Association Prez: Dallas Constables Told To Turn Away From Crime

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The fallout and finger pointing continues in the wake of the kidnap and murders of two young boys earlier this week.

The mother of 5-year-old Naim and 3-year-old Elijah Muhammed flagged down a Dallas County Constable for help after the father of the boys took them by force, but that officer declined to chase the suspect.

Now, the head of the Dallas County Constables Association, Rene Christian, has accused administrators in the precinct of telling deputies to turn a blind eye to crime.

The comments have touched off a firestorm of controversy.

CBS 11 News spoke with Precinct 1 Constable Derrick Evans Thursday and he said he never told deputies to ignore criminal activity. Despite the denial questions keep coming.

With two young boys murdered, allegedly at the hands of their father, there are questions for which there seem no satisfactory answers. But, to suggest deputy constables are deliberately ignoring crime is in one commissioner’s opinion “absurd”.

“For anyone to believe that they should just turn a blind eye, that is such an absurd leap from reality that it’s hard for me to even believe,” said Precinct 4 Constable Roy Williams.

Dallas County Commissioner Mike Cantrell still supports the court’s decision to remove lights and sirens from constable vehicles.

While not commenting on the murder case specifically, Cantrell said a ‘red-light running pursuit’ is not a peace officer’s only option.

“If something like that happens in front of them, they’re trained to respond and they should respond and that’s it,” he said. “We’re not going to supply them with all of that equipment so they can go out there and be another police department. If they want to work with the police department, go get a job at a police department.”

The relationship between the commissioner’s court and county constables has been strained, with some constables even blaming the often contentious relationship for the deputy’s response or lack there of.

“The officer in you wants to pursue, but the current court has these constables so afraid to do their job, they’re second guessing themselves,” said Williams.

On Thursday Christian wouldn’t name the Precinct 1 administrator who allegedly issued the ‘turn a blind eye’ directive and wouldn’t comment further, on the advice of her attorneys.

Meanwhile, Precinct 1 Constable Derrick Evans was stunned by the accusation saying, “I don’t know what her motives or agenda could be. We definitely do not advise our officers to ‘turn the other cheek’ to crime. We’ve always been involved in our community here in Precinct 1.”

So why didn’t the deputy constable pursue the suspect and did they even have an opportunity to follow? Those are just some of the questions that hopefully will be answered when the investigation into the incident is complete. As of Thursday, Constable Evans says he’s not commenting further until it is.

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One Comment

  1. Crisis says:

    If Those Were My Children & Plended For Help & Crying & Screaming For My Children Sake .>> but that officer declined to chase the suspect.

    Now, the head of the Dallas County Constables Association, Rene Christian, has accused administrators in the precinct of telling deputies to turn a blind eye to crime.

    I’ll Have All Therer Badge’s I Wouldn’t Care How Scare The Court Judges Have All Of Dallas County Constable Association Should Have Not Been Doing Things That Were Wronfully Doing Were Not To Blame But This Here That Just Happen Some Of Yall Had A Chance Todo Right By Saving 2Children Lives Instead Yall Choose Not To Who’s To Judge Somebody Thats Still Serveing The Constable Is Still Lieing But In Reality The Truth Will Come Out I Hope The Mother Of The 2 Children Be Smart And Have Your Badge Taken Away From You All It’s Own’n To Her !!

  2. Ed says:

    It’s absurd?! Only to assume the cops would lay chase if there’s no profit for the city in it. Put down the radar guns, eliminate the speed traps, reprioritize crime chasing from a profit center to a real protect and serve.

    1. john says:

      do your job or stay at the donut shop

  3. Richard Salinas says:

    why don’t they just fire all the constables and hire security guards ,Basically , that’s what they are glorified security guards. Tarrant County Constables have lights on thier vehicle what makes them any different from Dallas and to say if they want to be police officers they need to go to a police dept. is stupid. They are TEXAS PEACE OFFICERS ACCORDING TO TCLEOSE STANDARDS and this judge is saying they are not, He is an idiot! I’d sue the hell out of the county and have them the commisioners court investigated by the FBI.

  4. Rkatk says:

    Constables issue traffic tickets, thats about it. Its time to get rid of them all.

  5. Roger Knickerbocker says:

    The court judges should all be fired not the officers, this is what is wrong with our criminal justice system, county judges, fire them all let the officers do there job I hope dallas county gets sued for every dime they have.

  6. darrell says:

    first you have to look at the motivations behind the statements of Rene Christian. she thinks she should be dallas county sherriff. what she has done here is fabricate a story that can not be proved or disproved to creat controversy and get her name in the papers. her actions and statements are a political move to sway future voters. thats all this is.

  7. chicken snake says:

    FORMER DEPUTY- What is being reported is true….Dallas County Constable PCT 1 does tell its Deputies to ignore crime.. They never provide training to the Deputies on how to deal with real life situations because they do not want them going after real crime..Most Deputies have never worked anywhere but in “Civil Law”. A few have worked for a Municiple Police Department where they recieved training to deal with these types of situatios and the various tactics that it takes to achieve success. Mike Cantrell said exactly what was told to me and many other Deputies…If you want to fight crime go work for a Police Department. Lt. Brown at PCT 1 told us that exact phrase more times than I can count, even when they had vehicles equiped with emergency lights and sirens, to ignore criminal activity. I was assigned to the traffic division when I was there…Derick Evans and Lt. Brown only targeted the community for monies through traffic violations which was achieved through fines (tickets) and the impoundment of vehicles…It was all about the money…If I investigate a possible crime or make that arrest then that takes me off the streets which means i’m not out writing tickets or impounding vehicles which means Dallas County is losing money….thats the thought process Derick Evans and his Administrations has regarding this issue. I was fired for trying to change this and many other inappropriate things that were going on in PCT 1….For me I always stated that you cant put a person in uniform in a marked squad and have them working in public and be stupid enough to think that person (Deputy) is not going to stumble onto a criminal offense….its just a matter of time that this is going to happen…SOOOOO why not equip these deputies with the proper traing to deal with these situations?? I’ll tell you why they do not….If I’m a Constable like Derick Evans (Dictator) then why would I give you this training….if I give you all the training available then you have the option to leave and work somewhere else because it makes the Deputy valuable to other agnecies too…..but if I dont give you that training then you are ill equiped to deal with these types of situations when they arise……THIS IS A TRAGIC EVENT for the mother and family of these two children…it could have possibly been prevented…Mike Cantrell is so clueless as to the real world of a Peace Officer. If this Deputies policy doesn’t allow her to run a red light or violate traffic laws then even if she had “followed” it would have been over as soon as the suspect violated any traffic law so he could get away because she was not permitted to violate that same law so she could keep up.. These Deputies are out in Public in Uniform but are ill equiped (lights/sirens) and not trained to deal with this type of situation….Its a dis-service to the Deputy and the community where he/she works.

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