Arlington City Council Passes Texting & Driving Ban

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – The Arlington City Council passed a law on Tuesday night that will make it illegal to text or tweet while driving. The law is expected to be in place before the Thanksgiving holiday in November.

The law was adopted on a 5-4 vote.

This is one of the strictest distracted driving laws in the state, making it illegal to use a cell phone in the car for almost anything but making a phone call. Anyone who is caught using their phone to text, tweet, email or browse the internet could get a $200 fine.

It is legal to talk on the phone and scroll through a contacts list to find a phone number.

In addition to phones, the ban also includes music players and other handheld electronic devices.

Arlington Police Department spokeswoman Tiara Richard said that police officers would immediately begin educating residents about the new ordinance. The city will also put up signs around Arlington to make drivers aware of the new law before ticketing begins.

Two other Texas cities – Austin and San Antonio – already have texting while driving bans in place.


One Comment

  1. Dedra Steele says:

    Hang up and DRIVE!

  2. Bryan says:

    It,s about time!

  3. Justproduce says:

    UH, I use the GPS on my iphone a lot in Dallas. In fact, I use it everywhere I go for directions.

    1. Grahawk says:

      UH, Justproduce, pull over and stop to check those directions you need so much. Driving with your eyes off the road is as bad as driving drunk, if not worse.

      1. DDT says:

        Some GPS apps speak, genius, so you don’t have to look at the screen if you don’t want to. Besides, what’s the difference between using an iPhone for GPS and using a TomTom or Garmin? Nothing. You’ve got the potential to take your eyes off the road in either case, yet the latter is not banned.

      2. MSC says:

        I totally agree!

  4. Horndog says:


    UH, I use the GPS on my iphone a lot in Dallas. In fact, I use it everywhere I go for directions

    Hey Produce,
    It isn’t hard to get around in Dallas! I’ve only lived here for three years and I can go just about anywhere without a GPS. Get it figured out boss.

    1. markntejas says:

      you can use your phone as a GPS so long as you dont look at it …lol

    2. 2sister says:

      Juat because you have that talent, it doesn’t mean everyone does. Some people can’t figure out directions that easily and need something like a GPS. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think you should take your eyes off the road, but I see nothing wrong with listening to something or someone tell you to take the next turn. I only wish I had a GPS, but they are expensive.

  5. NiteNurse says:

    Thank you Arlington for at least caring about public safety. I hope this helps prevent some car accidents caused by cellphone addicts.

    1. MSC says:

      Hopefully this will spread statewide. I personally care about my life! Not sure why so many other people don’t!

  6. Silvia says:

    What a terribly oppresive regime in Arlington. We should be free to do whatever we want while driving. I text, put on makeup, eat, and drink while driving and no one can stop me.

    1. obozo the clown says:

      You should be spanked with a wet noodle.

    2. MSC says:

      So are you going to be bothered at all when you hit someone while texting, etc and that person dies?

    3. MSC says:

      Just curious, why don’t you care about your life or the life of others? Is it really that important that you just HAVE to text in your car? Did you forget how to pick up the phone and call someone??

  7. Joey Manto says:

    lol,silly laws are for honest folk. Do you really think some stupid law is gonna stop anyone from texting? Seriously.

    1. MSC says:

      IF you don’t want to stop texting while driving then don’t. Just remember this when you hit someone and you are held responsible because your phone records were checked and fine you or put you in jail if you end up killing someone. So sad you are so attached to your phone you can’t put it away…apparantly EVER! 😦 Poor you.

  8. discoball says:

    Is there a law against going to the bathroom while driving. Sometimes you just gotta go. Just checking…

  9. Rs34 says:

    Music not allowed in headphones? how can somebody make a difference if you are having a headphone to talk on the phone vs listening to music? How can they even enforce this?

    1. MSC says:

      What’s wrong with your radio in your car? If you have headphone in and you are jamming out to music, how can you hear anything around you?

  10. Greg says:

    What this law is really for is to get you prepared for the next thing down the road which is when your phone or GPS notifies the local law enforcement and then they will not only send you a ticket they will deduct the fine out of your bank account………
    just wait it is coming

  11. markntejas says:

    If your phone has the ability to text you can & will be pulled over just for looking to see who called, what the time was, even if you glance to see who sent the spam text message leaving the burden of proof on the person @ the mercy of a judge that may not understand timestamps or how to check their own email.
    i think the sanctimonious comments will be tendered once either they or someone they care about received a citation.

  12. And Justass for All says:

    You would be amazed, well, maybe not at the people who are holding phones to their ear while driving. Why not simplify the law and state you can only use your phone if you use hands free devices. Much simpler to enforce then because if anyone is holding a phone you would be breaking the law. Of course, if the driver touches a lane strip or curb 3 times, I call my 9-1-1 operators and inform them of an impaired driver. Then I let the brave men and women in blue take over.

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