Cedar Hill Assistant Principal Charged With Assaulting Cop

anthonytaylor Cedar Hill Assistant Principal Charged With Assaulting Cop

Cedar Hill High School assistant principal Anthony Taylor was arrested for allegedly assaulting a DeSoto police officer. (credit: DeSoto Police Department)

CEDAR HILL (CBSDFW.COM) – The assistant principal of Cedar Hill High School is facing charges for allegedly assaulting a police officer.

In a news release, the Cedar Hill ISD says Anthony Taylor was arrested Thursday night.  He was at a homeowners’ association meeting in DeSoto at the time.

The district’s statement says the meeting became “verbally heated” and DeSoto police were called.  Taylor allegedly assaulted one of the responding officers.

DeSoto police tell KRLD they had to use a Taser on Taylor because he was not cooperating with officers.

He’s charged with assaulting a public servant, assault by offensive contact, resisting arrest, and interfering with public duties.  He was arraigned Friday morning.

Cedar Hill ISD has put Taylor on paid administrative leave.  District spokeswoman Ramona Logan says administrators are not aware of any previous criminal allegations against Taylor.


One Comment

  1. crasster says:

    Guess what, I live in CHISD, and you ARE NOT going to get approved for more funds come this years tax hike vote. Your district is absurd. You put this guy in charge of kids!

  2. goodyt says:

    I would dearly love to hear why the school district thought it appropriate to put this individual on “paid” administrative leave!

    1. Legal Eagle says:

      It’s because he hasn’t been CONVICTED of anything yet, genius. If they fire him now, there will be a lawsuit.

      1. Big Ed says:

        No need to be a smartass, Legal Eagle. The point is that paid leave for a moron like Taylor is outrageous.

      2. Legal Eagle says:

        No, it is not outrageous, Big (DUMB) Ed. The point is they’ll suffer more from a lawsuit if they DON’T give him paid leave until the verdict. Get it, IDIOT? Don’t comment on legal issues if you’re not experienced in such. Also, don’t comment if you’re a drooling simpleton. BOTH apply to YOU!

    2. 2sister says:

      Legal eagle is right. They have to investigate first. They can’t just not pay him while he’s on administrative leave or fire him. That would open them up for a law suit if it turned out that he wasn’t guilty of the charge.

    3. libbyiv says:

      Because he hasn’t been found guilty of anything. There is an investigation process.

  3. tha'qtpie says:

    I live in DeSoto and yall commenting on something yall know nothing about!! This man is not some criminal, he is a frustrated citizen of a neighborhood who has board members on it that have stolen thousands of dollars. We are all struggling to make ends meet and you have ppl stealing from you, right under your nose??!! The meeting took a bad turn on the inside of the civic center and that spilled over to the ouside. Mr.Taylor thought someone ELSE was getting into ANOTHER altercation with one of the thieving board members when he ran over to get between them. in the hustle and bustle, an officer came behind Mr. Taylor, he didnt know who was grabbing him from behind and things were already at a heated point, so he pushed back not even ralizing it was a cop!! Mr. Taylor was thrown to the ground and tased at that time and taken to jail. He has never been arrested, he is a hard working man with a young wife and family! Dont think you know something because you see a black face; all of a sudden its “this guy” and you dont even know the story!! It could have easily been you or someone you love and care about!! the district is giving him the benefit of the doubt…..try it out!!

    1. libbyiv says:

      That makes much for clarifying because I just couldn’t imagine it going from a different angle.

  4. Ted says:

    The longer I live in Texas, the more embarrassed I am to admit I’m an American. You people have ZERO respect for your own constitution. Just because you see the face of a black man, you assume guilt. I for one know there are far more than enough douch bag, racist police roaming the streets of DFW. Far too many of these people would rather ignite a situation rather than defuse it so a frustrated, decent person doesn’t have to be arrested. The personal skills of way too many Texas police is that of an 18 year old just out of marine corp boot camp just looking for a fight. I know this because I get to see it daily. Take every word you read in this report with a grain of salt and let the system work it out. Level heads will always prevail. I can’t wait to get the hell out of this racist, teabagger, fake christian state.

