Daycare Worker Accused Of Drugging Children

GRAYSON COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – A North Texas daycare owner is accused of doping kids’ milk in order to make them sleepy.

According to police, on several occasions Kimberly Lane, owner of the Luv-n-Learning Daycare in Van Alstyne, mixed over the counter antihistamines in a jug of milk and gave it to children in her care to make them fall asleep.

Van Alstyne Police Department Lieutenant Tim Barnes said daycare workers made their complaint to police on Tuesday.

“There was also a referral made to Child Protective Services (CPS) over the weekend,” he said. “We were able to obtain a search warrant and an arrest warrant from a district judge and we served that Wednesday morning, at the location, before the milk products were served.”

The children possibly drugged range in age from 20 months to four-years-old.

Barnes said while what Lane did may not have been malicious it was reckless. “I don’t believe her intent was to harm the children,” he said. “But giving kids medication and then their parents not knowing about it and then when they get home if something was to occur where they were having to give them other medication that may have a reaction… it could have been a bad situation.”
Lane faces 16 felony counts of endangerment to a child and is being held in the Grayson County Jail on $160,000 bond.

Luv-n-Learning Daycare was licensed through the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Daycare Division, which allowed the facility to care for toddler and pre-kindergarten age children.

Kimberly Lane faces a maximum of two years in jail and fines up to $10,000 for each count.

Van Alstyne is about 50 miles north of Dallas in Grayson County.


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  1. NiteNurse says:

    Oh dear…doesn’t the mugshot speak volumes? I really think you parents who must for various reasons leave your children at daycares with strangers are taking such huge risks with the one thing you should value the most in life. I really don’t know if I could do that, heck I get nervous with kennels so I don’t board my pets.

    1. Melissa in NorCal says:

      “with the one thing you SHOULD value the most in life?” SHOULD? Wow! What a judgy uppity b*tch thing to say. As if their children are not the thing they value the most in life. Some people cannot afford to feed or house their children if they don’t work. The parents surely believed that because the center was licensed, it was a good place. This may have been the first time it had questionable policies. Thankfully, the other employees told authorities.

    2. cindy says:

      Wow, some of you guys are being really hard the parents. They thought they were leaving their children in appropriately licensed daycare! Let’s stop blaming the parents who probably all ready feel bad enough and put the blame where it should go! Toss the b*tch who did in prison and leave her there as long as possible!

    3. There Are Good Preschools says:

      You are way off base with your comments. I am so sick of people saying ALL childcare is bad when some MORON like this comes around. The waste of oxygen in this article needs to prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But by NO means does this idiot represent the industry as a whole. I have been in the childcare/preschool industry for 41 years and take great pride in preparing children for there coming years in school and providing a SAFE, LOVING enviroment for the children in my care. There are PLENTY of great places to take your kids but yes it takes the parent to do the leg work to figure out which is the best for them. If you are not smart enough to realize there are bad apples in every industry then i think your gene pool needs a little chlorine.

    4. PowerPC says:

      You are not sure if you could leave your child with a daycare center but you know for sure you would not board your pets? Sounds like you are a little undecided with the one thing you should value most in life.

  2. 2sister says:

    If she really did this, she shouldn’t even be taking care of children. There is no excuse for doping children even if you want them to sleep. That’s so dangerous, illegal, wrong.

    1. krp says:

      HEy, years ago, some old lady at church, told my mother an old remedy to use catnip tea to get kids to sleep. That’s drugging them, isn’t it, even if it is an old wives’ talk. What would be the difference.

      This woman should have just put catnip tea in the milk rather than over the counter medication.

  3. C Bauer says:

    It is me or does she look like Maurice Gibb?

  4. ConcernedMom says:

    To NiteNurse – It is amazing how, in this day and time, and economy, you could make such a statement. I am not a single mother, both my husband I work, and as much as it pains us to have to put our baby in daycare, we do not have a choice. If I stay home and do not work, then our family suffers. You obviously do not have children. I agree, parents should really really really investigate a daycare before leaving their sweet babies, however, this daycare was opened last year, and had only one minor deliquincy when investigated by the state, 7 times. So many times, parents are blind sided and there’s no way they would know this crazy lady would do such things. I don’t know what this world is coming to, but, I know that we must pray for our children daily. Not putting your baby in daycare is not the answer here, nor is it up for discussion, for many. What is important is that the daycare is investigated and parents probably should ask other parents of the children that attend. Either way, obviously, in this case, none of the parents could have known this was going on. Thank God for the employee who had a heart.

