Texas Can Soon Begin Deporting Foreign Convicts

AUSTIN (AP) – Texas parole officials can soon use a new state law to begin deporting some of the 11,000 foreign citizens who are incarcerated in state prisons.

The Austin American-Statesman reports (http://bit.ly/o5Qg75) the deportations could save taxpayers millions of dollars.

The state law, which takes effect Sept. 1, allows the parole board to approve convicts for parole on the condition that they are deported to their home country. The law covers foreigners convicted of both violent and nonviolent crimes.

During a meeting Wednesday in Austin, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles was assured by federal immigration officials that foreign citizens who are deported — most probably back to Mexico — will actually be sent to their home countries and not turned loose in Texas.

Officials with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement assured state officials convicts not deported will be handed back to state prison officials.

“That’s nothing we can’t take care of,” Cari Cephas-Kimbrough, an ICE assistant field office director in Houston, told the board.

Parole officials are worried about how to implement the new law because in recent years, several hundred foreign-born felons were paroled and released to federal officials for deportation but were instead allowed to remain in Texas on parole at the cost of state taxpayers.

No one could say Wednesday how many parole-to-deport cases might be approved, or when they would start.

“I think several hundred would be a good start, as soon as they can,” said state Rep. Jerry Madden, R-Richardson, who sponsored the legislation last spring.

Bryan Collier, deputy executive director of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, said about 11,500 of Texas’ 156,000 state prisoners are not U.S. citizens, and about 6,000 of those currently have a deportation order pending.

Texas lawmakers have debated such a deportation program for nearly 20 years, with several unsuccessful attempts at legislation.

Lawmakers say the state could save as much as $100 million annually if as many as 5,000 foreigners were removed from state prisons and deported. The state spends about $3 billion a year operating the state’s 112 prisons and related programs.

If all 11,000 foreign convicts were removed from Texas’ prisons, the state could save more than $213 million.

According to prison system statistics, some 6,727 of the 11,395 Texas convicts who claimed foreign citizenship in the summer of 2010 were incarcerated for violent crimes, 955 for property crimes, 1,667 for drug crimes and 2,046 for “other” crimes including escape, weapons charges, drunken driving and minor sex offenses. More than 8,500 of the foreign convicts were Mexican citizens.

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One Comment

  1. darrell says:

    great, now if they can just deport the other 3 million illegal criminals in texas it would be absolutely wonderful.

    1. Mr Black says:

      Yes yes! darrell for governor!

    2. DJW says:

      Ain’t that the truth!

  2. Lynn says:

    Amen to that, let’s get crackin’, head ’em up, move ’em out.

  3. Ken Sears says:

    So why would we NOT do that?

    1. joe T. says:

      It probably had something to do with a Federal edict that wouldn’t allow it before.

  4. dave says:

    And what will keep them in Mexico and not come back across the border and once again be criminals? This needs to be addressed or crime in Texas will end up going up for sure!

    1. ms says:

      That is exactly what i am wondering.. NOt unless they are released to their states prison it might fix that problem

  5. mawmaw says:

    Yippppppi Yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooo

  6. Rick McDaniel says:

    What good will that do?

    Obama has ordered the Border Patrol to allow illegal immigrants to enter the country.

    That means they will all be back here, faster than the buses can return to their base.

    Better to keep them in prison.

    1. Lynda says:

      That is a big lie. There has been no order like that to the border patrol. You made it up and are just hoping other stupid people believe it.

    2. Texas says:

      Where ever you got that information is lying to you the way Perry has been lying to Texans for the last 10 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Philip Melton says:

    Then they can just come right back across the Border and Break the law again great Job texas

  8. Janice says:

    Deport ALL foreign prisoners and ALL illegal aliens. Elect a President who will STOP ‘ILLEGAL’ immigration, PERIOD! Close the border to Mexico, patrol with border patrolmen and National guard when needed. We need to take care of Americans first…

  9. RR Worker says:

    Great! Convict all of the illegals of being here illegally and then deport all of them.

  10. Ana says:

    Now if only the rest of the states will follow suit.

  11. Nerd Boy says:

    Too bad there’s not a Great Pit of Carkoon to throw them all into and have a sarlacc devour them.

    That was a geeky Star Wars reference.

    1. Mr Black says:

      We would need about 3 of those sarlaccs working overtime to do the job. They would be very well fed.

  12. Tim James says:

    Oh yeah….that’s right…ship them back to Mexico and they’ll be out of our hair at least for one week until they’re back over here committing more crimes and costing the tax payers more money to retry them. Sad to say, the only way to keep them from committing more crimes is to keep them in prison over here. At least they won’t be robbing and stealing from other people again.