    1. MIKE says:

      Ted, please grab your bag and meet me down at the Greyhound! I will be glad to buy you a bus ticket to whatever liberal police hating hole you came from!..So I see Ted that you know cops are racists thug liars because you see it everyday? They “like to fight” ? Really Ted? Now I’ve done this work for a long time and I am yet to meet an officer who “likes to fight.” That’s kind of a stretch..exactly what do you do Ted that you see cops lie,violate people’s civil rights, get into fights and “roam” (I assume you mean patrol) the streets everyday? Damn you need a new job! Your job really sux if you have to deal with that every day!..I would venture to say Ted, that you are a huge liar who has been involved with the law in a very negative way in the past..Ok in fact I will give you $100 bucks if you have never been arrested for “actually breaking the law” not set up by some bored cop in Dallas Texas with a crime rate through the roof who has nothing else to do but make stuff up on you Ted…Ted I have a better idea, I know Dallas is hiring, so if you really want to show us how to do it the right way Ted come to 1400 South Lamar Dallas,Tx 75202 and get an application..for 40K a yr and 700 a month with a 3k per person insurance deductable we will let you chase after people who kill their children, kids that kill their parents, adults who beat each other in front of their kids, car wrecks where families are destroyed, see doctors and politicians picking up prostitiutes, chase armed people with guns..you can even work every weekend and night! oh Xmas, your kids Bday, Thanksgiving..yes Ted you can be selfish just like they are!…Hey Ted I am such a nice guy I will even take you the application so you don’t have to get up! Come on Ted I want you to show these people who actually give back to the community how to do it the right way!! Plzzz help us Ted! We need you! Between you and QTPIE why do we need police at all? I mean the poor guy was just trying to help a friend, right? Oh and QTPIE..he is an assistant principal he is far from “just trying to get by” he is paid very well and should have sense enough not to get involved in this…Ted are you ready? Meet you with a police app or bus ticket? I’m gonna guess it’s the bus ticket…WHAT A LOSER!

  5. upchkn says:

    Did he attend O.D. Wyatt? Seems as if a principal should have a little more self control.

  6. Whatajoke says:

    Just an example of one of the many administrators in charge of Cedar Hill ISD! If they can keep someone on payroll whom is a suspect in a murder, this guy will be back by Monday with a raise!

  7. nicole says:

    I am a student at Cedar Hill and i dont think any of u know Mr. Taylor the way the students do. He’s a nice guy that doesnt like trouble and for u guys to sayy he’s guilty or wrong or shudnt be in CHISD are idiots. Mr. Taylor is one of the best principals at CHHS! None of u know anything about him.

    1. libbyiv says:

      You go NIcole!!!!!!

    2. Tia Charles says:

      Nicole you are so right do not klet others pursuade you differently. Mr. Taylor always had a sincere interest in the student’s success.

  8. tha'qtpie says:

    Mike, you shoulda kept talking to Ted! My husband IS a Dallas Police Officer, so I dont need NOBODY to tell me what they go through, give up, sacrifice for disrespecting citizens, but thanks for bringing that to light! When you talk or criticize you need to know all the facts, period!! The only person commenting here who knows what happened and Mr.Taylor is me!! I dont remember saying “just trying to get by” in my post. I remember saying “we are all struggling to make ends meet”!! If that aint your story, give God some praise!! Now you all up in the man’s finances??!! One other fact to mention, we live in 200,000 homes where police patrol regularly, tell me why one of these police who was assaulted is one of the officers our thieving board members say they paid in upwards of 30,000 of our HOA fees to??? All this BS about the officer sustaining broken ribs and getting knocked to the ground is a lie!! Nobody ended up on the ground but Mr.Taylor. I said he was a hardworking man with a young family. He has a new baby who spent monts in ICU before being able to come home, takes care of his father-in-law and wife!! You’re on the outside looking in, have compassion first, damn!! Oh, they never lie on the news, right??!! GET OUTTA HERE, AND STOP THE MADNESS!!!

