‘Justin Bieber Way’ Sign Stolen From Forney

FORNEY (CBSDFW.COM) – Grand Prairie native Selena Gomez might have a crush on teen heartthrob Justin Bieber, but at least one North Texan certainly does not. Some eenie meanie has stolen the ‘Justin Bieber Way’ street sign from the town of Forney.

The sign (and the town) had become famous early this week after 11-year-old “Mayor for a Day” Caroline Gonzalez renamed Forney’s Main Street after the Canadian pop star. The sign was intended to be temporary, lasting only during Gonzalez’s 24-hour tenure as the town’s leader.

However, reaction to the sign had been so astounding that Forney officials opted to keep the ‘Justin Bieber Way’ in place until Monday morning, at least. “It may be someone’s idea of a joke,” said real Forney Mayor Darren Rozell, who was upset by the missing landmark.

Mayor Rozell Talks About The Missing Bieber Sign:

Gonzalez earned her leadership role by winning a contest designed to get young people interested in municipal government. She is active in student council, recycling projects and community service projects.

When the sign was unveiled, City Manager Brian Brooks said that Forney officials tried to get in-touch with Bieber to formally invite the music idol to the small town, located about 15 miles east of Dallas, but they were unable to contact him.

Gonzalez started a ‘Bring Justin Bieber to Forney’ page on Facebook in an attempt to lure the recording artist to Texas. The page has earned over 400 ‘likes’ in 24 hours. Click here if you would like to join the effort.

Gonzalez’ mother says the sign theft has been hard on the 11-year-old now former mayor, as well as all of the attention to her and the sign.  “She is very disappointed, I think you could definitely say it was her first dose of what the real world is.”

The tween politician’s road renaming cost the community just $20. But now, after a swift act of vandalism, the sign is gone and never coming back, right?

Well, as the Biebs himself would say, never say never.

“We’re not going to leave this little girl’s summer on a sour note,” Rozell said.

A Dallas sign company has donated a new ‘Justin Bieber Way’ marker to replace the lifted one. The new version was put in place Thursday afternoon, along with a new security camera across the street, leading to one less lonely street in North Texas.


One Comment

  1. dfwman says:

    Must be a slow news day.

    1. C Bauer says:

      No kidding. This is a school newspaper story, not a story for a CBS affiliate in the #6 DMA in the nation. You should be embarrassed. Is this one of Marianne’s airhead stories?

  2. Forney Kate says:

    However the Martin Luther King Blvd. sign was spared.

    1. Texas says:

      What is you point? How stupid of a comment. I should expext that from a person who lives in Forney. Jamie Foxx will not even admit he is from Forney, town of low lifes!!!!!!!!!

      1. Sterling says:

        Forney’s grown up. now its filled with crooks and baddies. Man, im such a low life. just because i live in a town were something was stolen Oh-no.
        I lived here when there was not much more than farm lands. So i must have been a low life forever.

  3. Hemroidious says:

    Forney Kate, that’s funny!

  4. Rita says:

    Another ploy to try to keep Forney on the map. Yawn

    1. C Bauer says:

      That’s where they filmed Deliverance, right?

  5. Schroeder says:

    Bread and circuses. Children 11 years old & even younger (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/44126864/ns/us_news-giving/t/-year-old-girls-charity-legacy-tops-million/) have the capacity to think more critically than this. How disappointing that this is the best Forney could come up with for a child “mayor for a day.”

  6. no mama says:

    at least there is not a goat for a mayor year around..though if so he might eat the sign especially if its says ‘On the Border’! AHAHAHAAHHA

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