Iowa Farmers Helping Feed North Texas Livestock

ALVARADO (CBSDFW.COM) – Walking through her farm, Denise Reiling sees only patches of grass.  “Normally this is so thick and green,” she said.

The alpacas she raises have relied on hay to survive the long, dry summer, but even that is scarce.
“We’re lucky that we have this,” she said, pointing to a mound of hay.  “We have to buy out of state just to get it.”

Reiling’s hay is coming all the way from Colorado, and it’s not cheap.  “It definitely costs us to keep them fed like this – and normally they’d just be eating our own grass,” said Reiling.

In nearby Alvarado, though, pastor Jesus Escamilla says, some farmers can no longer afford hay, and they’re watching their livestock starve.

From the fertile fields of Iowa, though, relief is on its way.  “We’ve been fortunate here,” says Duaine Davis, a farmer in the town of Luana, Iowa.  He and his neighbors are bundling hay for their counterparts in Alvarado.

“I thought we could donate this to our future friends in Texas,” said Chad Davis, who’s also sacrificing some bales of hay.

After all, back in 2008, when Iowa farms flooded, volunteers from North Texas helped them get back on their feet.  “I think it’s just something you do to help each other out,” said Reiling, who is also helping her neighbors with any hay she can spare.

For her, it comes as no surprise to see such generosity.  “I think it’s just kind of a farmer thing,” she said.


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  1. Sheri says:

    Its wonderful to see farmers and ranchers helping each other. Blessings are not far behind. Thank you and God Bless you

  2. Louise Bland says:

    God bless you, farmers who’re helping each other. Feeding the animals gives my heart a smile. Thank you, all!

    Love to all of you. With many blessings.
    Louise in Dallas

  3. Peggy says:

    Now this is how all of us should act…..kindness to others in need.
    Blessing to all of the farmers who are participating.

  4. Grahawk says:

    Last Saturday, I counted 6 trucks in a convoy with huge rolls of hay headed south on I-35W near Keller, so I supposed that hay was from up north. Thanks to whoever supplied it.

  5. upchkn says:

    Thank you Iowa Farmers. I too, have seen my normally adequate pasture turn to dust. Off to the feed store for a load of hay. What was $7.25 last winter, is now, already, $11.50. It’s gonna get alot worse folks. If you can, start donating now to animal rescue organizations, especially the ones specializing in grazing livestock. They are going to be inundated with animals that owners can no longer afford. And, with no horse slaughter plants, those horses are likely to wind up starving to death.

  6. Kathy Dow Folmar says:

    Has all of this hay been sold?: Can I still buy some? Who do I contact?

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