FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi’s 42-year rule is teetering on the edge of collapse and he’s nowhere to be found.

Rebel forces there are pushing out Gadhafi’s regime in the capitol city of Tripoli. This comes after months of NATO-led strikes against the leader’s regime.

Back in North Texas, Libyan nationals watch the developments intently, knowing their family members are experiencing a historic new chapter in Libya.

Half a world away, Libyan National Hatem Dau watches history unfold in his native country.

“Deep down inside everybody believed the time the will come for his family and his regime to leave the country.”

“I feel relieved right now and I’m sure all the people in Libya are relieved to see how this is concluding so far,” Dau said.

Dau is from Benghazi, about 400 miles from the Capitol of Tripoli. His immediate family still lives there. Dau has kept close contact with family members during these instrumental days leading to his country’s liberation from Gadhafi’s rule.

“He was like cancer,” Dau said.  “He maipulated people.”

After six months of fighting, this weekend rebel forces managed to take over the capitol. But no one knows the former dictator’s whereabouts.

“It’s like watching a long horror movie. Everybody knows the movie is over, but we’re still waiting for that ‘end’ word,” Dau said.  “This will happen when we catch Gadhafi.”

Now, the focus, Dau says, should shift from elation to election.  He hopes the future leader will rebuild a country shattered by fear and tyranny.

“We must move from the revolution to the state — to building institutions. That’s the way it should be done.”

Dau said Libya has existed without a constitution for the past 42 years. He hopes to see democracy established in his country and a fair election for a new leader. But Dau says he knows the road to re-establishing his country will be a long one.