‘For God So Loved The World’ For A $19.99 Oil Change?

Story updated 9/29 – 10:56 p.m.

PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) –  Support came pouring in Thursday for a Collin County businessman offering customers a break on the price of an oil by asking them to quote a Bible verse.

Charlie Whittington said a woman was waiting for him when he opened his Plano shop Thursday morning, just to offer support.

He took phone calls from people in Oklahoma, Alabama and Florida, all from people supporting his discount idea.

“I really believe if you talk more positive stuff you get more positive things out of it,” he said Thursday. “I want to inspire people to look where they can do more.”

The coupon offer created questions about discrimination from some customers.

Resident Marshall Wei, who had been to the Kwik Kar on Custer Road in Plano before, was happy to find the coupon hanging on his door last week.

Above the promised $19.99 price though, the coupon says customers must quote the New Testament verse John 3:16 to get the deal.

“I think maybe I forgot exactly what it is, and I needed to go look it up online,” Wei said

With the verse in hand, Wei drove to the store and pulled into the garage, but as he waited he started having second thoughts about the offer.

“Why should I be compelled to quote something I do not feel comfortable to quote?” he asked.

After a short discussion with a store manager about the verse, he declined to recite it, and ended up paying more than $46 for the service, more than twice what he expected.

“I’m paying you,” Wei said. “Why can’t you treat me like others?”

Store owner Charlie Whittington is standing by what he asking customers to do for a deal.  “If I’m standing for what I believe, so be it,” he said. “Bring it on.”

The verse is popular for containing the central beliefs of traditional Christianity:

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (NIV)

Whittington said he did it as a conversation starter in an effort to talk to people about what he believes.

“It’s one thing about America,” he said. “You can go and do what you want. I’m not making you do anything and I’m tired of people making me do something.”

Whittington may be right that he can make the offer if he wants to.  The state attorney general had no comment on the issue and couldn’t point out any laws the coupon is breaking.

Dallas attorney Andy Siegel, who has handled discrimination and denial of service cases before, said with no connection to federal funds, or federal highways, the discount appears to be within the law, though he said the conversation could have been started a different way.

“The study of the Bible has many rewards. I’m not sure that God intended a lube discount to be among its many riches.”


One Comment

  1. Shawn Phillips says:

    It is really a coupon with stipulations and stated such. It is not discrimination but conditions stated beforehand. Would merchants honor coupons that have expired or did not meet stated requirements?? I think not. Too much is being made of this. If they don’t want to qoute Joh 3:16..then don’t but don’t expect the discount. Kudos to the merchant. Shame on you Mr. Wei for attempting to twist things out of context.

    1. contrarian says:

      It’s interesting that only the lack of federal dollars protects this man’s right to have these coupons. You can be sure if there were any possible connections through funding or some tortured connection through the commerce clause, Eric Holder would be all over this.

    2. Rob says:

      Way to go Christian business person! When I go to places where “public funds” are used … I’m constantly being told what I can and cannot do (and remember, some of those public funds have been paid by yours truly); but here is a classic case of a man operating what is obviosuly a private business; so anyone that is a GOD “hater” (jeez, I thought I would never get to use that stupid term “hater” on the “away” team, since they always choose to use it on us, the “home team” … finally, lol); anyway, kudos! I “predict” that this man’s business will be blessed … so now, the GOD “haters” can open up their own place and give discounts to people that say “I Hate God” … of course, the outcome of their business, and that of their customers lives “WILL HAVE” a much different outcome; hey, and that can be “their guarantee” as well!

      1. DryvBy says:

        Exactly how is making someone recite a bible verse in any way productive to the kingdom of God? I’m not saying he shouldn’t be allowed to do whatever he wants, but I highly doubt he’s going to be blessed by forcing people to say a bible verse for a discount…

      2. John Holland says:

        GOD hater? Taking the Lord’s name in vain, and exploiting it to generate business for your shop is the most GOD hating thing I can imagine doing.

    3. Smith says:

      Looks like Mr. Wei can afford to pay the full price.


      1. boba.fet says:

        he must be short selling that house. I will go in and quote Ezekiel…take a BM and cook your bread over it! read it, it’s there!

      2. Admiral Kirk says:

        Maybe everyone should call this moron Wei and tell him Anthony Wei-ner wants a dinner date where they can discuss photos of certain anatomy and the denial of God…I’m sure Wei would love to learn about Wei-ner’s wei-wei…lol!

      3. COCONSERVE says:

        This post bothers me. I am about as conservative as you get but I do not like thiskind of attack when the left does it and II think it is inappropriate in this case as well. Attacking this man because he disagrees with the store owner is just about as stupid as him making a big deal about the coupon.

      4. Ronald Strauss says:

        Haha… you think $325k is a lot of money.

        It’s not.

    4. Luminita says:

      Exactly, no one compelled Mr. Wei to do anything in order to get a service. He paid the full fare because that was stipulated in the contract which states that if you do not present a valid coupon and recite the verse then you pay the full price.

      I hope the place gets more customers as a result of the this initiative.

      1. Thomas says:

        Unfortunately, many Christians see no problem using God as a tool to increase profits, and this place will get more customers because of this story. This guy is shameless.

    5. Dave says:

      The state attorney may not be able to point to a law but I surely can: The Federal Civil Rights Act guarantees all people the right to “full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, and accommodations of any place of public accommodation, without discrimination or segregation on the ground of race, color, religion, or national origin.”

