DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – There are noticeable changes taking place at Dallas Love Field Airport. Four new eateries have or are set to open inside the terminal.

The influx of restaurants is part of the first wave of new businesses set to open at the airport.

Joe Campisi opened his first restaurant on Mockingbird Lane in Dallas in 1946. His grandson, David, says the family always knew they wanted to be inside Dallas Love Field.

“It’s just emotional,” the younger Campisi said. “My grandfather started it, passing, mothers passing, a lot of deceased in our families and their spirit lives on through our recipes and our sign. It’s just fun.”

On Wednesday morning those curious stopped to look at the new eatery before the official opening.

“I’m from Tyler and I’ve been eating at Campisi’s for 50 years,” airline passenger Kyle Deshazo said. “Anyway I just thought it was neat that one’s a Love Field.”

The four restaurants opening at Love Field are part of a larger group bidding for space in a new terminal set to be complete 2014.

Most of those in the airport didn’t care much about the reasoning and just excited about the food. “It’s nice to have a different choice… it’s nice have something,” Southwest Airlines employee Oscar Infante said. “We’ve eaten at Campisi’s before, me and my family in Dallas, so nice choice to have.”

In 2010 then Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert attempted to open up the Love Field vendor bidding process.

David Campisi admits it was a heated topic and says he stayed out of the controversy. “I’m not a politician. I’m a restaurateur, so I leave the politics to the politicians and let them battle it out,” he said.

The Campisi’s chain is among a new generation of companies allowed to bid for space at the airport.

Now many people are left hoping the location opened Wednesday is only temporary – in favor of a long-term contract in the new terminal.

The three other businesses moving into Dallas Love Field soon are Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse, Starbucks Coffee and Paciugo Gelato & Caffè.