DPD Community Policing Plan Not Getting Communal Support

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A new plan for the Dallas Police Department puts more officers on the streets.  But now, some officers are saying the plan puts them at a greater risk, and could cause crime victims to wait longer for justice.

This idea was so controversial the previous Dallas Police Chief who tried it pulled the plug on it after getting criticism from officers.

Chief Brown is determined to try again and says it’s the best way to prevent crime.

Officers who have been assigned to desk job for years, in some cases more than 20, will soon be back on the street for two weeks under a plan by Chief David Brown to strengthen patrols which he says can deter crime.

“Leads won’t come to the office. The leads we have to develop are in neighborhoods, and so I think it’s a worthwhile effort,” says Brown.

Brown says the city is on track to see crime drop for the eighth consecutive year which would be a record.  But some say returning detectives and desk officers to the field will only reverse the trend.

“You’re taking detectives and while they’re investigating cases they’re putting them all on hold for two weeks so they can go back on patrol, we have officers in patrol that know how to do their job,” says Sr. Cpl. Glenn White with the Dallas Police Association

Association leaders were scheduled to meet with Brown about his plan, but turned around and left headquarters when they learned that the chief had already briefed reporters about it.

“If he wants to get in the media and make this fight, I’ll make a fight with him, that’s the stupidest thing we could do,” White told reporters.

Critics say crime victims will wait longer for justice if detectives spend weeks away from working their cases.

Some officers also worry that years out of patrol will put some of them and citizens at risk answering calls, which Chief Brown refutes.  “The first day of the rotation is all training,” he says.

Brown adds any officers critical of his plan represent only a small minority.  He says only seven percent of property crimes are ever solved and this approach will make a big impact in preventing them.

“There’s a percentage, and I think it’s a small percentage, of officers in every department in the country, I call them cops against virtually everything.”

White disagrees. “This is horrible and for him to say that it’s just a small group of anonymous people – the man is out of touch.”

The community policing plan is already in effect, and the chief says he needs ‘every hand on deck’  in his department.


One Comment

  1. darrell says:

    the only ones i see really benefiting from this will be the owners of donut shops for a couple of weeks. its a reactive approach that will not address the problems that create crime to start with. those are the issues that need to be addressed.

  2. aamilesslave says:

    I am not a fan of Chief Brown (raising a cop-killing son and all), but I’m with him on this one. I seldom see a squad car patrolling in my neighborhood, and that needs to change.


    aaimilesslave, I hear you, but let me be honest…the Dallas Police Dept has more officers on the street than EVER in the history of the department! That is a clear nonsubjective fact! This buffoon of a chief says that there is not a safety risk be cause the FIRST DAY IS ALL TRAINING? Are you kidding me? What a moron! So you are telling me that after 5,10,15, or 20 years as a detective, that in ONE DAY as the chief(god I hate to call him that) said..one day of training you can get back in a police car, and answer calls,search buildings, handle major street incidents etc? PLEASE thank God I don’t live in Dallas! I want a well versed educated officer who deals with these things on a daily basis coming to my house or my wife’s need for police! This will be no help at all! It is another horrible idea! The man can’t raise his own kid much less be a big city chief! I feel for those people who think they have to wait for their cases to be dealt with now! Your wait just got a hell of a lot longer thx to Brown’s goofiness! DARRELL..the donut shops? Really? Please post a picture of your hott fit body for us all to admire! And why don’t you go up to some Dallas cop and mention the donut shop comment since you are such a comedian! I’d love to see you eat blended meals for 6 months after your teeth get knocked in by some donut eating cop! And please DARRELL with your hott fit body picture also list the various community programs you are involved in? Tell us all how you give back to your community like these donut eating cops do..waiting? Come on DARRELL..I don’t know who has less sense..DARRELL or Brown? Both are obviously less than subpar at best!

    1. ROBERT says:


    2. darrell says:

      well mr. clueless. ill reserve the comedy since you apparently fail to appreciate it. actually i know many officers personally including one assistant chief here in the dfw area. perhaps you live in one of those communities like frisco or even highland park where it wouldnt be stylish to have a donut. however, officers do eat them, more than you know apparently. sometimes, even with stories like this, you need a little comic relief to stomach the stupidity of the story. perhaps you shouldnt take all things in life so seriously. relax, have a donut.

  4. Dirty Harry says:

    Cops eating donuts is as stereo as someone who types in all caps is computer illiterate.

  5. Brian V. says:

    Darrell, seems you are back tracking on what you said because your joke didn’t work out and made you look foolish! You tried to be funny and make fun of the police by saying they just eat donuts..hence the comment ” the only ones benefiting from this will be the donut shop owners.” It backfired and made you look like a fool. If you were friends with officers and wanted to make a legitimate comment then you wouldn’t have made that statement. I have traveled the world quite a bit and I can tell you that the police in Dallas( Dallas Police Officers) look to be in one hell of a lot better shape than those in other parts of the world. Granted some of them do get in trouble and the DFW especially Belo media really hypes it up on the news when they do. But last I read Dallas had like 3000 or more cops! Heck folks that’s more than the population of a lot of US cities! I’m sure if we did a per capita comparison our police officers would come out looking pretty darn good. I personally would not want their job for anything, you have citizens,criminals,media, courts and everybody else criticizing the actions of our police, yet these same folks would never(as I wouldn’t either) take a walk in their shoes. Every day I open the paper I see someone murdered or a child abused, it is always something especially in Dallas and Ft Worth. Can you imagine these guys seeing this stuff day in and out for 25 or 30 years? People don’t seem to get the trauma these guys go through. Again I appreciate the work they do and I wish these folks who spew nothing but hate would have the guts to take a walk in these cops’ shoes. But it will never happen.

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