      This “coupon” is tantamount to depriving “full and EQUAL” enjoyment of services and goods (oil and the service) and is entirely based on religion. A non-Christian can not say that line without violating their religious beliefs, thus he is effectively charging $19.99 to Christians and $44 for non-Christians.

      1. Thomas says:

        That’s ridiculous. It’s a private business, and he is not depriving anyone of anything. As stated by other posters, it is a conditional coupon which anyone is free to use.

      2. Bornagain says:

        1 Cor 12:3b No one can say “Jesus is Lord” except by the Holy Spirit

        It is not depriving the customer of anything, merely opening discussion, which could lead to their salvation.

      3. Neldon Miffleton says:

        I will personnally donate $100.00 to this man’s legal defense fund if he needs Since when is it a crime to state your beliefs? You religous detractors are disgusting. Freedom of speech only applies to aetheists to hear you tell it.

    6. Tony Imgrund says:

      So if I was selling TVs in my shop and I said Black people can get any TV for $20 if they bring the coupon is that okay? It is just a stipulation: You have to be black and have a coupon.

  2. Jeaux says:

    If thats how they want their coupon rules to be, Thats their choice. They arent forcing anybody to accept their discount.

  3. Lisa says:

    This guy has my business!

    1. Ruth says:

      I live in OK but If I lived close by I would give him all my biz, Thank u Charlie Whitington I just wish I lived close to be able to support him.
      I am a couponder and they sometimes have conditions u have to meet so NO it is not discrimination it is his choice and I Praise God we still have that right. So many of our rights are being taken away as it is, so use what u can to bring the word to the people. Gods word will not return void.

    2. Suzy says:

      I wouldn’t even think of giving him my business. What he did is racist, elitist and absolutely un-Christian. I don’t know what god you believe in, but mine would not be happy about this.

      1. Sarah says:

        how is it any of those thing? especially racist? And finding opportunities to share your faith through love is definitely Christian. He didn’t pressure anyone to read the verse, or turn people away if they didn’t want to. I think it was an awesome conversation starter, and wish I had his boldness

  4. Shirley Applewhite Moore says:

    The business owner has a right to do whatever he feels will bring in business. If this guy doesn’t like it, let him go somewhere else.

  5. Sharra says:

    One more thing, Mr. Wei moved to America for those EXACT freedoms and then decided to complain about them… I agree with Shawn – shame on HIM!

    1. Alex Seredin says:

      Your bigotry is showing. Where does it say that Mr. Wei was not born here?

      1. A says:

        It’s pretty apparent English is not his first language the way he was quoted. Everyone is a bigot or a racist in your little world, huh?

      2. Bubba says:

        Alex, your bigotry is showing. Trying watching the video before casting aspersions on others intents.

      3. Sharra says:

        Wow – you clearly didn’t WATCH the news… clearly.

      4. cvbxvb says:

        you are a dangerous idiot and the problem with this country today – you run your mouth thinking you’re “one of the good guys” and have no clue what you are talking about. I suspect you then trun aroudn and condem those that criticise the President as well – see if youw ant otbe taken seriously you have to try your best not to be a hypocrite of immmense proportions and you need to stop talking out of your arse as well. You people are LOOKING for reasons to jump on someone – you’re fueling the fire in your ignorance.

    2. scott says:

      i read the whole story too and did not read about him moving from another country.

      1. mike says:

        Geniuses! wow…really watch the vid Einstein’s….LOL@U

      2. Scott Caywood says:

        The reporter stated that Mr. Wei moved here from Japan

  6. Sandra Coffey says:

    Mr. Wei moved to the US for freedoms?
    Therefore, Mr. Whittington was showing HIS freedom of religious belief, in his own business. If I lived closer, I would take every vehicle I have.
    I just spent an evening teadhing young children they are loved and can have eternal life, Yes, reciting John 3:16.
    Praise God for his obedient son, Mr. Whittington

    1. Thomas says:

      John 3:16 is a profound statement of sacrifice, and is a testament to God’s love for mankind. It is used so frequently because it perfectly embodies the spirit of Christianity. Using it as a “coupon” for an oil change goes is not ministry, it’s a profit generator.

    2. Lewis says:

      if you google for KWIK KAR on custer in plano, you get near a dozen in less than a 5 mile radius. Is Mr Wei so lost since his Japan move that he cant find another place to service his vehicle? you dont like the show change the channel. Sounds like he is was looking something to whine about. I am a little anti-starchy tuberous so I think I will go to Mcdonalds and complain I have a coupon for a free burger with purchase of fries and drink. how dare them push their potato on me.

  7. Pam Durham says:

    Leave the owner alone! Why should he be persecuted for his beliefs. The last time I checked, we as American citizens have the freedom of religion and Christians are still allowed to stand up for their beliefs. The customer was not “compelled” to use the coupon. He had a choice.

    1. Janet says:

      your right Pam Durham

  8. Kyra says:

    I say way to go to Charles the owner!

    1. Dave says:

      I say DITTO to that!! If Mr Wei does not believe the verse then he will loose out but that what not a requirement of the coupon, it simply requires one quote it, that you believe it personally was not part of the requirement. If I lived near Charles’s business, he would have my business for sure.

  9. Steve says:

    This is America. For now we still have freedom of religion. If it is against your religion to quote a bible verse, you should not feel compelled to do so. You should feel free to go somewhere else!

    1. Chris Hodge says:

      Steve, are you suggesting this guy has a monopoly on oil changes? AFAIK, you DO have the freedom to go somewhere else.