    1. DDT says:

      Disregard. It’s a known fact on these comment boards that NiteNurse is a TOTAL MORON. A clown… a silly half-wit, if you will.

      1. Telly Feintless says:

        There is a minimum level of courtesy due anyone you are not actively trying to kill, in order to maintain your own dignity. A statement such as yours should be punctuated with a gunshot, and we’re not there yet.

      2. Osvaldo Humphries says:

        Shut the eff up, Telly! You are a PIG!

      3. Telly Feintless says:

        Oh really? What is it, exactly, that sparks my bovinity?

      4. Osvaldo Humphries says:

        What you say??????? STOP this NOW!!!!!!!!!!


      5. Telly Feintless says:

        Osvaldo, you are leaving pinto bean vomit trails on my monitor. I do not appreciate that. And the stench is quite unbearable.

      6. Osvaldo Humphries says:

        I have important things to do than to vomit on you!!!!!!! PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      7. Telly Feintless says:

        Marry me, Osvaldo, my precious fool!

      8. Osvaldo Humphries says:

        Do you make the money high?

      9. te says:

        I sure do, Osvaldo. Will you be off with me to Vermont? I know a wonderful place up in the hills that is ripe for a wedding.

      10. os says:

        Yes I accept loverboyeeeee! You’re about to make me the happiest man ever!!!!

      11. Tellvaldo Feintries says:

        We are one. 4 Eva!

        [We’re registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond.]

    2. Bradley Ward says:

      One of my favorite memories as a toddler was when my aunt would look after me during the day while my parents worked. It’s a shame that society has gotten to the point where stay-at-home parenting is often not an option and extended family often can’t help because of geographic separation. The times we live in, unfortunately. As a husband and father, it is a great motivator for me to earn enough to make it happen…if only it were as easy as that!

    3. Noneofyourbusiness says:

      There is no question that you are correct in stating that some parents get themselves into situations, through no fault of their own, where daycare is the only practical answer short of living on welfare. However, there are a great many American couples who make the choice of putting their child in daycare for no reason other than self-indulgence and lack of willingness to be bothered raising their children. I’ve seen many children dropped off at daycare by a “mommy” driving a $70K BMW; a woman who clearly has made the choice to put personal goals ahead of the best interest of the child. The fact is that dog kennels provide more protection against the transmission of disease and injury do to interaction with “others” than most daycare centers. What loving dog owner would drop off the puppy for even a few days in an environment where 20 other dogs interact, and hope to have a well-adjusted, well-behaved dog for long? No. Raise a dog in a pack environment and you will get a “pack dog.” If you want to get shocked back to reality, go to a courthouse where violent crimnals are being processed and ask each of them how much time they spent growing up in a daycare center.

      1. Angela Junkin says:

        This is absurd! I am a pre-k teacher, and I could easily work in the school district, however school districts are worse! I have seen how teachers threaten, verbally and mentally abuse children, and lets not forget all the sexual charges against hundreds of teachers who work in the school district. Reading this case, it appears that this woman should be in jail, no matter what her intentions were.

        With that said, Pre-schools are completely different than daycare’s. Keep in mind that preschool’s are far more expensive than daycares. For my Pre-k class it is $198.00 a week, not including extra money for different programs we offer. Many people have no choice but to put thier child in a daycare due to costs. Daycare’s usually are filthy, the children are there for long hours of time with no to little education. Pre-schools have lessons, activities, testing in most cases and a routine that is implemented every day. Depending on the preschool your child is in, they can benefit more from it than staying at home with mom or dad, and watching cartoon’s all day or reviewing flash cards 10 minutes a day. It really does anger me that people get daycares and preschool’s confused. Testing has shown that children who attend preschool have greater social skills, more advanced with vocabulary and problem solving, and usually make better grades in school. Perhaps people should do more research before blaming parents for this woman’s actions. In most cases as well, parents no days have no choice. I work in a wonderful and safe preschool and my son has benefited so very much. He is now in kindergarten and is right on track.

