Boy On Wrong Bus Leads To Search In Rockwall

ROCKWALL (CBSDFW.COM) – A kindergartner on his first day of school disappeared from Rockwall’s Shannon Elementary school Monday.

It led to a frantic search that ended when the boy, 5-year-old Derek Hood, was found at a local Boys and Girls club, but now the family wants to know how their son wound up at the wrong place.

Rockwall ISD, police, firefighters and neighbors searched for Hood for hours after he didn’t arrive at his after-school daycare, the Light House Private School.

It turns out Hood was on the wrong bus.

Derek’s dad, also named Derek, said the daycare called him at 3:30 after his son didn’t arrive.  He says there was a lot of confusion.  “People were telling us they had him.  So we were running to the bus depot, back to the school, back to the Lighthouse, to another daycare center.”

Hood’s parents wonder why there was so much confusion.  On their son’s backpack is a large name tag and the name of the school he was supposed to go.

His mother, Joycelin, said around 7 Monday night someone called a family member, saying their child saw Little Derek at the Boys and Girls Club.

The Hoods quickly reunited with their son, who didn’t understand what the fuss was all about.  “He didn’t even know he was lost,” said Joycelin Hood. “He’s been there playing, eating.  I was like ‘give me a kiss, give me a hug.’  He said, ‘okay, that’s enough.  What’s the helicopter doing?’  I said “It’s looking for you!’  He said, ‘not really?'”

The Hoods say Derek will not be riding the bus anymore.  Rockwall ISD apologized to the family, and says it is investigating what happened.

The district says the principal met with some staff at the school Monday evening to prevent another situation like this one from happening again.


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  1. Big Mike says:

    Rockwall ISD needs to pull it’s head from it’s @ss and fix that issue PRONTO. That just makes them s t u p i d. Mistakes like that can’t happen. So glad that little one was found!!!

  2. Don "Crude" Craig says:

    The main thing is that the boy is safe. Granted something went wrong and terribly so. But to say that “Mistakes like that can’t happen” is just as “s t u p i d”.

    Mistakes like that SHOULD NOT happen.

    1. Candice says:

      This is really a sad situation. My child just started school, kindergarten, and must take the bus home due to my work schedule. Yesterdy on her very first day of school I put her on the bus and drove to the school to make sure she made it ok. A little chaotic, but ok. Well on my way home from work I get a call from my mother huffing and puffing saying my daughter wasnt on the bus.Turns out an attendent took her off of her bus and placed her on the wrong bus, even though she had the correct bus pass pinned on her backpack as instructed by the school. Freaked me out. Thank God my daughter is smart and told the bus driver she wasnt getting off of the bus because she didnt see her house/neighborhood so they took her and another student back to the school. Luckily i was down the street from the school and went to pick her up soon after. But these types of situations are totally unacceptable and they need to develop a better system.

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