      1. dave says:

        I think you and Steve agree, Chris. 🙂

  10. LaDonna Cecil says:

    I appreciate someone who takes a stand for Christianity. After all, our country was built on it and for us to prosper, we must return to it.

    1. Alex Seredin says:

      No it was not! This country belongs to the natives who were decimated by the intruders

      1. Vina Sestonari says:

        The “natives” were a stone age culture, not far from cave men, and if it was not European settlers who took over the land, it would have been some other group before long.

        That’s the way the world has developed, and to weep like a little girl over that is touching, but unrealistic

      2. Joseph says:

        Which natives since over 500 tribes lived here and displaced each other over the places they were living. Which tribe gets Alaska since they all lived there at one time. Don’t let a historical fact get in the way. The Plymouth settlers arrived at an uninhabited place. People did come here for religious freedom, to worship as they pleased and escape the persecution of England as well as other countries. Just don’t let a historical fact get in the way.

      3. RLABruce says:

        The natives never formed the territory in which they lived into a single country; the Europeans did. The natives then never assimulated, waged war on us, lost and were put in reservations rather than disbanding their tribes. I thought we treated them fairly considering that violence is normal in starting a new country.

      4. xvb says:

        systems just sowe can say we have a black guy and an Irish guy athere is no such thing as a native – everyone came here from somewhere else – no one sprang fromt he ground here – you make me want to puke. Indians invaded eachothers tribes as well you history rewriting wanker

    2. Joe says:

      Standing up for Christianity??? Really? By giving a discount for oil changes….

      Perfect example of why I don’t go to church any longer….

      I wonder how Christian an audit of his books would be…

      1. Avenger says:

        Hey Joe…….You must not know the Bible or you must have been snoozing when believers are told to “preach the Gospel unto all the world”. Or maybe you attended a liberal church that never talked about salvation. This man was clearly doing his part by giving people the opportunity to learn about the Gosepel of Jesus Christ.

      2. dfh says:

        wow sounds like you sat there but never listened – stop hating so much an dlisten – BTW it doesn’t say he was ripping people off in the name of Christianity – in fact he wasn’t doing anything in the name of Christianity – he is howevere trygint o beChristian in attempting to share the Word in a positive fashion – only someone really dark woudl equate that with selling oilchanges for Christ – you are a sad individual.

    3. John says:

      No, this country was not built on Christianity. It was first settled by puritans and those who were against the Church of England. However, we did not go to war with England because of our religious beliefs. We revolted against England because we were servants of the empire with no representation and we had enough. The country was founded on not wanting to bow down to the crown.

      1. Joseph says:

        To say the country was not built on Christianity is to be ignorant of history. From the Mayflower Compact to the Constitution the country and the government is and was rooted in Christianity. The motivations of colonists was to build a Christian nation or as they described the shining city on a hill. From the pulpits people were stirred and the cry of, “No king but king Jesus!” And for good measure the idea of no representation was rooted in the king appointing preachers to congregations in violation of the Biblical principle of churches choosing their leaders.

      2. gary says:

        I suggest you try and not be so ignorant. Have you ever read the Treaty Of Tripoli. Unlike the bible which was not origiinally written in english the TOT was, and in plain english it say that in no way are we a christian nation.
        Probably not. Thomas Jefferson rewrote the bible, taking out all of the miracle nonsense. Were there christians, sure their were. This country was not founded as a religious country it was founded as a country in which you could beleive anything you wanted. Even if you beleive in nothing, which in my opinion is the only logica belief when it comes to the subject of gods.

      3. xbxv says:

        @ JOseph – no it’s not to be ignorant – it’s to be dishonest and deceitful which is exaclty the behavior you’d exepct outof someone who is obviously biggoted and prejudiced against anythgin Christian.

    4. boba.fet says:

      built on it? the last time I checked, the 1st few presidents were not exactly christian.

      1. Joseph says:

        State facts or maybe you did not check very much. Maybe your view of Christianity is not the Biblical view of Christianity.

      2. Avenger says:

        It would seem that George Washington was a Christian but Thomas Jefferson definately was not.

      3. fgjg says:

        gee I wasn;t awar ethat the Presdient defined the country? What country do you live in? That’s exactly what we were trying to get away from (well the Puritans were). POH and dont; be dishonest enough to assume that the Puritans were a against Christianity because they were against the controlling nature of the Church of England. Jeferson was a desit who believed there was a God just wasn;t religious about it. That doesn;t mean he was against Christianity it means he was more apt to take an agnostic style view of things.

    5. Demitra says:

      Please, learn about the history of our country before you go around claiming what it was built on.
      America was founded because of people who wanted to escape religious discrimination. Christianity was NOT the only religion that flourished and was practiced here, nor was it what the Founding Fathers sculpted it around.

  11. jeaux says:

    Is Jason Allen really serious trying to make something of nothing? Have you had any luck getting water out of a rock? And in your last statement….“The study of the Bible has many rewards. I’m not sure that God intended a lube discount to be among its many riches.”….Are you saying that God Intended our reward in riches to be “Buy 1 get 1 free”?? I’m not sure where you find that in a bible?

    1. Avenger says:

      Get the Gospel out any way you can! God can use this whole controversy to make people aware of the Gospel!

      1. dhfdh says:

        Exactly and Amen.

  12. Gran says:

    This is a violation of Federal Law that prohibits businesses from discriminating against any customer based on their religion.