  13. Jo531 says:

    75% of the foreign convicts are Mexican. 59% are violent. It would be great to send them back. Back to Mexican prisons would be great. Returning to Texas would be a nightmare. I hope no one is that short sighted. Deporting illegals would also be helpful.

    The economy is affected by the housing market; yet the housing industry hires mostly illegals, who send their money back to Mexico.

    1. ReallyJohn says:

      When these violent convicts are released to Mexican authority they are not sent to Mexican prison, instead since these crimes committed was not in Mexico, majority of them will be sent back to the streets, waiting to enter America to commit more crimes.

  14. Pattywack says:

    Finally, an article that provides a timely example of how illegal immigrants can save tax dollars instead of sucking us Americans dry! Let’s continue with this good old God given common sense approach and start implementing more of such policies–finally people are starting to wake up.

    1. DJW says:

      I agree, I’d much rather see our tax dollars go to the needs of AMERICANS…not illegals! It makes me sick to think that we supply these illegals w/food/medical/etc…while our CHILDREN can’t get the educations as AMERICANS that they deserve and that WE PAY FOR! Send the illegals back, WE DON’T WANT THEM!

    2. I'mjustasayin says:

      Let’s just say Patty you are wacked b/c their are other people who are non Mexican living off of the Government for whatever reason they seem fit just b/c they do not want to work and even if the economy was in good standing they STILL don’t want to work!! What about those who adopt kids just to collect HUGE government check and neglects the kids they adopoted? Illegal’s who commit crime, meaning causing harm to others, should be deported to their own foreign prison but they are not the only ones as you say “sucking” Americans dry. In fact! Wasn’t it Wall Street that sent us down to a dwindling whole? The list goes on and on but these are a few pointers for you to ponder upon

  15. Belinda says:

    I agree, the easy access back across the border must be addressed and soon! They will all probable be back and free to commit other crimes within two weeks! What a pity! Our government is so lost and out of touch with this situation until its frightening!

  16. Casey says:

    This is wonderful, why, I wonder, did it take 20 years to implement this? Also, as some have mentioned, what can we do to keep them from coming back across?? It almost seems as if a losing battle unless the US gov can begin protecting the US. I love this topic…it seems like the answers to fix this issue are easier to come by than the excuses to not attempt a fix.

  17. David says:

    It seems like we should all write our representatives and tell them this is what the American people want and should get, otherwise we’ll vote their ass out and find someone who will…but on the flip side, i’ll give you a thousand of these people for 100 hard working immigrants who would like to make something of themselves and help the USA too! Trim some fat if you will

  18. Joe says:

    What keeps them from coming back across the border? Hell let all the prisoners out and let them come back across the border. Perry for President , yeehawwww.

  19. DJW says:

    ABOUT EFFING TIME! Now take that $213 MILLION dollars and put it in our SCHOOLS!!!!!!!!!!! Texas schools are in DESPERATE NEED of that money the like of which is UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!!! Get rid of the trash and put that money to GOOD use! We Texans are SICK and TIRED of feeding/housing/medical needs/etc…of these good for nothing sub-humans…send them back to the countries that they came from…WE DON’T WANT THEM!!!!

  20. 4thekids says:

    What about Pedophiles and Child Molesters…are they going to be freed, sorry but I will pay taxes to keep them behind bars even if they are not from here!

  21. PS says:

    The operable word is “Illegal”. They illegally came over here, so what makes the legislative government believe they won’t be back….time or a microchip? It’s the equivalent of getting rid of roaches and bedbugs…..extremely difficult!

  22. ReallyJohn says:

    You can deport them many times, however, the hard cord drug criminals who have easy connection to money via Latin drug lords will easily come back to United States without a single problem. Only things is how many more violent crimes are they going to commit before Texas realizes they made a mistake by letting them go.

  23. Just Sayin' says:

    Peace be with you all. Also, “Most-probably back toMexico,” sounds like a slur and the use of the word probably makes it sound like you “probably” don’t know what you’re talking about-just hearsay. Now that we’re taking names and kicking booty-where can we ship all the wonderful American criminals to-that’s cleaning house for real, not just half way.

  24. Ethan Jones says:

    I guess CBS likes deleting comments.
    Shame on you CBS.

    I won’t even bother to repeat myself from what I had posted.

  25. GKoen says:

    There is an easy solution…Citizens do not want violent crime offenders to go free when we far see them coming right back over to recommit. The report says that number is 6,727. My solution is to send back the 4668 non violent crimes offenders and save around 100 million. Upon parole the violent offenders get sent back instead of set loose.

  26. sw says:

    Texas needs to build a prison in Mexico and send the illegals there to serve their FULL sentence Staff it with Mexican nationals.

  27. Ms. M says:

    Until we find a way to secure our borders, deporting illegal criminals will make absolutley no difference. They will be back in our country before the ink has dried on the deportation papers.

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