By Andrea Lucia
lear coroporation 73275779 Jobs At Arlington Plant May Be Headed To Mexico

The Lear Corporation logo is pictured on its World Headquarters building. (credit: Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Workers at an Arlington plant are worried many of their jobs will be sent to Mexico.

While Governor Perry was boasting about Texas job creation during Wednesday night’s Republican debate, workers at a plant that supplies seats to Arlington General Motors are worried many of their jobs are heading south of the border.

“With Governor Perry speaking last night about how he’s creating jobs and everything they didn’t know that his was really going on down here,” UAW Local 129 Union President Warren Hawkins said of the potential crisis.

Nearly 80 jobs at the Lear Corporation plant may be heading to Mexico.

According to Hawkins, the plant currently employs some 532 people. “I think they’re trying to get it down, I’m for sure of the number, but I think they’re trying to get it below 500,” he said.

The loss of jobs could also jeopardize tax breaks given to the Lear Corporation, by the City of Arlington, in exchange for job creation.

For now, Local 129 is biding its time. “Basically UAW is just kinda sitting back waiting to see what’s gonna happen here,” Hawkins said.

The union has enlisted the support of State Representative Bill Zedler to plead their case about the jobs to fellow Republican Rick Perry.