  5. coolhand says:

    I have two kids and opted to have my wife stay at home to raise my children. The whole family did not suffer. I suppose we could have had a cadillac instead of a chevy. Or a 400k house instead of a 300k house. That was really suffereing. All I got in return for my hard decision was two healthy, well behaved, and completely unabused children. Now the suffering is over with my youngest in school full time. Now we can live how we are supposed to. The horrible suffering is over.

    1. dudefromdixie says:

      Excellent post,, absolutely correct.

  6. bicyle says:

    It’s amazing how NiteNurse struck a nerve with non-parents. Don’t have a choice?~! Have you really looked through your finances? I would bet most parents dropping their kids off at day care would be better off financially not working and not paying daycare. Maybe if you practiced personal responsibility and actually planned to take care of your children you wouldn’t feel like you have no choice…

    1. Bradley Ward says:

      My wife and I face this same dilemma every Summer. It sometimes seems like, after childcare expenses, she is working for free…so she might as well stay at home and invest in the children (which is what she’d rather do anyway).

      The last two Summers she quit her job in May to stay home with the kids. Fortunately, she was able to find another job the following September (sometimes October) but that is a big risk. Even then, by that time we are so far behind in everything that it takes us intil April or May to get caught up…only to start the cycle over again! And I make a fairly decent income and we live pretty modestly. It makes me worry for those who can’t earn as much as I.

      We probably could live a little cheaper if we had bought a house in a less expensive neighborhood, but: 1) we’re stuck in it now with the housing market being what it is, and 2) we bought where we did specifically so that our kids could get the best schools instead of being stuck in an inner-city district.

      Thank God my oldest is now in High School and can help look after the other two…but even that is not ideal.

    2. Dave S says:


  7. Dave S says:

    I can’t stand that “we don’t have a choice,” mentality. Other than the death of a spouse, or escape from a very abusive mate, many many single moms are there (as single moms) out of very poor choices (as in premarital sex with an idiot) or were in a marriage that many times could have been preserved with more commitment. As for the gal who is married, and has a commited spouse, there is indeed a choice. Choose to not have cable television, choose to not have two cars, choose to not eat out, choose to forego high speed internet, choose to shop at the thrift store only, eat rice and beans, tear up the credit cards, cut your own hair, etc. Sacrifice, and be home with your babies. Ok, now go ahead and blast me as being insensitive and unrealistic. At least my children are at home, and safe from the abuses of psychos such as this milk-doping pig.

    1. Retired SOF guy says:

      Exactly right. My wife and I decided that when we started a family I would be the breadwinner, she would be home to care for them, and we’d live within our means. We may not have the fanciest things, and may not travel like our friends with no kids, but we made our choice. Oh, and we still have cable, we got her a new vehicle, and even go out on occasion…so those that say it can’t be done, I have to disagree.

      1. kristy says:

        Agreed 100%!! My hubby has worked two jobs just to make sure that I can stay home with our kids. We gave up all extras in life. We have lived off of the cheapest food when we had to. We are now able to do it with just one of his incomes. We don’t go on vacation, we rent since we can’t afford a house, we cook our own foods, we live simple. I homeschool my kids, so we are in for the long haul. My hubby and I do all of this for our kids and they are so happy! Why have kids, if you aren’t going to raise them yourself?? I can’t imagine giving someone my kids during most of their wake hours. I have a cousin that spent years trying to adopt a baby since she couldn’t have her own. 3 weeks after she was finally blessed with her precious bundle, she went back to work. Why?? Because they live a fancy life, and they can’t do without their fancy things.

    2. lindseyeliza says:

      My thoughts exactly!

  8. Dave S says:

    What’s with the cops, here? Not malicious? Oh, I see. Should we give the daycare worker the benefit of the doubt? I’m disgusted. This pig needs to do hard time; for a long time. How dare she dope up these children.

