Grand Prairie PD: Don’t Buy Apple Products From Someone’s Trunk

apple scams Grand Prairie PD: Dont Buy Apple Products From Someones Trunk

An unknown number of suspects are scamming shoppers into buying fake Apple property. Here are some who have been caught on camera, including their silver Chrysler. (Credit: GPPD)

GRAND PRAIRIE (CBSDFW.COM) – Before the onset of the automobile, scammers used stagecoach trunks to sell bootleg or phony merchandise to unsuspecting consumers.

Grand Prairie Police say the age-old scam is still very much present today, only the suspects are using 21st Century technology as bait.

A dozen recent cases at area convenience stores describe con artists scamming would-be iPad and MacBook owners with fake products.

“They’ll approach them and say they have a good deal on an Apple product,” Grand Prairie detective Lyle Gensler says.

They’ll have a container from maybe a FedEx or a Best Buy, but inside is filled with wood, paper or something else. Gensler says the fake products have all the heft of the real thing, but many who have fallen for the trick get home to find double strength plexi-glass instead.

In some cases, there’s even the trademark Apple logo stamped onto it.

The men, who have been captured on camera inside several convenience stores and parking lots, have hit in Fort Worth, Grand Prairie and Arlington and offer an iPad or a MacBook for $300 each or $500 for both.

“Some of (the victims) think they’re getting a good deal on an iPad and it kind of blocks their sensory perception of right and wrong,” Gensler said.

However, loyal Apple shoppers questioned say they likely wouldn’t fall for what these folks are selling.

Shopper Tammy Godfrey said she would want all of Apple’s support and warranties. But, elaborating on a more basic level, said, “I don’t want to buy a product that’s not from Apple because it’s basically like stealing, and I don’t think that’s right.”

Gensler agrees, adding if it’s too good to be true, that’s usually the case.

“I don’t believe I would buy an Apple computer from anybody else but an Apple Store,” said shopper Laura Williams. “I get what I pay for.”

The suspects used a Silver Chrysler in two of the offenses, but police did not have a license plate number. Gensler believes there are many suspects involved with the scam who have not been captured on camera.

Anyone who has information about the crimes is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 972.988.8477.


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  1. Ed Ball says:

    I wouldnt buy squat from a homie…you know its BS

  2. JS says:

    I don’t see anyone in the camera pics that would have a clue on what to do with an I Pad. Only a DumbA– would buy stolen merchandise.

  3. WAKE UP says:

    2 black men scamming money off of other black people sad when you cant even trust your own race. I say this cause there are no mexican asian indian or white people in the pictures above and all those neighborhoods are mostly black African American hoods. Sad people scam and take from their own what the hell is wrong with the world today why cant everyone just look out for each other no matter man or woman mexican asian black white or whatever instead of stealing or trying to make a easy $. you cant take material things or money with you when you die so whats the point of scamming and stealing when one day your gonna do it to the wrong person and they are going to shoot you or hunt you down like the cops are doing its not worth the $100 or whatever you stole. SAD SAD WORLD

  4. CS says:

    Has nothing to do with race Geez. Its all about the money and how ignorant people are. If ur stupid enough to buy from someone out on the street then it serves u right to get scammed!!

  5. tim says:

    You should never buy any slave made Apple product period and these morons deserve what they got.

  6. Dr Phil says:

    Who goes to the convience store with 3-5 hundred bucks in their pocket.

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