Texas Seeks To Block Enforcement Of EPA Rules

AUSTIN (AP) – Texas has asked an appeals court to halt implementation of new federal air pollution rules.

It’s the second court motion filed this week by Texas, which has sued the Environmental Protection Agency claiming the rules rely on flawed science and could lead to power outages.

Attorney General Greg Abbott initially asked the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington to review regulations, announced in July, for coal-fired power plants. The state on Thursday filed another petition to block enforcement.

Gov. Rick Perry has insisted that new air pollution rules would also hurt the economy. The Republican has promised to minimize federal regulation if elected president.

The new rules would require states to reduce sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions, which mostly come from coal-fired plants. Texas has 19 coal-fired power plants.

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  1. Donald K Day says:

    Gee Governor – Clean air is bad for the economy because it’s bad for business. Sure sounds like the kind of thinking we have already been through beginning in the1890’s. How often do power plant corporate owners vote?

  2. NiteNurse says:

    I bet everyone doesn’t have to worry about EPA clean air regulations except the rich GOP areas like Frisco where lead is being blown into the air. You want to make sure the air is clean for the GOP ruled areas. I’m sorry but some regulations are important enough to protect the health of our citizens especially the youngest ones.

  3. We know what is best for you says:

    We will need clean air now the EPA has put a death penalty to those nasty asthma inhalers. We now need to open a factory to bottle that clean air and sale it to Mexico City or damn near anywhere in China, that will make up for all the lost jobs we will be hit with real soon…..yea, that’s the ticket! EAT THE RICH, they are the problem, NO WAY Washington and the present regime is the problem, right? PS: Build a BIG factory, now the senate has killed the sale of F-16’s to Taiwan we will have 2000 more people looking for work in no time.

  4. Freedom says:

    Excuse me Texas, but exactly why are you banning second hand smoke thinking it is so deadly yet cement, silica sand mining or coal fired plants don’t affect our health? Have you ever heard of shooting yourself in the foot? Can’t say one is any more deadly than the other.
    Again it’s going to hurt the economy, no all it takes is cleaning up their emissions and all that will hurt is big business pockets. If they would rather go out of business than to spend some bucks to protect the lives of their workers or general public then this state is better off without them. True some plants can’t be modified, yet the majority can be and every little bit helps. Another thing you need to do is freeze it so they can’t up the price to pay for what they should have put money aside for in the first place because the past 20 years they knew it was coming if they had a brain.
    Tis true it costs far too much to build toxic nuclear generating plants now and since there is no where that is accepting the waste from them they shouldn’t be built. Those over the life span they where build to safely work at should be closed down. All where built supposably having to pay into a fund to pay for their decommission, yet they lost it gambling in the stock market? Unless they come up with the money they need to have even their underwear taken away and never allowed to own a thing again. They do have the design for smaller nuclear plants that use far safer fuels that have auto shutdowns in case of natural disasters, so that is the only way any more of those should be built. BTW folks those will go in your own backyards so no one else has to pay for keeping you out of the dark ages.
    Company’s just like the rest of us have to set aside money to pay for maintenance and improvements (filtering air emmisions, new equipment, etc.), yet they haven’t been. Not one of us can let our house or cars go without maintenance, new tires/AC, etc. and I doubt anything they personally own has gone without such expenditures.
    Yes we need electricity, cement, etc. yet no one should have to die or get sick just because we need stuff. There is a reason to protect food, air and water since we can’t live without them. Sure our life time it may not harm us, but many have children who will have to pay for the sins of their parents unless you become better parents.
    Harm the economy? A buck today to kill your kids tomorrow or possibly even yourselves? All my dead relatives don’t need a dime.

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