Dallas Sheriff Investigating Constable’s Office In Drowning Deaths

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The Dallas County Sheriff’s Department will investigate a Deputy Constable accused of failing to help stop a father who police say killed his two children. Naim Muhammad is accused of drowning them this past Monday.

Sheriff investigators will try to determine whether the female Constable Deputy acted appropriately when she refused to pursue Muhammad.

Muhammad’s ex-girlfriend flagged down the deputy and told the officer that her two children were in Muhammad’s car and that he was going to kill them. The deputy told the mother that she could not pursue the car because her cruiser did not have flashing lights and sirens.

Dallas police say Muhammad eventually drowned his two children in a creek.

Precinct One Constable Derick Evans told CBS 11, “We’re sending the case to them (Dallas County Sheriff’s Department) to make sure that all questions are answered and so no one thinks there is a cover up by the Constable’s Office.”

The aunt of the two boys who died says the family will comment after the funeral. Funeral services are scheduled for Saturday.


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  1. BigFED says:

    OK, Point 1, Did the squad car actually HAVE lights and siren? If it didn’t, then the Constable was, unfortunately, in the right. Without lights and siren, the Constable has NO legal way of initiating a traffic stop. If there had been an accident, especially with another driver, then all hell would have broken loose. Yes, they could have followed the suspect and reported by radio what was going on and request proper backup units.

    Point 2, If the squad did not have lights and siren, why didn’t it? It is a police vehicle and apparently was marked with decals that said “CONSTABLE”. If you are going to play police, then have real police equipment. Was the Constable an armed LEO or were they an unarmed civil process server?

    Point 3, If there were lights and siren installed, then the Constable was WRONG. I’m sure the squad had a radio and they could have called in backup.

    1. 2sister says:

      It didn’t have lights or sirens. They apparently have been taking those out of cars.

      Also, law enforcement officers can pursue criminals without lights under certain conditions. State law allows this. I think local laws ( i.e. police departments), however, probably limit what some law enforcement officers can do. If the constable’s office is being truthful, they apparently had such a limit put on their constables.


      1. 2sister says:

        I meant to say that Dallas county has apparently been removing sirens and lights from their constables’ cars. My second sentence on my previous post was not clear.

    2. willie hines says:

      any way you put it, it still wrong. 2 young kids were murdered, and it could have been prevented, because 2 lazy cops did not do their job.

  2. darrell says:

    lights and sirens are being removed from constable cars so that they will not be distracted from their primary duty dealing with civil summons, warrents, evictions etc. without lights and sirens it is unsafe for them to get into a pursuit situation. unless, at the time the constable was flagged down by the mother, the father and vehicle were there and visible to the constable, who, where is she going to begin to pursue?

    more importantly im willing to bet that the commisioners court has asked the sheriffs department to investigate the constable to insure it is found that she was at fault in an attempt to clear them of the lawsuits you know are coming in civil court.

  3. Liz Salander says:

    The Constable should have AT LEAST followed the damn car! This is nuts. Dallas County has blood on its hands and they know it.

    1. 2sister says:

      Before jumping on her, I would like to know how they defined pursuing or following. It’s possible that the rules tell them that they can’t follow or pursue suspects. If that’s the case, the policy needs to be changed.

  4. Richard Boats Farmer says:

    I do understand if there are no lights that the constable can’t legally and safely stop the car. However, the constable could have followed the car and provided important information for the actual police who could have been on their way.

    Team Work is the name of the Game!

    1. 2sister says:

      Perhaps, under the rules she was given, following is considered the same as pursuing. Without, knowing what she was told or what the written policy is, I think we need to be careful in assuming that she was allowed to follow him. I’m not saying that he shouldn’t have been followed, but the fault might be with the higher ups and not really with the constable.

  5. Krispy Kreme Kops says:

    Constables. Why does that sound so close to CONSTIPATION? Coincidence? I think not.

  6. Helen says:

    Question – why did the constable use her cell phone (I am sure she had one) and call for help. Could have at least followed the car – but decided not to, and now two little boys are dead – what would she think if these had been her children and refused help??????

  7. willie hines says:

    I bet you if you were to run a redlight or a sttop sign in front of those 2 lazy constable, they would pull you over and issue you a ticket. this is all the constables are good for is writing tickets. now I know in time of danger you can not depend on the dallas county sheriff department to help you. now I have complete total lack of respect for sheriff deputies.

    1. darrell says:

      willie, have you actually followed the entire story so far and read all the releases on this case? or are you just picking out what you want to see and commenting on it? either way, shutup, your just blathering like a 5 year old who cant understand why big bird is 7 feet tall.

  8. darrell says:

    this constable was put into a no win situation. wrong no matter which way they acted. pursue and kill a bystander, cause the suspect to crash and kill the kids, anything and they are crucified. not pursue, and they are crucified.
    officers, even in pursuit, are trained to break off pursuit if it becomes a danger to the greater public. without a vehicle equipped for pursuit in my opinion the constable made the right choice for the greater public safety issue. its sad two children died but they didnt die because this constable didnt pursue. they died because a crazed man had allready made that decision.

  9. flyboy says:

    Corrupt and incompetent city officials in Dallas County as usual.

  10. Think Walsh says:

    Should be interesting to see hwo that turns out.


  11. Jerry says:

    The constable and all of the constable’s bosses should be fired. This is one of the most pathetic displays of public service I have witnessed in my lifetime. God, please watch after these children…they are in your hands now!

  12. Glen Shaw says:

    They and many other agencies have instituted “no pursuit policies”. No pursuits are allowed and if you do pursue someone you will likely be fired. This comes from lawsuits after pursuits. It has little to do with overhead lights. That is just what they say to cover their “no pursuit policies”. Many agencies have very restrictive policies which unofficially ban them, but many others have banned pursuits totally. Willie, you do know that the Sheriffs department and the Constables are different agencies, right? Your post made no sense. Anyway it is not the individual Constable who decides these things, it is the lawyers and elected officials.

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