Bush, Perry Rift Roots In Nixed In-Law Appointment

AUSTIN (AP) – So what’s at the heart of the rift between Texas Gov. Rick Perry and his predecessor, George W. Bush?

It seems that when Bush was governor, he refused to appoint Perry’s brother-in-law to the Texas appeals court bench.

With Perry now running for president, the spotlight is shining on the tense relationship between the two Texans and their allied camps.

The spat goes back to 1995.

Perry was the state’s agricultural commissioner and Bush was the newly sworn-in governor.

Perry lobbied for the appointment of his wife’s brother, Joseph E. Thigpen, to an appeals court vacancy. Bush turned him down.

It’s unclear whether bad blood between Perry and Bush could make it harder for Perry to attract large donors in Texas and around the country who once backed Bush.

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One Comment

  1. g says:

    Thank you to GW for not appointing King Perry’s b in l.

  2. Rod says:

    I have heard here in Texas perry is a very vengeful person and you better not cross him.
    This guy has lots of baggage,way above the SS and merk drug thing.That is just a mire sample.

  3. Hoo says:

    This is common in politics. Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. Don’t give me a scratch, you’ll regret it. It is simple political infighting, and both parties are guilty of it. W was a great President. Rick may be…time will tell. But this is a tempest in a tea pot and as soon as the two kiss and make-up all will be well.

  4. NiteNurse says:

    Perry reeks to high heaven of political favoritism. Please may he be exposed for all the dirt that hides beneath his filthy political career nails.

  5. Amy says:

    Funny, when you do a little checking on the Bro in law – you find a lawyer, with not even close to the credetials needed for that post. Currently in Tyler and partner with one other attorney, handling child support, bankruptcy and collections. His name also pops up with the Texas Automobile Dealers Assoc. Sounds like a classy guy. Sounds like he fits right in with slimy Rick Perry.

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