Constable’s Office Questioned In Role Of Kidnapping

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas County Commissioners are now looking into the role of constables after a deputy refuses to follow the man who had kidnapped and later drowned two of his children on Monday.

The deputy constable told the mother she could not follow Naim Muhammad because she did not have a siren or lights on her constable vehicle.

RAW AUDIO – Dallas Constable’s Radio Call:

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins says that needs to change. “When we’ve got people in need out there I want law enforcement to respond to that as soon as possible.”

County Commissioner Maureen Dickey and others were also critical of the deputy’s inaction at a hearing concerning the situation Tuesday. “I don’t know if that happens all the time or not, It was certainly a failing for that deputy constable,” she told the meeting.

KRLD’s Austin York reports:

Precinct 4 constable Roy Williams said the officers want to act, but that the current court has them so afraid to do their jobs they end up not responding. “”The training in you, the officer in you wants to persue, but the current court has the constables so afraid, they’re second guessing themselves.”

The boys’ paternal grandmother told CBS 11 her son was not in his ‘right mind’ and that the deputy’s decision was wrong. “They could have followed him in the car they could have prevent all that from happening.”


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  1. schrodinger says:

    Gee, how funny– a Dallas County constable just happened to have lights and a siren when he pulled me over for an expired tag a few years ago.

  2. Crystal says:

    I just don’t understand if a woman runs up to you crying screaming bloody asking for help and you do nothing but call the police and u r a constable????? Come on now. The constable could have followed this man and at the same time continue to be on the dispatch with police officers guiding them to where the man was going. These kids lives could have been saved and I do blame the constable all the way because it could have been prevented. I have two boys myself and I can not imagine what the mother is going thru right now. The constable should be fired!!!!!

    1. 2sister says:

      I’m not saying that I agree with how it was handled, but following him was probably considered chasing under their policy.

  3. Cherokee says:

    This is not acceptable for a law enforcement officer to refuse protection of citizens. It really sounds like this constable was too afraid to do her job. Not because of legal problems but because she was a coward who put her life above these two little boys. So sad and inexcusable for a person who is sworn to protect. If something like this happens again, I hope the lady will approach someone who cares about the life of a child.

    1. 2sister says:

      I don’t like it, but it had nothing to do with being a coward. According to the policy, she was not allowed to chase / follow the car.

      1. schrodinger says:

        But do they not “follow” a car while they run someone’s tag prior to pulling them over for a traffic ticket? Constables often run traffic detail, too. Something stinks here, like ROTTEN PORK.

  4. skye says:

    I bet if the boys were HER nephews the constable would have given chase!

  5. Preacher says:

    SHE was a coward. She should be fired, she should be sued, ands they need to get rid of useless constable system.

  6. moes says:

    There was no money to be made, they only write speeding tickets.

  7. darrell says:

    im just going to wait for it.

  8. sadiedog says:

    when a childs life could in danger , there are no rules or regulations !!!!!!

    1. darrell says:

      sadly sadie, your wrong.
      you forget that we live in a liberal society where everyone can do allmost anything at any time. combine that with the attitude in america that everything is someones fault besides mine and im going to sue people until someone pays for it, and you have created the liability bubble.
      thats where rules and regulations come in especially with public servants.
      even you or i can become victims of our good intentions. if you see someone trying to commit suicide and you manage to prevent it, saving their life, yet it leaves them forever crippled, you will probably get sued and lose in civil court and pay through the nose for the rest of your life.
      this is why you are wrong.

      1. sadiedog says:

        sadly , you are right . it seems like the almighty dollar is more important than doing the right thing . i will continue to help people when they are in need , no mater what the repercussions are.

  9. A Mother says:

    When a childs life is in danger there should have been something the constable could have done. She could have aleast followed the car while phoning the authorities. I would have NEVER jumped out of the car and left my kids. I would have stayed no matter what so that maybe i could have saved them.

  10. Crystal says:


  11. darrell says:

    vehicles without lights and sirens do not run traffic detail.

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