    1. Mel says:

      Maybe she did it because all the parents gave their kids half a can of Rock Star Energy Drink to wake up in the morning… Kids with Rock Star in them need a hobby such as High intensity Roller Derby or Roller hockey to unwind from that stuff… SO, you never know… he he he! I go out to the roller rink and see very young chilren sucking these drinks down, and they are mostly bizurk!

  9. Alex Storm says:

    well that was, clever. A BAD IDEA but clever, how do you get kids to drink milk that hand that stuff in it ? It would taste really bad. -Please dont answer that question. I don’t need to get on Chris Hansen’s watch list.

  10. Mel Shapiro says:

    MUCH more of this will be the unintended consequence of forcing parents to treat babysitters as regular official employees – Social Security contributions, FICA, the whole shootin’ match. The use of day care centers, rather than babysitters, is going to explode. These centers will become like pet kennels: you take your kids there, the caretakers will drug them, put them in a “cage,” and then head back to the couch and the TV, while you and your wife enjoy a night-out! All the result of the big government nanny state at work…. making life better for you!

    1. digitus says:

      SEIU will be there to do the job. Brownshirts bringing up baby.

  11. U don't kno me says:

    I’m glad so many people here don’t have things like student loans or medical bills or major problems with their houses, etc…. I literally can’t stay at home right now… It’s either spend 24% of my income of daycare or lose the other 76% of my income to stay home… income that pays for our student loans, medical bills, insurance, food, etc., because we weren’t fortunate to have parents to pay for our schooling. It’s not as easy as saying “forgo on cable, internet, extra cars, credit cards, etc.”

    So good for you all to be so perfect and be able to have your wife be the perfect little wife that stays home and takes care of the kids and the house for you… give me a break.

    As far as this chick is concerned… What would possess her to do such a thing? She signed up for this job, she should have known that it would entail kids that don’t want to take a nap… :-/

    1. Sue says:

      Right on!

  12. glenp says:

    why do you have to have a surrogate mother ? if you can’t afford kids DON’T HAVE EM!!!!

  13. AAtina Strack says:

    WOW!!! there are some PATHETIC cold hearted heartless people who comment on here….You know there ARE other reasons why mothers become single mothers idiots!! For instance like my situation, my husband died when our daughter was 2 and our son was 4. So before you go ranting off at the mouth you should use your empty thoughtless heads for a second. Get off you high horse and stop worring so much about judging everyone else and take a good look at yourself….Otherwise….Go to hell~!

    1. Dave S says:

      Read the posts. Loss of a spouse was commented on as being a totally legit reason for being a single mom. As for the “go to hell” comment? Wow, now THAT is mean.

  14. Murph says:

    There are reasons beyond the mother’s control that she has become a single parent — her husband’s death, or as in my case, after 17 years of marriage, my husband decided to leave me and our 5 year old child so that he could move in with his secretary who was 20 years younger than he. There was no reasoning, begging, nor bargaining that would change his mind and he refused marriage counseling. I had no choice and I was forced to become a “single parent”. It was a very difficult time and I thank God that both my child and I successfully survived. But those persons making their broad-brush comments should really take a moment to think about the other possible legitimate scenarios. that result in creating a “single parent”.

    1. Dave S says:

      See above.

  15. Hank Warren says:

    Endless taxes forcing both parents to work (to pay useless gov’t workers), yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  16. Cis says:

    stop generalizing – single parents may be foster parents tyring to do the right thing by adopting (in 2000 33% of adoptions from foster care were by single parents, clearly 2parent households are not stepping up to the plate), a grandma adopting her orphaned grandchildren, or a dad whose wife has died of breast cancer. to berate these types of single parents for doing the right thing the best way they know how is ignorant and shallow.

    1. Dave S says:

      In context most of these “ignorant and shallow” people are merely suggesting that there is, often, an alternative to daycare if one wants to explore the options.

      That being said: a foster parent may, indeed, need to use daycare, but even then, an exploration of lifestyle (and a simpler lifestyle, chosen) may free up some extra time to be with the child. Example: a part time job as opposed to full, or even overtime schedules.