    1. Sharra says:

      Gran – it would be a violation of his first amendment rights if we told him he could not stand up for what he believes in. Also, he did not descriminate against anyone for their religion or lack thereof. The coupon states that they only need to say the verse to get the discount. As the discrimination lawyer said, “the discount appears to be within the law”. Maybe it is high time that a christian files a discrimination lawsuit… and wins. Get over it.

    2. Anna Rattler says:

      Maybe you didn’t really ready the article the attorney general said the coupon was perfectly leagal. If Mr. Wei wasn’t trying to make a mountain out of a molehill when he read the coupon took the time to research the verse then get there and cause all the commotion about what he was charged when in fact he was not held there at gun point to get his oil changes he was free to go some place else. I want the address for this business even if I don’t get the $19.99 oil change I will feel better spending my money with a christian.

      Thank God for you Mr,. Whittington….you know you are on the right path when the nasayer try to drag you down remember Psalms 71:3 (Be thou my strong habitation, whereunto I may continually resort: thou hast given commandment to save me; for thou art my rock and my fortress.) The work need more Charles Whittington do not change.

    3. undertaker says:

      gran, you’re an idiot. learn to read an entire article before posting. he never required anyone be of a certain religion to get the discount. nor did he ever ask what religion they were or weren’t. tons of atheistic literary scholars look at the bible as purely fictitious, and can quote it without feeling like their rights are being violated. go put your head back in the sand where your comments also belong.

    4. darrell says:

      please go to wherever it is you keep your meds and take the ones you have missed.

    5. lygia says:

      the times Chic-fil-a has their “if you dress like a cow you get a free sandwich” sales, are those of us who choose not to dress like a cow discriminated against? NO! It is our choice not to dress like a cow, therefore; opting to pay full price for our meal. Same concept here. You can get your oil changed without quoting the Bible, you are opting not to participate and therefore you are required to pay full price. Nothing different, no discrimination. Maybe we need to look at the definition of discrimination….

    6. Duane Ferrell says:

      Must be liberal anything they do not believe in is against the law. And like the other gentlemen can’t understand what he is reading.

    7. Atheist Lawyer says:

      Wrong, Gran. It is not a violation of Federal Law. The coupon is not coercing someone under duress to accept Jesus Christ. The coupon is merely asking someone to recite a verse in the Bible. It’s a condition required for the discount. Kids get free meals at Chik-fil-a on certain days if they dress in their PJs. Others get free meals if they dress like cows. Another condition required for some discounts is to bring the physical coupon in. Or wear a Rangers jersey. Hell, if I were offered 75% off on rims at my Porsche dealership, I’d quote bin Laden, or stand on my head, or cover myself in relish and scream, “I’m a hot dog!”

      Relax, people. It’s just a condition for a discount.

      1. USArmyCombatMedic says:

        Haha, you bin Laden quoting, head-standing hotdog…

        best post all day.

    8. Scott Martin says:

      All they have to do is read the words…ever heard of “use the name _____ at checkout and receive a 5% discount”.

      Are you so unable to recite a verse? If so, then say – “Christians have in the bible that “For God so loved….”.

      No one is required to TAKE the offer, they are asked to recite the offer (John 3:16). Lighten up just a little…I know the verse has amazing power, but “ye doth protesteth too much.”

    9. senior says:

      No discrimination involved, nitwit – – –
      Advantage offered – no requirement to avail Standard pricing applies across the board –

    10. Kevin Pearson says:

      Anyone can quote a bible verse regardless of what their religion is. What would be the difference if we required someone to quote something from Shakespeare’s Julius Ceasar?

    11. Avenger says:

      Sorry Gran, but the Constitution only prohibits CONGRESS (Federal Government) from making any law that respects an establishment of religion. This is a little off subject, but by showing preference to Muslims, the government is violating the Constitution.(The ACLU is now supporting allowing Muslim prayer in public schools). By the way, this man is violating no law and is discriminating against nobody. These customers are not being forced to learn the verse and they are not being forced to buy the product. Using your logic, a store is discriminating against customers with no coupns if they honor coupons from someone who has them.

    12. dgh says:

      It absolutely is not you evil wretch. He coudl have put you must recite the Banan SPlits theme to get it – and if you didn’t woudlit be cartoon discrimination – get over your wasted self. You peopel are allergic to Chrisitanity becasue t it points out we are all faulted but you are so self absorbed you feel you are better than everyone else (ironically what you accuse Chrsitians fo practicing) and so you’d rather denounce the message bearers than have to face the standards.

  13. JoAnn McCarty says:

    I hope Kwik Kar’s business triples with this story. I’m glad the owner is standing up for his beliefs. And the man complaining should be happy he is in a country where he can speak up.

  14. Renee says:

    It seems all too often Christians are silenced because we might offend someone. What about us? Who will stand up and fight for our rights when we are offened? Thank you Mr. Whittington for standing up for what you believe in!

  15. chetha says:

    Given the reviews/feedback from real customers about the quality of service that they are getting from this lube place (http://maps.google.com/maps/place?cid=13597866633638029541&q=Kwik+Kar+near+Custer+Road,+Plano,+TX&hl=en&ie=UTF8&t=m&z=14&vpsrc=0), this looks like he has come up with a wonderful PR tactic. With a little bit of help from news stations like CBS11 and looking at the comments of posters here, looke like it Is working very effectively 🙂

    1. friscoGuy says:

      Have you ever noticed at a car lube place like this that your air-filter is always dirty, and they can replace it for $40? Even though a new one cost about $7 and a auto supply.

