124002727 Perry Back On Campaign Trail After Visiting Wildfire Devistation

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. (CBSDFW.COM) – Now that Governor Rick Perry’s tour of wildfire damage in Texas is over, his tour of America as a presidential candidate resumes.

Political analyst John Weekley believes the governor made the right decision to attend his first presidential debate, because if he didn’t go, “it would look like he was unable to multi-task, which a president has to do a lot of.”

Former state Republican Party chair Cathie Adams says the governor is very experienced in speaking with the media and the public.  “I’m excited for him because I think he’s going to outshine them all.”

Perry is the front-runner, so Weekley says the stakes are high.  Especially because his rivals will attack him.  “I think it’s going to be very important because it’s the first time on a national stage.”

While Governor Perry isn’t shying away from tonight’s presidential debate, it was a different story when he campaigned for re-election here in Texas. he didn’t debate his democratic rival Bill White, though he did participate in some primary debates.

Darlene Ewing, the chairwoman of the Dallas County Democratic Party says, “He didn’t do editorial boards. I don’t know if it’s fear or arrogance.”

Ewing says perry needs to be careful. “He has a tendency to shoot from the hip and say arrogant things, or make smirks, I don’t know that he can control it.”

Cathie Adams says every candidate can make a gaffe, and says Perry needs to remain upbeat.  “Stay with the positive message that people are looking for.”

All agree though that Perry’s debate performance could have an impact on his popularity in the polls.