      Honestly, many many people are simply unwilling to forego a lot of life’s “necessities,” such as an unlimited cell plan with iphone and web access, etc. It’s TRUE.

    2. Dave Hilling says:

      The best thing for my children is that my wife and I both work. My wife is a professional women as am I a professional and we work to give our kids even better lives than our own childhoods. We are working so that when they go to college they have money saved as our parents did not. We didn’t choose to do it lightly but we knew it would actually be better for our children in the long term to give them more opportunities with both of us pulling good salaries than trying to live and save on just my salary. Our daycare for the most part has been excellent though admittedly expensive but less than half of either of our monthly pay. They have certified teachers who work there, teach them sign language, and have a full preschool program. I felt stupid when I was ignoring some of my daughters hand motions before she could even say full words to only find out it was sign language and she was asking for things. I could not have taught her that and I love the fact she knows sign language for many words and some Spanish. Daycare can be yet another way for children to learn things even beyond what the parents can if you choose carefully.

  17. Jon24 says:

    No different than the schools and teachers labeling our children with ADD & ADHD so they can drug them into not being creative thinkers and normal children. The teachers nowadays seem weak and just want a class full of zombies!

  18. Justan American says:

    Many stupid people on here that probably have never been parents.

    I use to put a pediatric over the counter cold formula in my daughters bottle all the time because it would make her fall asleep.

    Never more than the recommended dosage and usually less.

    Try working a full day and then watch two 6 year old twins and a toddler while your wife works eight hours a night to just have enough money to live decently.

    She is now a very normal 24 year old with a good paying job and a bright future.

    No malice intent, just a loving Dad needing a break.

    Heck of a lot easier watching a sleeping toddler, than one intent on investigating every drawer and closest in the house and inventorying everything inside.

    1. Dave S says:

      A toddler’s job is to, indeed, investigating EVERYTHING in the house. Loss of sleep for the parent is just par for the course.

      1. Mel says:

        If the kids are sleeping during the day, they are keeping parents up at night. But really, she could have just made up an organic equivalent of sleepy time tea and added an organic lemon tea time for the children just before nap time with parents permission and charged extra for it… 🙂 Unpaid regular kids just don’t get the lemon… he he he! She could have given them kids a little Rock Star energy drink just before they go home to give parents a taste of what their kids are really like during the day. I used to run a daycare center with infants all under 3 when my daughter was young. (terrible 2s) We just burned them kids out by heavy duty play time and rich healthy tasty food menus for lunch and snacks known to tucker kids out!. Sleepy time tea wasn’t something I was aware of.. 🙂

  19. Jack Davis says:

    Don’t she know you can only drug your own kids?

  20. Tom Bright says:


    Some children may have been four years old. Note that I use NO hyphens, and the world did not end.

    Extraneous hyphens all over the Web prove that today’s English teachers have failed their tiny charges.

    1. Bradley Ward says:

      CORRECT: “Some children may have been four years old”
      ALSO CORRECT: “Some four-year-olds may have been children”
      INCORRECT: “Some four year olds may have been children”

      Parse the incorrect sentence and you will see why. Use hypens where appropriate, but know why it is appropriate. It is just as bad to fail to use hyphens where they are appropriate.

      Incorrect grammar and spelling all over the web-based news sites prove that today’s Journalism teachers have failed their PAYING charges.

      1. Dave S says:

        Gosh, Brad. Thanks so much for the lesson.

  21. Jessie says:

    Whew – what a horrible sampling of humanity on display here! Whenever you approach something with the idea that “all people should do the following action”, you should double- and triple-check your thought process, and probably delete or heavily edit that comment.

    But I’ll add to to saner voices, not only is day care not always an option a family can avoid, or reasonably avoid – sometimes it’s preferable. My son is three, and he’s been in day care since he was six weeks old. It’s expensive, but it’s still only 1/3 of my wife’s salary – if she quit her job, not having to pay for day care would not come close to making things even out.

