Study Trying To Understand Why 1 in 5 N. Texas Kids Has Asthma

By Chuck Schechner, NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

CROWLEY (CBSDFW.COM) – A new study is hoping to figure out why North Texas has such a high asthma rate among kids.

Researchers from Baylor Unversity are launching the study with Crowley ISD for this school year to compare the level of contaminants in the air with the number of visits to the nurses office because of asthma.

The researchers will compare detailed air contaminants to children’s health records in the Crowley ISD. Asthma is blamed for high absentee rates among school kids.

KRLD’s Chuck Schechner Reports:

Environmental Science professor Erica Bruce says beginning Monday they’ll set up air monitors around the area.  The monitors are in addtion to EPA monitors already in North Texas.

Dr. Bruce’s goal is to find out what’s triggering so many asthma cases.

The researchers say one in every five North Texas kids suffers from some degree of asthma, twice the national average.

The study officially begins Monday, Crowley ISD’s first day of school.


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  1. Geez says:

    Our children have asthma because they aren’t being breastfed. Even many women who claim to breastfeed didn’t really. When you delve deeper you find out they quit after a few weeks, claim they tried for months, but had problems and couldn’t do it. Its not that they can’t. Its that they don’t know how important it is, and it is hard work.

    1. Vince Bert says:

      You are correct, mostly. Todays women are too into themselves by in large to properly do their “duty” to breast feed at least two years. Not only does this establish the ecology of the stomach it builds the immune system, something that the 30 or so vaccines that poison our children will never do. They would rather go to the shelf in their local grocery store and feed the new born as soon as possible so they get back to theri careers and whatever.

      Women want to be all that they can be, thanks to the propaganda to those who wish our demise as a people. Rantings? You bet, but prove me wrong. But don’t go to the so-called medical “experts” who are no experts at all but parrots of those who indoctrinate them.

      1. Geez says:

        I don’t mean to make it sound like I think women don’t care, because most do. They just don’t know how important it is and you get almost no support, even in the maternity ward. I think women can have it all. I worked full time and I nursed my daughter exclusively until she was six months old, and then continued to actively nurse until she was 30 months old, when she weaned herself. She never once used a bottle. But, it was hard, hard work. And, I had more women than men that gave me trouble for it.

  2. darrell says:

    from birth a child is exposed to airborne toxins found in everyday things like air fresheners, disinfectants, perfumes, all aerosals, pollution from vehicles, industry, construction and products like furniture, flooring, materials that make up your home and vehicles. fertilizers, antifungal and pesticides.

    i wonder why ONLY 1 in 5 have asthma.

  3. Z.H. says:

    This article is true. I’m a teen with asthma in Texas and I missed almost a month of school because of my attacks and barely passed Algebra 2..

  4. TRE says:

    It couldn’t be from the Genetically Modified foods laden with antibiotics and hormones!

  5. NiteNurse says:

    The DFW area is geologically more prone to all the allergens and pollution. Everything gets swept into the area because of our location in the country.

  6. noemail says:

    Asthma? It’s the air quality, stupid! Blame our laissez-faire, cozy relationship with polluting businesses and too-relaxed, “hands off” regulatory atmosphere that allows companies like that lead-acid battery company to pour as much lead as they like into the air, so long as they keep writing checks to the state revenue office! get a clue people!

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