    2. Kenneth H says:

      This is the correct location, doesn’t even come up on Google.
      I got this off the video from the Kwik Lube Sticker on the car.

      Kwik Kar Lube & Tune Car Wash
      (214) 547-0185

      10101 Custer Rd, Plano, TX 75025

  16. Cindy Noble says:

    Gran- this would only be a violation if they refused to accept this customer. In this case, he simply is not eligible for the coupon discount. He is not being forced to have his car serviced here.
    Chic-fil-et has had a promotional day when, if a customer dresses up like a cow, they receive a free item. No one is being forced to dress like a cow, but if you do, you get the free item. What is the difference?
    God bless you, Mr. Whittington!!! May your business increase tenfold!

    1. lygia says:

      my point exactly…..I pray to God that Mr. Whittington’s PR tactic catches on and business world wide follow suit. Its time we followed good examples, because we have followed negativity so long!

  17. Shawn W Brown says:

    Christianity is the belief that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree… it makes great reading and works for some, but please don’t expect everyone to subscribe and please stop chastizing those that do.

    1. Anna Rattler says:

      And you believe what??????

    2. branwren says:

      I will stand with you Shawn.

      1. Avenger says:

        Yes branwren, you will indeed stand with Shawn at The Great White Throne Judgement, where Jesus judges those who have rejected Him and then casts them into the Lake of Fire. Laugh if you want, but ask yourself this question: “What if I’m wrong”?

    3. ADHDADD says:

      …and people say Scientology is f-ed up (which it is)…

    4. Bob says:

      At least you are fair, open minded, and non-judgmental…not.

    5. Rocky says:

      you know as crazy as it sounds, your right WE are a bit off from the most people lol. But as a missionary, i can tell you the UNBELIVEABLE things i have seen, experienced and heard about in my travels, ALL through Jesus. you know the radical muslims who hate Christians and Jews (which i happen to be both.. let the reader understand lol) 1500 of them came to the faith of Jesus in one night. a 6 year old Muslim girl in Israel with 3rd degree burns healed instantly by a “Son of Man” showered in white light for all her family to see moments later and come to the faith of Jesus. A 16 yr old female jihadist from Gaza set to be a suicide bomber have a vision of man in a white robe and red sash, make her feel so much love that she abandons her own family, and faith (which she was willing to kill herself for) to believe in Jesus even unto her own death by her families hands. Yes we are a little off, but for GOOD reason, HE IS ALIVE AND IS MORE THAN ENOUGH.

    6. Avenger says:

      Shawn…………..You will remember your foolish words when you are standing at “The Great White Throne Judgement”. Your only hope is to repent and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. A good starting point would be for you to learn John 3:16.

  18. Retha says:

    Marshall Weii is making a mountain out of a mole hill. All types of businesses have sales tactics. Some include wearing a spirit shirt for a free soda if the local team is in the playoffs. Getting free ice cream for wearing some costume. Mr. Wittington could have had people quote from “Romeo and Juliet” or the Declaration of Independence. If Weii didn’t want to quote John 3:16 that was his choice. He should expect to pay the higher price, and should have done so with out whining about it.

  19. God Loves You says:

    Does anyone record the TV, can you share it on youtube

  20. Kenneth H says:

    It is time for Americans to take this country back!
    I do not care if you are Indian, Caucasian, Chinese, Hispanic, Italian, Black, White, Orange, Purple, Catholic, Baptist, Hindu, Buddhist, ….. This country was built on freedom and I suspect that is is why you are all here either directly or indirectly.

    Religion was one of those freedoms, still is; although cloudy because of the interpretation of some of our fearless leaders 😦

    If you don’t like it, you are free to leave and please do!

    Thanks Mr. Wittington for taking a stand!
    Thanks Mr. Weii for bringing this up with the media
    Seeing thsese post gives hope and makes me proud to be an American

    1. branwren says:

      I see you have no respect for the Constitution. I may not agree with what you say but you do have the right to express your opinions without fear of reprisal. Telling others that they are free to leave this country because they don’t agree with YOUR OPINION definitely disrespects the Constitution which gives us ALL freedom of speech, not just you.

      1. Finbar says:

        Read your comment to yourself a couple of times. It might become apparent to you how silly you are.

      2. Frank Lee Scarlet says:

        Anyone is free to leave this country for any reason they may have. This is a fact, not disrespectful to the Constitution, or any individual, or any group of individuals. Merely a fact. Sorry if it doesn’t happen to agree with YOUR OPINION of the Constitution or the right to Freedom of Speech for Kenneth H.
        As for the article itself, Mr Wei was not “compelled” to do anything. He had three choices. 1) Quote the verse and receive the discount. 2) Don’t quote the verse and pay full price. 3) Take his business elsewhere. Instead, he chose to whine to the media about it. “Why can’t you treat me like others?” He got treated just like anyone else who didn’t quote the verse. What’s the problem?

    2. aubreyfarmer says:

      Just wait. Either the southern poverty law center or the anti defamation league will file suit. Any mention of Jesus Christ is an affront to their Zohar and Talmud teachings. The Goy must be kept in line. We are a Zionist occupied nation and one day soon you will see freedom of religion become a thing of the past. What will be the pretext for suspension of our Constitution and Bill of Rights? Everything is in place. The Patriot Act was the last piece of the puzzle needed for a full on assault of our civil liberties.

