sized app 1 ‘Is My Son Gay?’ Google Android App Stirs Controversy


(CBSDFW.COM) – Some parents and gay advocates are upset with an app, available on the Google Android network, that promises parents it will help them determine whether their son is gay.

Some of the 20 questions in the app, available on the Android Market, include, “Does your son like musical comedies, Madonna or football? Does your son dress well?” and “Is his best friend a girl?”

Eliza Byard, the executive director of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Educational Network, said the app is horrifying.

“The implication here one is that there is one way to be if you’re gay. And two, that there’s sort of blame to attach to parents,” she said. “The questions in this app are horrendous stereotypes that would be completely laughable if they weren’t so dangerous.”

Psychologist Alan Hilfer isn’t a fan of the app either. “It implies that you’re kind of going behind someone’s back to discover things about them,” he said.

Based on how the questions are answered, the app decides whether the user’s son is gay or not.

If the app finds him straight the response to the user is, “You do not have to worry you, your son is not gay. So there are chances for you to be grandmother with all the joys it brings.”

If the app determines he is gay, it says, “No need to look the other way! … He is gay! … ACCEPT IT!”

Makers of the app, French developers “Emmene Moi” (Eng.: “Bring Me”), said the program is a non-scientific yet humorous approach to help mothers accept their son’s homosexuality.

The CBS TV station in New York City reached out to Google to see how they go about checking the accuracy on controversial apps, but they did not get a response.