DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – This is a big weekend for travelers. Many people across North Texas will hit the road and get out of town on Friday for Labor Day. And with that in mind, drivers are surely wanting to know that they are getting the most for their money at the gas pump.

There is new smartphone technology in place now at local gas stations, designed to help consumers learn about the quality of the gasoline that they are putting into their vehicles.

The state is now requiring that all gas stations have special stickers on every pump, to be used with a smartphone. When a motorist pulls up to the pump, a special QR code is now there to be scanned with a phone’s code-reader app. (Note: If your smartphone does not have this app built-in, several are available, many for free, in phone app stores.) The code directs drivers to the state registration for that location.

State inspectors are calibrating gas pumps and testing the quality of the gas being sold at the stations. The results are posted online, accessible through the special sticker’s code. Drivers can now use smartphones to access inspection history and report problems. This allows the state to know if customers feel like they are being cheated.

According to state officials, 95 percent of Texas gas stations play by the rules and do not cheat their customers. And the consequences – fines – for those gas stations which act in a deceitful manner have increased substantially.