    I really wanted to say, thought, that day care is something that some people would choose even if there was a reasonable option. The employees are only “strangers” at the beginning, if you don’t get to know them – I’ve known my son’s teachers (and that is what they are) for years now – I talk to them five days a week, and many of them have kid in his day care as well. Between the learning that’s taken place for him, and the social skills that are harder to come by with kids raised to school age by their parents, my son has benefitted immensely. I wouldn’t have thought so when we first put him in day care, but even if money weren’t an issue for us, I’d still take him there. And by the time he’s ready for Kindergarten, he’s going to kick butt.

    1. Dave S says:

      Socialization? Or . . .institutionalization. That old argument is so lame. Children raised at home get socialized every time that they go shopping with Mom or Dad, or spend time in Sunday School, or talk to the neighbor, over the fence, etc.

      1. Dave Hilling says:

        Yes letting your kids out of the house once a week to go “shopping” is exactly the same as playing with 5 other kids the same age everyday. My kids 3 of them get very mad if they dont get out of the house and ask to go to “school” to play. I couldnt bear taking that from them. I dont understand why parent act like the only way is at home. My kids learn a ton at daycare and at home. They love playing with their little friends.

    2. kristy says:

      I personally would rather my kids be socialized by people that love them and not some kids with behavior issues and some teachers that may or may not have any values and morlals. Putting daycare kids in charge of socializing each other, is exactly why our youth is a mess anymore. Kids have parents that aren’t really involved and no real guidance in the home. Parents need to be in charge again! Infants and small children need love and they don’t get that from daycares, this puts them at risk for bonding problems. I can’t imagine giving my baby to strangers to care for, they wouldn’t love him like I do. They wouldn’t put my baby first, he would just be a number and would have to wait in line to have have his needs met!

  22. Mike Alright says:

    I am sure the poor woman was discriminated against somehow, as most US women are victims of something. Leave the poor, weak, defenseless woman alone!

  23. Alice Negron says:

    Is a no win situation, If we put our kids in day care we are considered bad parents. If we choose not to work then we are looking for a free ride. I’m a single parent and not by choice.. My oldest is 18 and in college, my youngest is 9, I worked full time and provided a stable loving home for both of my daughter’s , They were both in day care since 4 weeks old, not by choice but by necessities, and guess what, both girls are bright, strong, independent individuals… My oldest graduated first in her class. My youngest full of life. So people stop judging, sometimes being a single parent household is healthier then a two parent household…

    1. Sue says:

      It is no ones right to cast judgement on others’ choices. If everyone would just mind their own damn business and quit worrying about what other people are doing the world would be a much better place.

  24. Sue says:

    What a bunch of self righteous people! Just because YOU can do it or want to do it does NOT mean it is the right thing for everyone!
    It is none of your business what someone wants to do with their lives. Childcare or stay at home….it is up to the parent, not you = the peanut gallery.

    Blame the woman who apparently isn’t too smart to give the kids benadryl to make them sleepy…not the parents who did nothing other than what millions of other parents do everyday- leave their children at daycare.

    Get over yourselves. We are never, ever going to go back to the times of ‘woman should stay at home’ no matter how much you think you desire it.

    You all sound like a bunch of whining ‘ I’m better than you’ morons.

  25. Roger the Herbalist says:

    I drug my kids, not by choice, but by necessity. Many of their teachers are lazy and do not want to control their kids, so they demand that all their parents give their kids stimulants to calm them down. I mix my own in the kitchen sink, as the ritalin is too expensive. Sometimes, i have to go to the bad parts of town and buy what is readily available, but i always cut it down because of their smaller size. I think that those guys called it ‘housies?’ or ‘roofless?’… either way, the kids are very compliant on 1/4 of a pill in their OJ…

