It appears we have broken a record high for this date (we did the same just yesterday). The hourly observations show 106° (which would tie the record from 1948) at 3pm; it is likely that we hit at least 107°.

The record high for Sunday is 105°, we are forecasting a high of 106°. Another record should fall.

The HEAT ADVISORY continues thru Monday evening now. It is going to be a brutal hot start to the school year, the forecasted high is 105°, that would tie the record high.

Tuesday-Friday is forecasted to hit at least 100° each day. This means by Tuesday we will have moved to number two on the list for the most 100° days in one year (57).  If we got a dozen more we would tie the 1980 mark. We are forecasting the end to the current streak of 100 degree days by next weekend.

By next weekend sometime it looks like a hurricane or strong Tropical storms (likely “Irene”) will be hitting Florida. We’ll keep everyone posted. Jeff Jamison and I had been hoping this tropical storm would at least get into the gulf, long range forecasting had been hinting at that. It appears now it’ll be a problem for the east coast of the United States. It would pull down the ridge some and grant us cooler weather for a couple of days at least. Above normal temperatures are expected to start September. Labor day is in 16 days.