9-Year-Old Meets The Men Who Saved Him From Pit Bull Attack

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Saturday afternoon, three North Texans couldn’t wait to give Shannon Craig, 9, a big hug. The last time they saw the boy was when two pit bulls were mauling his body on Tuesday afternoon.

As they each hugged Craig they said they were relieved he’s alive.

“Thank you for getting the dogs away from me,” Craig told the men. “Thank you!”

The three city of Dallas Sanitation workers were at the end of their shifts in an Oak Cliff neighborhood at the corner of Fordham and Summit Ridge in Dallas when they realized what was happening.

“As we were pulling up we seen some dogs drag him across the street,” said Larry Jones “Thought it was some bags or something.”

Douglas Rochelle couldn’t believe it, “He looked like he was dead,” he said.

“All the fight was gone from him.”

The men fought off the pit bulls using their pitchforks.

“I got one dog off and Larry got the other,” said Steve Thurman. “It was tough getting those dogs off the little boy.”

They eventually drove the dogs away and carried Craig to their truck.

“It still hurts,” Craig said, pointing to bite marks, cuts and bruises all over his body.

He admits he was taunting the dogs behind a fence a few blocks from his house.

“You can’t go start messing with the dogs,” Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway told the boy Saturday. “You mean to people, even with dogs, one day they will be mean to you.”

Caraway wanted to talk to Craig himself and personally thank the men who saved his life.

Craig will now always have the scars to remind him of what happened and just how lucky he was that the three men were there.

“I want someone to do it if it was one of my children or even if it was myself I would want someone to help me,” says Thurman “It’s a blessing to see him doing well.”

The dogs were caught and impounded.

Rabies testing has also been done on them and Craig’s family is waiting on the results.

The owner of the pit bulls told the city he was devastated, but willing to do whatever he needs to make sure another attack doesn’t happen again.


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  1. KCF says:

    The article makes it sound as if the dogs are still alive after being impounded, and reports the owner saying he will “do whatever he needs to make sure another attack doesn’t happen again”. Unless there has been a recent change in rabies testing, those dogs would have to be euthanized prior to testing.

    That aside, thank goodness the little boy survived the attack. That’s a hard way to learn a lesson about safety around other people’s pets.

  2. steve says:

    Is it the dogs fault?
    the yong fellow said he was taunting them. I am not standing up for the dogs ,but dam, kids teasin dogs mos specially pits its a sad state of affairs. i hope the little guy gets over this and learned a lesson

  3. Jon says:

    Sad day for the boy and for Pit bulls. Dogs don’t attack for no reason. Whose fault is it really? No one will ever know. I think the media needs to find something else to cover besides “Pit Bull” attacks.

    1. 2sister says:

      This boy was doing something that he shouldn’t have been, but that doesn’t mean everyone who is attacked by a dog or dogs is doing something that they shouldn’t have been doing. Sometimes animals ( i. e. dogs, etc) misjudge something as a threat. When I was a kid, an elderly woman was attack by some pit bulls, and all she was doing was walking to the store. Dogs don’t have the capability of understanding territorial boundaries, and they sometimes think you are invading their territory when you are not. Again, however, I realize that this kid was teasing them, I’m glad he survived and hope he learned why you don’t do that.

  4. Dog Lover says:

    Dogs aren’t euthanized to check for rabies. They are isolated for a few days to check for signs of the disease.

    1. DVM says:

      Wrong. They are euthanized because the sample taken to determine rabies or not is taken from the brain.

  5. ER DR says:

    That’s correct. Treatment for rabies exposure needs to happen immediately after suspected exposure. To wait a few days to see if the animal shows signs of rabies is to pretty much ensure the death of the human patient, should the animal be a host to the pathogen. Immediate euthanasia and extraction of the animal’s brain to be sent for testing is what is performed.

  6. Kel Woods says:

    Pretty amazing story indeed. Wow.



    I have not read ONE comment praising these men for saving this kid’s life! So I will thank them! THANK YOU to the CITY WORKERS for saving this child’s life and risking your own! YOU PEOPLE POSTING ARE A BUNCH OF SORRY SAPS! If this article was about the city workers getting a 0.00000000000000001% pay raise there would be 500 comments bashing them! THey do a great heroic deed and yall just complain about the stupid damn dogs! I can tell you one thing for sure!! The people posting,dog lovers,etc would run like scared cats if they saw what these men faced and handled! Now that’s a fact!…PATHETIC!

    1. Jim Self says:

      Well said.

    2. Heartdog says:

      Um, no I wouldn’t, and I’m in a wheelchair! I can plainly see from the video that these are about SIX MONTH OLD PUPPIES!! They didn’t save his life, they stopped him from getting more SCRATCHES! He didn’t even have a puncture mark! Good for them, yes, for stopping an unfortunate incident- a direct result of the stupidity of the kid. This is not a “mauling” by any stretch. These workers made it sound like it was super hard to get these dogs off the kid they were going to “eat”. Puppies. Yeah.

  8. NiteNurse says:

    A healthy animal will be confined and observed daily for 10 days. If it shows any signs of rabies it will be euthanized. They aren’t automatically euthanized if they are healthy.
    Thank you to those lovely sanitation workers who rarely get recognized for their hard work. They are heroes to this idiot child who should have known better.

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