2-Year-Old Irving Boy Dies In Hot Car

IRVING (CBSDFW.COM) – A 2-year-old boy died in the back of his family’s car on Thursday, and police say the death appears to be heat-related.

Officials with the Irving Police Department said that the boy’s family just moved to Irving from California. Thursday afternoon, the single mother and her nine children were unloading some of their belongings from their SUV.

Officers said that, after the family unloaded the vehicle, the mother told her children to go into the house. She then closed the SUV, because she apparently thought the children had gone inside.

Later in the evening, the woman could not find the 2-year-old boy and called the police. Soon after officers arrived, the boy was found inside the SUV. When paramedics arrived and examined the boy, he was already dead.

Police said that the medical examiner is still working to determine the cause of death, but it appears to be heat-related. “Based on our preliminary investigation, this just appears to be a very tragic accident,” said Officer John Argumaniz with the Irving Police Department.

Thursday’s high temperature was 103 degrees.


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  1. Troll Slayer says:

    If you have more kids than you can count, then you have too many kids. 9 kids? Even if she wasn’t a single mother, that is too damn many kids to keep up with.

  2. Charlena says:

    That poor family. Jesus has the baby now.

    1. Michael says:

      Whatever makes you sleep at night.

    2. Kirk says:

      Yea, the boy is with Jesus, and if Jesus is so great, can he also give the boy his life back?

  3. Swiss! says:

    How are you in the he double hockey sticks going to forget about your child????

    1. HMmom says:

      I am sure it would be hard to keep up with the whereabouts of 9 children, sometimes I have a hard time keeping up with my 6 year old with ADHD. You would think the mother would have had some type of system to make sure she had all of them and they were all accounted for though.

    2. Mr Black says:

      That’s the truth! I guess that doing a head count to 9 was too hard for her. Well, now she only has to count to 8.

      1. C Bauer says:

        That comment is not funny, and is a SIN, Mr Black. Guess where YOU’RE going, you “Christian” hypocrite?

      2. chwingnut says:

        The comment was probably not supposed to be funny it was called sarcasm. It was meant to show she was an idiot. I found the comment appropriate.

  4. GKoen says:

    I have to say I find it remarkable that parents realize their kid is missing and DON’T go look in the car first…The first thing I would do is think where did I see them last…..oh right the car. Why is it always the police finding them? As far as the time line goes she took 9 kids on a long road trip holy cow. Poor woman must have been close to insane by the time she got home, no wonder she didn’t do a head count. How awful to be the one who killed your child unintentionally. I am sure it didn’t matter if it was her only child or her 20th she must be beside herself with guilt and grief. Tragic so tragic.

    1. OldGlory says:

      Most appropriate reply on the board.

  5. NiteNurse says:

    At a daycare 9 kids warrants a second childcare worker. Hey but even with a head counter you still might miscount. Maybe a roll call before and after a big outing like that? I mean how does Octomom and Kate Gosslin do it?

  6. Tatsun says:

    I know its very sad that the poor baby died, especially in such a way as this, but I am seeing this more and more. A SINGLE mother, with NINE, count them, NINE kids, and not a father in sight anywhere. This is why I support tax payer money for paying for a woman to get her tubes tied! Pay the small amount of tax payer money now, and avoid paying out a larger sum of tax payer money later to take care of the family with welfare, not to mention awful awful awful accidents like this would not happen, cuz the mother would not be able to have so many children! FOR SHAME!!

  7. Land says:

    I was born in Dallas.

  8. Sympatheic says:

    It is so sad that such conversations and attacks come out of such a tragedy. May God help this mother and her eight children through this tragedy. This is a lesson for all of us. This has happened to people with one child. We plan and God is the best of Planners. He is with Him.

  9. So Sad says:

    So sad this happened but bless the SINGLE mom who is taking care of 9 kids all by herself. I hope you can find peace through this difficult event. The child is with Jesus and is living a much better life then any of us here on earth.

  10. Joe M says:

    The saddest things about this are the incomplete reporting and the jumping to conclusions. Yes, she had nine children. Yes, she is a single mother. Did the father die while on duty in the military? Or was it a few different fathers running out on her? Was she leaving an abusive man in California? Perhaps it something else? Were there any other adults around? I can’t imagine any SUV being able to carry nine children plus the driver plus stuff to unload. There had to have been a second vehicle and probably another adult. There just isn’t enough information to conclude to much except that it is a sad thing for a toddler to die like this. Let’s try to be curious first and critical second.

    1. Skullfrakture says:

      You don’t need any more information other than this woman is a complete moron and should be done away with.One simply doesn’t “forget” about a 2 year old untill later on in the evening.

      1. OldGlory says:

        No, one shouldn’t forget about a two year old like that. But it happens. It happens all the time – you read about it all the time. Are those people idiots, yes, they were idiots. But I don’t doubt for one minute that that woman isn’t suffering for it.

        I don’t know why we can’t have common sense AND compassion sometimes.

    2. Skullfrakture says:

      After reading your post once more I must say that you are a complete moron yourself.

  11. jdc says:

    Sometimes I wonder if the parents plan this, especially if they have multiple
    children. That way they could say, they thought “all” the kids were accounted
    for. It would be hard to use that excuse with one or two kids.

  12. rd says:

    When people stop feeling sorry for these losers that call themselves parents and whine and cry for them, and start charging them with negligent homicide, which it is, then maybe it will stop happeneing.

  13. Tonja says:

    Oh how that child must have suffered before he died. And can’t even imagine the anguish this mother feels right now. She will carry this unimaginable amount of guilt for the rest of her life, and the anguish of losing a child.

  14. mouse says:

    yea lesson learned have more babies so welfare can take care of there ass

  15. OldGlory says:

    AH, Mr Pink just admitted, he’s atheist because the Bible confuses him.
    I had no idea.


  16. abra cadabra says:

    What a bunch of self rightgeous know it alls…..REMEMBER; we are all just ONE accident away from tragedy it doesn’t matter how careful you can be, JUST ONE ACCIDENT running a red light etc. from your own nightmare!

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