Hundreds Honor Murdered Boys During Funeral

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Two small caskets held the bodies of 5-year-old Naim Muhammad and his 3-year-old brother Elijah during their solemn funeral service Saturday.

After kissing her two children for the last time, Kametra Sampson told stories about them and shared how much they meant to her with attendees.

“Naim was my oldest, he was five,” she said, “He was just a friend I never had. They were happy. They were happy kids.”

Police suspect the boys’ father, Naim Rasool Muhammad, 32, kidnapped the children and drowned them last week. He faces two capital murder charges after confessing to the crime, police said.

Many came forward Saturday simply to offer encouragement. Five-year-old Naim was supposed to start kindergarten at Julia C. Frazier Elementary on the day he was killed. The principal of his school attended the funeral to show her support.

“Please know we will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers,” said Rachel George.

Neighbor Arnetrus Green remembered one of the happy moments with the boys. She spoke of the time they helped her with her garden.

“They stepped on more seeds than they planted,” Green said. “But I was proud that they were that young and came over to try and help.”

As the two families worked to heal from the loss, they made a vow that Naim and Elijah would not be forgotten.

“I’m going through a lot right now, but I’m beginning to accept the fact that my sons are in Heaven,” Sampson said.

About 200 people attended the service.


One Comment

  1. Skullfrakture says:

    The father confessed?Shoot ’em.

  2. Joyce Wood says:

    I have a comment. I am a mother and a grandmother and I do not understand something. If the news is correct, the mother was kidnapped along with these children and she escaped. Why would she leave her babies with this sick individual and flee to safety for herself. There is no way I would have left my babies! I have seen cases where kids have been left in a vehicle and someone drives off and the mother was hanging on for dear life to the door handle or running after them but not running away . I do not understand. this mentality! She should have stayed and fought for these dear innocent little boys.

    1. 2sister says:

      She got out to flag down the constable. She thought the constable could or would pursue the father. If she hadn’t seen the constable, she probably wouldn’t have escaped out of the car.

  3. J Wood says:

    I am sorry. She thought….. I would not have left without my children for any reason. They were her first and most important responsibility in this situation. There is just something very wrong about a mother bailing on her babies. Can you imagine what those little boys thought when they saw their mother get out and leave them behind? That is their last thought of her. I am sorry. I would not be able to live with myself. This could have had a different end!! I know this is extremely hard for everyone involved and I don’t even know these people but my heart aches for the family. All I can do is keep them in my prayers.

  4. Liz Salander says:

    Yeah, and now we all know what worthless piece of @%&* constables and police are for a woman seeking help. Now, any mother who needs to protect her kids needs to take the law into her own hands, doesn’t she.

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