Superhero movies are among the most popular and best-selling events in the cinema year after year. There is something so appealing about imagining yourself having superhuman powers like they do and their ability to bend the restrictions that bind all of us normal people on earth.   Sadly, when you leave the dark of the theater for the light of day, you realize you are still confined by the laws of gravity and physics.   Zero Gravity,, knows this sinking feeling all too well and decided to do something about it.  Zero Gravity is a place for mere mortals to take flight, swing for the stars and drop sixteen stories without fear of death.

Zero Gravity Thrill Park
11131 Malibu Drive,
Dallas, TX 75229
Hours: Weekdays, Noon- 11 p.m. Weekends – Noon- Midnight
Price: $32.99 per ride- $77.95 for all five rides

Located off of Walnut Hill and I-35 in Dallas, Zero Gravity is an adrenaline junky’s dream with five extreme rides.  Let’s just say right away, this is a family fun day for older family members and those of you who are brave.  Most of these experiences have strict age, height and weight requirements.

Bungee Jump

The classic bungee allows thrill-seekers to launch themselves into a free fall from seven stories above the Metroplex tethered to a bungee cord. Riders must be 10 years old and weigh at least 80 pounds.

Texas Blastoff

jessica simpson and tony romo 300x225 Family Guide To Zero Gravity Thrill Park

Photo Credit: Go Jump

The Texas Blastoff is kind of like the Bungee experience but in reverse, as you and a friend are harnessed in and then slingshot skywards to heights reaching 150 feet. But be warned – you will be flipping, twisting and turning. And you can’t ride unless you’re at least ’48 tall.

The SkyCoaster is the ride which caters to the younger part of your brood – but it’s still a ride guaranteed to take your breath away.  The three person swing pulls you 110 feet in the air then releases you for the ride of your life at speed hitting 60 MPH. This adventure has a ’42 height requirement.

The Skyscraper
The Skyscraper is the newest thrill ride at Zero Gravity Thrill Park.  It’s a 360 degree pendulum swing that reaches a height of 165 feet all the while applying almost four G’s of force as you and up to three friends spin close to 60 MPH.  You must be at least ’48 inches to hop aboard.

Nothin’ But Net

nothin but net 300x204 Family Guide To Zero Gravity Thrill Park

Photo Credit: Go Jump

Finally, the most fear-inducing, once in a lifetime opportunity, is a ride called Nothin’ But Net.  You are lifted 16 stories – 130 feet into the air and dropped with absolutely nothing holding you to freefall 130 feet into a safety net below.  If you want to take the plunge you must be at least 10 years old and weigh 80 pounds.  Children under 16 must also have a waiver signed by their parents.

Zero Gravity Thrill Park is often in the top lists of “things to do” in the Metroplex area. Some entertainment complexes might have a bungee jump or maybe some version of the Skycoaster but no one has five extreme rides all located in one easily accessible venue.  The thrills are enough to make your heart beat out of your chest and yet at no point do you ever fear for your safety.  Zero Gravity Thrill Park has maintained a flawless safety record for almost twenty years since their opening in 1992 and preserves this standard through careful ride maintenance and a well-trained staff. When it comes to this one of a kind thrill park, the only thing to fear is fear itself.

If you have any trepidation about your visit or just want a little taste before driving over, check out their website  Their website has information about prices, safety and FAQs.  Best of all, they have videos of people riding each of their amazing rides.   For my money, I would recommend purchasing the “Thrill Seeker’s Combo for $77.95, which allows you to ride all five rides and save $15 over purchasing individual rides.  While that is no small chunk of change, you could spend that much on a date night of dinner and a movie and in that case you don’t get to pretend like you’re a superhero. It’s your chance to leap tall buildings in a single bound and fly at the speed of light (or close to it) and it is right down the street at Zero Gravity Thrill Park.

Gabe Gilliam is a local pastor, husband to Casey and father to Halle.