    3. Ruth Mehagan Smith says:

      Praise GOD he is getting Media coverage Mr Weii u did us a favor THANKS

  21. Chris R. says:

    This is a PRIVATE BUSINESS, this is a FREE MARKET, if you don’t like it GO ELSEWHERE.

    This is called FREEDOM and we live in a free country. We have choices to whom we do business with. There are other lube places down the road if you don’t like it.

    Me, I’m quoting scripture for sure.

    1. branwren says:

      This is religious discrimination if you can’t see that perhaps you should pray on the matter.

      1. undertaker says:

        branwren, you have succeeded in getting tons more attention than you deserve with all of your comments. but honestly, you don’t know your constitution if you think this is religious discrimination or a violation of 1st amendment. whenever there’s a lawsuit concerning violation of 1st amendment, someone’s 1st amendment rights are ironically being violated in order to protect another’s.

      2. Mikey says:

        Branwren, it’s not religious discrimination. He doesn’t have a sign saying No Jews like in National Socialist Germany. He’s not denying services to anyone based on their religion. He has a discount offered if you can tell him what John 3:16 says. If you think the very subject of religion in business or government is religious discrimination and/or unconstitutional, you are frightfully mistaken.

  22. Alex says:

    I agree with him
    Jesus should be praised and bow to him and to his people
    now I do feel the holy spirit in me , have to go to the bathroom.
    Ciao ya’ll

    1. P.T. Barnum says:

      If the fecal smear on the toilet resembles Mary or Jeebus, make sure to take a photo of it, drain the water, and turn it into a shrine. Charge $10 for admission.

  23. Greta says:

    Surely what satan meant for evil, God has used for good! Now, this is Kingdom in action!

    1. branwren says:

      The Bible says Satan will do 100 (or is 1000) good works to gain one soul. Don’t assume that everything you consider good was done by GOD.

      1. Rob says:


        The Bible says Satan will do 100 (or is 1000) good works to gain one soul. Don’t assume that everything you consider good was done by GOD.

        What I think you meant to say was, Satan’s bible says “Satan will do 100 (or is 1000) good works to gain one soul” … because God’s Bible says nothing of the sort.

  24. Kenneth H says:

    Correct Location, this does not come up when you search Kwik Lube in Plano.

    Kwik Kar Lube & Tune Car Wash
    (214) 547-0185
    10101 Custer Rd, Plano, TX 75025

    1. jcrowe says:

      Thank you . I have this in my GPS now. I will be going to Kwik Kar Lube & Tune Car Wash located at 10101 Custer Rd, Plano, TX 75025 for EVERY oil change my 2 Mercedes Benz’ ever need.

      1. LOL @ U says:

        Ooooh everyone! See that? He has not one, but TWO Mercedes-Benzes! Insecure much, Mr. Pretentious? Small winkie?

  25. Chelsea LeighAnne Carpenter says:

    I don’t like the stance the news crew took on the story but impressed it was on the news!!! The store owner is doing as the Bible commands and spreading the word of God! That he is using his business and now the local news to do so, God will surely Bless him! Praise be to God!!!

    1. branwren says:

      The Bible strictly forbids Christians evangelizing. Perhaps you should crack the back of the book before you speak.

      1. undertaker says:

        branwren, for someone who doesn’t believe in the bible, you sure seem to think you know it well. if you think you read the bible forbidding evangelism, then you must’ve been reading it backwards with a satanic cult.

      2. Mikey says:

        Forbids evangelizing? Jesus said, “teach ye all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.” Teaching all nations is evangelizing. May your eyes be opened to the Truth.

      3. Rob says:


        What a crock … it no where says that … it clearly says, “Some are appointed to be teachers, others to be evangelists, etc., etc. … bone up on the Real Bible my friend, not on the DC Comics version of the Bible…

      4. Tommy Rigsby says:

        I don’t know what bible you have been reading but from what I have understood is you should profess your faith (evagelize) to everyone you meet.

      5. branwren says:

        For undertaker, Mikey, Rob and Thomas Rigsby Perhaps you should read your Bible more. Excerpt from Matt 10:1 – 10:16: These twelve Jesus sent out, charging them, “Go nowhere among the Gentiles, and enter no town of the Samaritans, but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
        You are not to Evangelize!

  26. branwren says:

    As the Bible says. This hypocrite has his reward. Free advertizement for his business. I wonder if he’s angling for tax exempt status for his business. After all the Bible says anywhere where 2 or more are gathered is a church. Sounds like another Christian fanatic to me. Boo Hiss, I’ll take my business elsewhere where religious discrimination isn’t practiced.

    1. undertaker says:

      branwren, you have put the icing on the cake when it comes to showing your stupidity. free advertisement. you do realize that he spent money to send out the coupons. and he wasn’t the one to report this coupon incident to the news, it was the customer. if anyone is giving him free advertisement, it’s the non-religious customer and the overall non-religious media/internet.

      by the way, you misquoted and misinterpreted the bible (again). the bible does not say that anywhere 2 or more are gathered is a church. you left out the ending of the sentence, dummy. it’s:
      wherever two or more are gathered in My name, there I will be also.

      people like you are exactly why the rest of the world thinks christians are idiots because you deliberately misquote and misinterpret passages of the bible and convince people who haven’t read it that what you’re telling them is what bible actually says. you’re a deceiver, and i’m sure lucifer is loving how you so easily spread lies and deceit.