  26. Carey says:

    When my taxes go towards people being in homes that they can not afford, paying for preschool, paying for food stamps that have no accountability, and I choose to drive a car with 200,000+ miles, I choose to go with out cable, I chose to go through community college and then a four year university…Sure, I will keep my 1st amendment right, and speak about Choices as a GENERALITY! Sure, there are outliers in a process, but there is a norm. There is a choice. Step Up America. Stop being entitled. Stop taking my money. I donate to causes where there is accountability. I help my neighbors by choice. I help strangers by choice. I travel to other countries and help the poor of the poor get water. I do not want to be told by the Gov’t who to help. When people say ” Stop being judgmental”, I say “stop making policies that take my money for people’s bad choices. I can express my views because I live in America where there should be a healthy loving debate. A fool is wise in their in own mind, a wise man seeks counsel. If your mind can not take the time to articulate your position, then that shows your laziness. Oh, and those people that say their kid will be ahead of the curve by kinder….I say look at the research. Kids that do not go to preschool are caught up by 3rd Grade. My opinion: One of the most important traits to build into a child at this young age is integrity/character. It is the foundation for the rest of their lives. Lastly, I would be more willing to cleave my tongue if there was not an agenda to tax me more to pay for daycare for others. Two household parents send your kids to daycare, but, lets limit the “I do not have a choice speech.”..done venting…maybe not…and those that are going to call me a troll and that grammar is terrible….really? I have three girls that do not go to daycare. I work with people that send their kids to daycare. I see their situation. Some really have legitimate reasons. But those that live in $200k+ houses in Texas…please…it is a choice. There is a give and take. Other people that say ” I want to provide a college education”…how about you let them work during the summer times babysitting, mowing lawns, etc. Go to college two semesters a year and they work during the summer…people do that. Get their heads out of the video games that you buy them to compensate for not being around and to keep them busy while you unwind because both of you all work and have to share managing the household…teach them the value of money. Ouch…sends pretty judgmental/accusatory. Well, that is because I am a troll that is tired of victim mentality people with excuses. I apologize sincerely for those innocent people that have true legitimate reasons and are offended by my comments. If I were you, I would be telling these people that have a choice to stop diluting your reasons with their victim mentality.

  27. MikeInWtby says:

    This woman should go to prison for a very long time. Doping up children to keep them docile is domain of the medical/pharmaceutical/education establishments. Leave this stuff to the professionals…

  28. Morris Dey says:

    Barnes comes off as flippant, “not malicious”, “reckless”…. Well how about Criminal?

    Lane does not know these children’s medical histories or alergies and could’ve easily killed a child with such behavior, call ir “reckless endangerment!”

  29. Arlee says:

    Wow! NiteNurse is really getting attacked, and her basic point is getting missed on purpose. When my husband and I decided to have children, we made certain I could stay at home with them. That meant some lifestyle changes. We only had one car for period of time, I cooked everything from scratch, had a garden and canned, mended clothes and shopped at Wal-mart to do it. Ordering out pizza was a treat and I took my kids to the park to have picnics, fishing, hiking, and the library for fun. I know many couples who have done this! Sometimes I think people are afraid to give up one of their incomes and depend on one! Believe me, I know it is scary. But soooo worth it! I think quite a few people want to have kids, but don’t really make certain they are ready to make the sacrfices necessary to take care of them. And I am sick of the unplanned pregnancy excuse. Everyone knows how you get pregnant…it is not a mystery. I am also sick of all unmarried women who have children and then look to everyone else to help take care of the kids. I understand things can happen beyond your control..a death, loss of a stable job, a divorce you didn’t want or expect,..etc. that make it necessary for both parents to work. But necessary means to put food on the table, a roof over heads, and clothes (not designer) on backs. But I see a lot of people who like newer model vehicles and large homes stick their kid in daycare in order to maintain a lifestyle! meanwhile someone else is raising their children.

  30. Ken says:

    Texas Justice Dilemma – Stifling over regulation of small business or the next death row candidate accused of doping small children?

  31. Heidi says:

    It is someone’s choice whether they put their child in daycare or stay home. The problem is, so many people think that they have to work. But, by the time you have to pay for all the extra expenses that come with the wife working- daycare, formula, that 2nd vehicle, gas & insurance for that 2nd vehicle, etc., you typically are not bringing much home to help out anyway. Unless you have a super, high paying job.

  32. jo jo says:

    just 2 year thats a laugh its not that they gave dug to kids, they should give them life in prison for what they did, so people out there can learn not to mess with kids that way, god help all children,

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