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DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) – Steve Spurrier has plenty of quarterback issues at South Carolina, specifically with Stephen Garcia.  Garcia had his streak of 28 consecutive starts snapped Saturday night against East Carolina and is now trying to win back his starting job.

On Tuesday, the head ball coach spoke about Garcia’s attempt to once again prove himself on and off the field.

Steve Spurrier calls out Tony Romo (*audio from

Who is Steve Spurrier to call out ANYONE for makeup and appearance?  Since when did wearing a visor qualify you as a professional? I thought the old ball coach was going to start calling out bingo numbers after his shot at Romo.

I questioned Romo’s killer instinct after his daring hide and seek bachelor party, but there’s never been a reason to question his professionalism (talking to you golf haters).  It’s not like he’s sporting a Jake Plummer homeless beard from his Bronco days.  The dude wears a BACKWARDS HAT, be worried if he’s your accountant.  If you want to pile on the perception of #9, please remember the hats of Ken Griffey Jr, Ben Roethlisberger and the sloppy beards of Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck.

Steve Spurrier was a backup QB and punter in San Francisco.  He was a lazy, unprepared joke as the coach of the Redskins who jumped ship because he couldn’t stand his time away from the golf course.
Current NFL analyst Ross Tucker played for Spurrier in Washington.  His DC recollection doesn’t exactly shine a bright light on the visor:

“I’m actually shocked that he does decently well in college. He was by far the worst coach I ever had. Let me give you an example, his director of ops guy was the least detail-oriented dude I’ve ever met. Everyone in the NFL is like ok the bus is at 10, we’ll get there at 10:15!! The first game I was like ‘What time is the bus?’ he’s like, ehhhh, it’ll probably be around 9. I was like what are you talking about around 9? I’ve got to know. It was honestly crazy. I mean, that was not pro football. I don’t know what that was.”

“You know what’s crazy is I got cut by him midway through the year, and I got picked up on waivers the next day by the Cowboys. So I went into Redskins Park to get my bag and all my stuff, and he looks at me and he says Cowboys, huh? And I’m like yup. And he’s like,well, don’t be telling ‘em any of my secrets. I’m sitting there thinking number one dude, your secrets are pathetic, and number 2, as soon as I get there tomorrow, I’m actually going to tell them every single thing I can remember about your pathetic offense.”

Spurrier needs to keep his accent and golf clubs in South Carolina where he can get away with being eleven games over .500 during a six year span.  Most importantly, replace Tony Romo’s name with bingo numbers and the visor will finally be making sense.

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