    2. Duane Ferrell says:

      You know what I was reading in the news today that they are going to execute an Iranian man for not denying Christ and accepting the Muslim faith, is this what you want in America? I have a right to believe in what I choose to believe in and yes I still have a right to speak in what I believe in, just as you do, the biggest difference between us is that I am not trying to tell anyone else what the may or may not speak about or how a business wants to give away half his service fee for saying a simple quote. The only two people I know who were prosecuted for their spiritual beliefs in America were the witches in Salem and the Mormon church although I do believe it was more to have many wives they had compared to their religious beliefs. I have never understood why Liberals are afraid of God.

    3. BONES says:

      branwren = troll

      Ignore this fool. They are just trying to get people worked up. Pass over their comments and they’ll get bored and leave.

    4. Avenger says:

      The Apostle Paul says he rejoices whenever the Gospel is preached even if it is preached for the wrong reason.

    5. Tommy Rigsby says:

      Tke your business elsewhere branwren you won’t be missed.

  27. Barbara Webb says:

    The coupon clearly states the requirements for the discount. If the gentleman did not want to quote the scripture, them he should have stopped somewhere else. No one forced him to go to to Mr. Whittenton’s business. I love the idea and bless him for incorporating Jesus in what he does.

    1. Sammie Jo says:

      You are correct, the coupon tells you in advance that you must recite something from a book of myths to get the discount, he shouldn’t have had the oil change if he didn’t want to comply.
      OTOH, a case could be made that the lube place is discriminating against non-christians.
      What would happen if an Atheist owned the place and only gave discounts to people who would say , there is no god?
      One can only imagine the uproar.

      1. dgs says:

        which is why you are an addled mouth breatehr and not a lawyer. Bbecasue there is no case whatsoever so trygin to make one woudl be dishonest and deceitful AND for the bonus prize there woudl not be an uproar about it – you are projecting your own lack of intgrity on others. here’s hoping your next welfare check bounces.

      2. Dilligas says:

        Is he discriminating against christians who don’t quote the requested verse to obtain the discount as well then?

  28. darrell says:

    this is a non-issue. great advertising ideal however.

  29. John says:

    I wonder how many of you would’ve reacted if he’d asked his customers to cite a verse from the Quaran. Actually, I know: You’d be up in arms about it, proclaiming that Muslims were taking over, etc, etc. If you want to believe your superstitious nonsense, feel free, but keep it to yourselves.

    1. darrell says:

      nah john, someone would have had a special for those who would just burn a copy of the koran in a barrell to make up for it.

    2. aubreyfarmer says:

      And surely you would be able to shoot your mouth off if America had been founded by Muslims.

    3. Ruth Mehagan Smith says:

      I would not go to his biz as I would not quote it just as you and everyone else has that right. But I sure would not expect to get same price of those who did. Just a FYI the Jiffy lube or what ours is called Shawnee lube has a ladies day of 5 dollors off. so if you are a man u do not get that. He also has a SUV discount days and if I don;t have an SUV I don’t get the discount. This is no differant.

    4. Tommy Rigsby says:

      Why is anybody “up in arms” over words? Words are just words, just because they are arranged to make the verse John 3:16, doesn’t mean you have to believe them. If I had to quote the Koran, or bring a certain picture out of Playboy or Hustler, I could or I could not depending if I CHOSE to take the discount.

  30. Meshach says:

    First, as a point of disclosure, not only am I an active and evangelizing Christain, over the years I have been prviliged to share the gospel with many persons who have accepted Christ.

    Second, I believe in the freedom of speech, and that it is one of the most important rights I sought to protect during my military service.

    With that said, I cannot believe, but am not totally surprised by, the number of Christians unwilling to see that this policy is both illegal and contrary to sound Christian evangelism.

    Of course it is illegal. A business open to the publc cannot discrminate based on religion. While everyone can say the verse, devout Jews, Muslims or Sikhs cannot do so without violating their faith. It is the same as making a discount contingent on eating pork. Can you imagine Kroger givng a 50% discount for Baptists only? for people who will recite the KKK oath only? For any person who will spit on a crucifix? For those who will say Jesus is only a carpenter and not the son of God?

    As to effective evangelism, I cannot remember once in the Bible where a person was converted by an act of human discrimination. In the real world of sharing our faith, people know that the conversation must be voluntary. Even when I have shared Christ in Jail (as a lay chaplain), I have made sure the inmate[s] know their participation is voluntary and that they do not have to talk to me. To make a discount contingent on a gospel presentation is far from voluntary and certainly not a manner to plant and water gospel seed effectively

    While this businessman may be well meaning, and I hope he is, I wish he had prayed a little harder before starting this ill-conceived policy.

    1. darrell says:

      its about as illegal as affirmative action which requires public companies to discriminate based on race in hiring practices.
      or grocery stores offering discounts if you use their in store card.

    2. aubreyfarmer says:

      Your statements are proven wrong every day by outreach missions all over the world were people must listen to someone evangelize before being allowed to partake of free food and drink and a place to spend the night. So, based on your position, anyone looking for a handout is being violated if they subscribe to any other faith except Christianity. How is this any different? People are being rewarded for listening to a message about salvation and it is left up to them whether or not they believe it. Remember the Sermon on the Mount and the bread and fishes given to those that came to listen to Christ’s message. Were these people’s rights also violated? Lawyers that were contacted, as stated in the article said they did not see any illegality, so what makes you such an expert?

    3. PB says:

      you think the only person who can read a bible verse is a Christian? You are incorrect. Reading or reciting this verse doesn’t make them Christian anymore than it makes you a mathematician to use a calculator. Get a grip.