  9. Dee says:

    I personally know the police officer his my husbands best friend who also is a police officer. He is a awesome person and I can tell you he is not racist. And yes he has three broken ribs and also has a family with young chilldren. So just because the gentlemen is black do not assume the officer is being raicist. My husband and our friend who got hurt are great guys who have sacrifice a lot. It just makes me mad when people judge others when they do not even know tthem

  10. Hemroidious says:

    Obviously, he is a thug and just like JWP, thinks everything he does is someone else’s fault. Wheres the race card?

  11. Jay says:

    Please stop the race b.s. I knew this guy personally he was my middle school principal many years ago, and I can tell you he was not a nice guy. He was ver y rude,disrespectful,agressive and insulting towards the students. He was a bully had a very challengeing attitude none of the students black or white liked him, either way I dont wish anything bad on him infact I hope he makes it Im just saying stop playing the race card and he is no angel.

    1. Hemroidious says:

      If he is as you say, he will play the RACE CARD. I like to say that, RACE CARD!!

    2. Amanda says:

      You clearly did not have the same experience with Mr. Taylor as myself and many other CHISD student’s had. I can recall nothing but could things about him. Was he tough sometimes? Of course. But he wasn’t there to be our friend, he was there to do a job. Perhaps you were a trouble maker and he was the one disciplining you? This is the only reason I can find for your poor opinion of Mr. Taylor. No one is claiming that he is an angel. If the charges brought agianst him are inteed true, than I’m sure he feels poorly about his choices. But, the charges are only alleged, and no one can truly know the story unless they were there.

  12. Scott says:

    In Desoto last year my husband’s rims were taken. They responded in about 15 minutes after a 911 call. I clearly saw 2-3 fingerprints on a jack saved for detectives that was beneath the truck. I waited weeks and finally a person claimed no fingerprints were seen. A year later, I live at Silver Creek Estates and the HOA pays a patrol officer out of the dues. I parked in my culdesac for 20 minutes to get lawn equipment out and saw a citation on my windshield. I later learnt this officer C. Cobbs has written nearly 200 tickets on the residents for petty things. I have never seen this parking offense written in any driver’s ed book. Desoto does what Desoto does unless the Mayor speaks up. If the community is a All Star City the people need to work together. Slandering and tasering will not help this community move forward. The Demographics is changing in Desoto so if it policed it must be fair. I think some celebrities miss getting their names smeared and others don’t. Most of these comments below are from people who prey on bad news esp. if it is not their kind. My 2 cents.

  13. Mike says:

    Black man assaulting a cop and having to be tased for resisting. Wow! What news!

  14. Tia Charles says:

    Thank you tha’qtpie for clarifying the incident….My child attended Cedar Hill ISD last year and I had a few occasions to meet with staff including Mr. Taylor. The man I met was professional and converned about the safety, education and ambition my child and others needed to focus on. I saw his photo flash across the news a few days ago and it was upsetting…upsetting because they semmed to depict him a a violent person which from the years my child attended that school was quite the opposite of the Vice PRinciple, Mr. Taylor I met. THat explanation makes sense and that protective chacter that you stated he was iading to another is an accurate description of this man. Thank you! You cannot judge someone based on one sided media coverage!

  15. Amanda Hubbard says:

    To let you know, I was a student at CHHS and Mr. Taylor was a nice man. Of course you don’t know the situation unless you were there, so you honestly shouldn’t let your thoughts about this one ALLEGED incident cloud your thoughts about a perfectly decent man. I also have to say, I find it pathetic that people are saying that others are ‘pulling the race card’. Race has nothing to do with it. I honestly wish that we could get over this foolishness of black vs. white. People commenting poorly about him are doing so becuase the charges brought agianst him are rather serious and they do not know Mr. Taylor on a personal level. Remember, that he is in charge of their children. People have a right to disaprove of the situation, and I suspect the thought of charges like this being brought up agianst a school official just scare them. I wish the best for Mr. Taylor and his family.

  16. Ashley says:

    Mr. Taylor is an amazing guy who loves helping students at chhs he always encourages and tries to stop kids from fighting . Mr.Taylor helped me so much y senior year and was a blessing to my family he loves the Lord and I know that this story is not true. You need to get both sides of the story before you judge, this is a horrible and heartbreaking situation and I pray that Mr.Taylor will get out of it sucessfullly. He is a very educated man who graduated from Baylor University and is a wonderful alumni there.

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