Hospital Release For Toddler Who Allegedly Had Hands Glued To Wall

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – It looks like a severely beaten two-year old Dallas child could soon be released from the hospital.

When Joselyn Cedillo was first admitted to Children’s Medical Center a week ago she was in critical condition and there were doubts she would pull through.

Now officials with Texas Child Protective Services (CPS) confirm the toddler has recovered enough that she may be released as soon as Wednesday afternoon.

The little girl’s mother, Elizabeth Escalona, is accused of gluing her daughter’s hands to a wall, kicking her in the stomach and beating her. The child’s grandmother found her unresponsive, and took her to the hospital.

Escalona, 22, remains in jail on $500,000 bond, facing felony charges of injury to a child.

A hearing was held Wednesday morning to decide what will happen to the injured toddler and Escalona’s other three children.

“The judge decided that the two-year-old girl and her three siblings will remain in foster care for now,” explained Marissa Gonzales, with CPS.

There are two different fathers among the four children and both have made custody inquiries. “We will be doing home studies on each of the fathers, so that the judge can take a look at them and decide whether of not the children might be able to be placed with them sometime in the future,” Gonzales said.

Background checks are also being performed on the men.

CPS officials said they were not aware of any other reports of abuse involving the children.


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  1. 2sister says:

    I’m thankful she survived. If the mother really did what she is accused of doing, she needs to serve life in prison. I just don’t understand how someone could do something like this to a little kid.

  2. fredpat says:

    So sad the non-custodial fathers are once again judicially relegated to persona-non-grata status because the custodial mothers are nut-cases. At least a home study is ordered. More hurdles for the fathers to jump through.
    However, the judge can decide to ignore the study after it is completed, and keep the girls with foster care until the mother has completed criminal aspects of this case. Then award custody to her again “in the best interest of the child” (BIOC).
    BIOC translates to: if the judge doesnt like the father he will not be awarded custody; and regardless, the judge doesnt need a reason. And with all of the economic problems, these BIOC judges are compensated over $105K per year, taxpayer money.
    I can guarantee those kids will be nutcases themselves before the judge is finished.

    1. 2sister says:

      Sometimes it turns out that neither parent should have the kid. I hope, if the mother is found guilty, they terminate her rights. I think the children should be given to someone who will take care of them and love them. It that is the fathers. Then that’s who it should be. It is sad, however, that the kids will probably have to be separated.

  3. CASA says:

    I hope that child pushes herself to rise above her past abuse, seize opportunities in life and destroy the destructive templates that have thus far been established in her life. Maybe one day she will visit her “mother” in prison and say, “Despite your being worthless and despite what you did to me, I am a productive member of society, with normalcy and serenity. This wonderful life I have, a life that you are not allowed to be a part of, EVER, is because of me, not you.”

  4. chanel says:

    the mother of this child needs to have the same punishment, hand stuck to the wall and beat senseless.

  5. Patriotic Girl says:

    Can we glue baby mama’s hands to the wall of her prison cell?

  6. NiteNurse says:

    While I’m happy the child is away from this mommy dearest she now gets to deal with foster families who sometimes can be equally as horrible. I hope the kid and her siblings get a break and find a family that can give them a loving happy life. Moral to the story raising kids is the SINGLE MOST important job you can do in the world. Please don’t consider raising a kid unless you can dedicate yourself to doing the best job you can.

  7. mar says:

    I lost nights of sleep thinking about how much that toddler suffered in the hands of a mom that should of cared and protected her. I would give my life for my children before any harm ever came to them. They should put her in jail for life and never see her kids again. She is a monsterand should be treated as such. The time has come for the law to be a lot more harsher with people that abuse children.

  8. Misty says:

    With all of the people who want children more than anything and are unable to have them, then wastes of space like this have them and treat them like that… this woman should have the same things inflicted on her as this poor child had inflicted on her… and the child should be permenantly placed in a home away from the mother with parents who can show her all the love and affection she so desperately deserves…especially after having to be exposed to a horrible waste like the mother is. I am sorry but in my opinion the mother should fry

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