Perry Again Calls Obama Administration “Socialist”

It’s no secret that the Republican presidential frontrunner, Governor Rick Perry, is not a fan of the Obama administration.  Or that he’s unafraid to say things like “Social Security is a Ponzi scheme.”

And he doesn’t apologize for either comment.

Perry, as most Texans know, says what he thinks.  In a new interview with TIME Magazine, the governor talks about immigration, education, Social Security, the Tea Party–and yes, calls the Obama administration socialist.

Here’s an excerpt:

I still believe they are socialist. Their policies prove that almost daily. Look, when all the answers emanate from Washington D.C., one size fits all, whether it’s education policy or whether it’s healthcare policy, that is, on its face, socialism.

Read more of the interview here.

  • nlalumia

    maybe the cowboy hat way too tight !

    • You're A Dunce

      Maybe you need to learn English.

  • Spicorama

    It’s nice to see someone in politics again with some brass ones. Agree or disagree with him, he has some cajones grandes, that’s for sure.

  • nonya

    So? This administration is socialist and nearing communist.

    • Mao Stalin

      Quiet comrade! They may see your comment!

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  • Still Skeptical

    Would it be equally newsworthy if President Obama called Governor Perry a capitalist? I’m not a huge Perry fan, but he understands what these words mean and applies them correctly. He gets points in my book for that.

    • BK

      So,,,you’re also against mandates from D.C.Well then,,,could please explain to me why you, Perry, the G.O.P., the Tea Party, etc. want to lay all of your problems at the White House steps, ie jobs??? When did it become the governments duty to guarantee you a job,,, isn’t THAT the definition of socialism?!?!?

      • C Bauer

        Who ever said the government should guarantee a job? Jobs are created through the free market. The free market cannot function at optimal levels when the government imposes stifling regulations. That’s what us whack jobs in The TEA Party are taking issue with. Even without regulations, there will always be unemployment. 4 – 5% is normal and acceptable. 9.1% IS NOT.

    • C Bauer


  • Bok Tuklo

    Darn, I missed the proletariat uprising.

  • n simpson

    Perry is a buffoon and a panderer.. He clearly doesn’t know what socialism is.

    Surely the Republicans have more sense than to nominate this Bush-on-Steroids. (Or do they?)

    • C Bauer

      You’re right. The GOP has no common sense, as well as the dems. We nominated that RINO McCain and that bimbo Palin last time. We might as well have admitted to “taking a dive” for that election. People with real business sense and common sense like Herman Cain have no chance, yet we continue to fall for these sleazy career politicians (Perry, et. Al) and half wits (Carter, Bush, Obama, et Al.) almost every single time.

    • Steve

      If only we were that luck.
      The comments above prove that more and more are falling for the snake oil salesman…
      I really like how above still skeptical claims Perry “but he understands what these words mean and applies them correctly”…how so? Because he uses them in the same way that the tea party does; thrown around to monger fear? Yeah, that reeks of comprehension.

      • Steve

        Llooks like my Y didn’t take, luck should be lucky…

  • Dave Brown

    God forbid he gets elected then we can call his admin a ” Facist Caste system” govt

  • BK

    It’s absolutely hilarious that Rick Perry would bring up education policy in ANY context!!! Texas is ranked 43rd in educational performance, state funding for education has been cut by HALF, higher education costs have DOUBLED, whenever there is a budget shortfall education is top-of-the-list to be cut!!! WHAT AN IDIOT!!! But what do you expect from a self-professed “D” student?. BOOK LEARNIN DON’T MAKE HIM NO NEVER MIND!!!!

  • j

    Corrupt DEA where stealing drugs from evidence vaults and reselling them to cover extensive credit card debt.

    They also are creating suspects by planting evidence just so that they can steal from them.

    Given the choice of suspension or dealing with their debt most DEA are thinking outside the box.

  • y

    The Intelligence agencies CIA, DIA and NSA are using corrupt DEA employees as their proxy force.They where also using the threat of rendition to extort money.

    In the San Francisco Bay Area corrupt DEA where skimming evidence and giving it to gang members to resell. They would get a cut of the sales proceeds.

    They where also providing cover for a large prostitution ring centered in San Francisco that was involved in human trafficking.

  • NiteNurse

    Many services in our country are SOCIALIST systems. Libraries, fire and police, mail, and public schools. These are systems paid by everyone and serves everyone. So don’t get too nervous about socialism in our country because it has existed and thrived for generations here. Calm down about all this socialist and communist talk or you’ll bring back McCarthism.

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