Grid Reaches Deal For Backup Units

AUSTIN (CBSDFW.COM/AP) – The manager of the electricity grid in Texas says four inactive natural gas units will be brought online for emergency use through October as the state battles extreme heat and drought.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas said Tuesday it had agreed to short-term deals with NRG Energy and Garland Power and Light to activate the units.

“They are calling up additional generation resources — plants that are called “mothballed”, meaning they essentially aren’t operating but they have all the workings, all the mechanics, to be fired up within a few weeks,” explained Terry Hadley with the Public Utility Commission.

While Hadley says he doesn’t think the extra units will be needed he’s glad they’re an option. “There are still other contingencies available, but this provides a little extra cushion,” he said. “We are expecting higher than normal temperatures through September, so this will be helpful.”

ERCOT Chief Executive Trip Doggett says the units would be used only in emergencies to avoid competing with companies already bidding in the state’s deregulated energy market.

Two weeks ago, the state set a power demand record three straight days, topping out at 68,295 megawatts and barely avoiding rotating outages. ERCOT says the four backup units can provide 400 megawatts of electricity.

Despite the additions, customers are still being encouraged to conserve electricity.

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  1. jack says:

    O.K> Now what is ERCOT going to do when Obama shuts down the coal fired plants for not meeting EPA standards?

    1. Mike in Dallas says:

      What day is he shutting them down? What EPA standards are they in violation of to cause him to single-handedly do such a thing? Juvenile comment. I wish all of you idiot Obama haters would just grow up already.

      1. Chuck says:

        We are just coming down to the Bush haters level.

  2. Freedom Sunshine says:

    Well, I for one will be happy to see all of the electricity shut off. The more we can go without electricity, the less we have to pollute our Great Earth Mother. If we can get by with our own renewable sources, how much better would that be for Our Blessed Mother Earth? Just think, solar, wind, other green renewable sources instead of noxious, choking, pollutants from fossil fuels. Now, if we can shut down Comanche Peak, that would be terrific too. Remember, if you use green energy, you are part of the solution. If you use fossil fuels, you are part of the problem and deserve to have your air conditioner break in the Texas heat for supporting the killing of our Mother Earth.

    1. H-1 Hummer says:

      Hey Freedom Sunstroke, that computer you’re using to spout your ignorant granola munching greenwashed nonsense is made from materials that come from the petrochemical and mining industries and it runs on electricity, not fairy dust.
      Go to your mommy’s medicine cabinet and get 12 pills from each bottle, then wash them down with a bottle of Hansen’s natural soda. The only use *Our Blessed Mother Earth* has for twits like you is as fertilizer.

      1. McMansion Living G55 Gas Guzzler Owning Right Wing A-Hole (And Proud of It) says:

        LOL! LOVE IT! THANK YOU! BTW, Hansen’s SUCKS. Boylan’s all the way, baby! Or better yet, a liter of Franziskaner and an air-polluting Cohiba! F-ing hippies! Fairy dust – that was classic! Nice pwnage!

      2. Freedom Sunshine says:

        Well, I sure hope that you and your G55 buddy go ahead and enjoy yourselves in your SUV’s of DEATH! Do you have any idea how much poison you are throwing into the sky. I am glad that gas costs so much and I hope you feel the pain at the pump for a long time you NATURE MURDERERS! It is people like you that have caused so many endangered species and dead trees and pollution in our air and water! You go ahead and smoke your cohiba cigars like a phallus and spew even more noxious chemicals into the air and your lungs. You are just one more animal murderer who thinks killing a deer, or a bird, or a cow is just great fun! Well guess what sister, our Great Earth Mother sees everything you and your kind are doing and she is mad as hell and not going to take anymore! Stop your ways now while there is still time. We CAN reverse the trend and our Blessed Mother Earth can get back to the way she used to be. 100% green energy, no internal combustion, or diesel engines, humankind and animals living together in peace and harmony. It isn’t too late. Sorry for the rant. Love to all in the name of Our Blessed Mother Earth.

      3. McMansion Living G55 Gas Guzzler Owning Right Wing A-Hole (And Proud of It) says:

        Hey Freedom Sunshine, I think I’ll f*ck Mother Earth really hard, just like I did your real mother. How’s that?

      4. McMansion Living G55 Gas Guzzler Owning Right Wing A-Hole (And Proud of It) says:

        By the way, serf, I don’t feel pain at the pump. I earn more in ONE HOUR than you do in two weeks. Guaranteed.

  3. Marty Griffin says:

    Obama said he is sending his Muslim brothers in from Dubai to build the world’s
    largest camel feces burning power plant in Waco.

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