Tuberculosis Testing Continues In Ennis ISD

ENNIS (CBSDFW.COM) – State health officials headed back out to Ennis on Monday morning to determine just how many students and faculty members in the Ennis Independent School District have been infected with tuberculosis. Officials brought a mobile x-ray machine to Ennis High School to help out.

According to health officials, 700 people will be required to take a skin test to determine their condition. This is in addition to the 250 who had already been giving skin tests — totalling nearly 1,000 people who could have been infected.

As of Friday afternoon, 107 people had tested positive for the disease – having a form that is not contagious. State health officials would only confirm four suspected cases of active tuberculosis among Ennis High School students.

Ennis mother Levetra Goss said that her 17-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter were both diagnosed with an active form of the disease. They are now staying isolated at home and taking a packet of medications.

Goss believes that the school and the infected teachers should have taken steps earlier to prevent the tuberculosis from spreading. “I believe, if you’re coughing for a year and a half, that’s a sign that something is wrong,” Goss said. “He should’ve gone to a doctor or to somebody else.”

The teacher who is believed to have initally started the tuberculosis spread is no longer on the Ennis High School campus.


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  1. Jan Bertrand says:

    We must not be unaware that having illigal entry into the United States is a possible cause to increases in health problems. The bed bugs, TB, whooping cough and many other problems were nonexistant here a few years back. Having screening for health problems, trying to keep people and items such as food carrying detrimental diseases and other pests spreading across our country is VERY costly to correct.

    1. seriously?? says:

      i would just like to say that the illigal immigrants have been coming into this country for decades how is it that with all the advancments in medicine are they affecting us now??

    2. KatTM says:

      “seriously” Yes we have advancements in technology, but that doesn’t mean we can cure all diseases/illnesses instantly when someone crosses the border. Jan, These incidents are not always reported to the public and if they are we may not hear about them. You can’t just blame illegals, you should blame people who come here to tour the states, or even American citizens who are returning from business trips.

  2. Hmmm says:

    TB is virtually non-existent in this country. Was the student from our “neighbor” to the south? Just sayin’/askin’.

    1. KatTM says:

      Apparently it is not nonexistent… I would sooner bet that people going out of the country and returning, legally, or tourists are to blame. Far more of them go in and out of this country, compared to people who come illegally.

  3. Truth says:

    First of all, it wasn’t a student that started the spread. It was a teacher at the high school who had the disease for over a year. This is a very serious sitauation as there is defnitely one child around the age of 1 that is in the hospital in ICU over this.

  4. Shirley Batten says:

    I understood the news to say that the child, aged 16 months, was in ISOLATION… which is far different from ICU.
    Had the teacher visited our southern neighbor near the time of the onset of symptoms? Or had close contact with a student who had been south in the recent past??
    And can the media please stop fueling panic?

    1. KatTM says:

      Why did the teacher have to visit the “southern neighbor”? Why couldn’t they have visited some other country? Don’t assume you know where it came from. For all we know he could have gotten it from someone who went half way around the world, or went him/herself… so do everyone a favor and don’t make assumptions, you’re adding to the panic by assuming it was contracted in the “southern neighbor”

      The media is not fueling panic. I have yet to see any riots or anything in Ennis. The media is informing the public of a serious incident, that could take lives.

  5. rosemary says:

    Some people are quick to judge our southern neighbor when we have thousands of immigrants from other countries in this area!! But no one mentions that i worked at a school that had children from africa, india, many parts of europe as well as the many different hispanic heritages..not just of mexican decent!! But of course since we live in texas only mexico comes up i am so glad that our country at this day in age has overcome all the racial issues of our countries past!!! Its time like these that make me feel sorry for all the uneducated people in our country!!

    As for the children and teachers and families that are affected by this my prayers are with you and your familes!! God bless!!

    1. KatTM says:

      I completely agree Rosemary! People need to take into account all of those other immigrants, yes even the Legal ones, as well as those who travel out of country.

  6. CJ says:

    For those who automatically want to blame mexicans for bringing the disease need to think before you speak. I live in Ennis and know that it was male teacher who visited Africa that brought it back. The school knew about it but didnt do anything until it was to late.

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