    4. Dilligas says:

      I presume then that it is your opinion that he is discrimnating against chriatians who do not quote the requested verse for the discount as well then, correct?

  31. Pam L says:

    God bless this man! If anyone is having prolbems using his coupon then they are the ones under conviction – it should not be this man. I’ve not seen a coupon that didn’t have requirements – use by this date, only good at this store, cannot be doubled – dress like this farm animal – wear this teams colors or logo – ALL coupons have stipluations – Mr. Wittingtons says quote a verse of scripture! Not only am I willing to quote but will drive the distance to show suppport. This is MY opinion – Thank God we live in a country that allows everyone to voice an opinion!

  32. lygia says:

    They do have the right to give a discount for what ever they personal see fit. I do not have a problem with anything they feel is worthy of giving discount to people for. That does not mean I would support then, which is also my right. In response to prayer in schools, I was speaking of organized prayer. Actually our principal prayer over the intercom in the morning and that is no longer allowed..

  33. stevethemechanic says:

    I wish the story had details about the $46.00 charge, I’m sure he approved all other work & the dollar amount before any work began.

    The Shop owner did not require anyone to accept Jesus Christ as theor savior, simply qoute a bible verse.

    The bad guy in this story is the customer

  34. johnl says:

    Texas. *facepalm* Been there twice and couldn’t wait to leave that cesspool. This only reinforces what I thought about the place.

    BTW: How’s that prayer for rain coming along?

    1. S--tkicker says:

      Not too bad. We got a torrential downpour last week here in Fort Worth. J@ck@ss.

      1. johnl says:

        AH. So it rained 3/4″ after 1500 homes destroyed by wildfires and 100 days of 100+ temps so that = “Prayers Answered by a Loving God (TM)” *Epic Facepalm*

        And really? S–tkicker? Is that the best name you could think of? If you’re the typical texan, I say we give the place back to Mexico.

      2. S--tkicker says:

        Relax, Johnnie. I’m an atheist. I was just pointing out that we finally did get some rain (it was bound to happen sooner or later, with or without prayer). The s–tkicker reference was because I live in Fort Worth, among a lot of s–tkickers.

        Jesus Christ, you’re sensitive. Go smoke a bowl and chill out.

    2. Know No God says:

      The facepalm thing is already old, johnl. Just sayin’… and it wasn’t 3/4 of an inch, it was more like 2″ in FW – it was because it would have eventually rained anyway, not because of prayer, so we agree there.

      BTW, I think he called you a j@ck@ss because this drought is nothing to joke about.

  35. irony says:

    Many of these comments are hilarious, the guy is just trying to get money out of you and you think its some miraculous, righteous thing. Great business move. Even the secular business owner in Texas should try this, as there are plenty of fools looking to hand you money so long as you pander to their interests. And then some of you here are getting super defensive when people voice their opposition to the promotion. Well let me just say that youre a hypocrite when you attack commenters who disagree or find it wrong, for you are trying to prevent commenters from doing roughly the same thing the business owner is doing: voicing their opinion, exercising their freedom.

  36. Jayne says:

    It’s not illegal, it’s just silly. People would be up in arms if he was having them quote from the Koran. I suppose in this area, it’s actually a brilliant marketing move. Just say Jesus and the sheep will all come running ready to throw their fists full of money at your feet. What was that thing about the temple and the money changers? Oh yeah, but that principle certainly wouldn’t apply here. I wonder what exactly, Mr. Whittington is being “made” to do? He’s not being persecuted for his beliefs, but for his ridiculous business practices. If you really want to quote a scripture for a discount, you should go with Ezekiel 23:20: “There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.” (NIV)

  37. Jayne says:

    And one more thing…it’s really poor way to attract people who are not Christians. Make them feel self conscious and weird and embarrassed for not knowing your religious book. This is not a way to spread the gospel. It’s a way to make money off the back of it.

    1. Mikey says:

      Why feel self conscious, weird, and embarrassed? You look it up, you tell him what it says. If you fell self conscious, weird, and embarrassed, maybe you need to think about why. Jesus is real. Open your heart to His love and your eyes to His Truth.

    2. Ruth Mehagan Smith says:

      He has the verse in large letters in his shop to where anyone can see it and just read it. So worries there just look at the posted verse and read it.

  38. Kathy Deen says:

    i commend you sir! Stand up for Christ and you shall not fall!

    1. Former Christian (now Jewish) says:

      I knew a lot of strong Christians in my lifetime who stood up for Christ, lived for Christ, and had people praying for them constantly. Three of them committed suicide, one died after suffering Parkinson’s for over 20 years, one died of cancer within six months, and another died of a brain tumor.

      “The healing hand held back by the deepened nail. Follow the god that failed.” – Metallica

      1. PB says:

        so you think that their faith was the cause of their afflictions? You live in a sad, sad world.

      2. Atheist Lawyer says:

        He’s not arguing cause and effect. He’s saying that to believe in that kind of thing is useless (I.e. is INEFFECTIVE). Do you even understand the term, “cause and effect”? What’s your IQ? 34?

      3. QWERTY says:

        Cut PB a break. PB may have had too much “blood of Christ” today, and only APPEARS to be ret@rded.

  39. john says:

    if you do not like it take your money else where

  40. DoNotBelieve says:

    Personally, I’ll never go to this place for anything. I do not like people to push his/her believe onto anyone else. Of course, it’s a free country, this guy can do whatever he wants with his own business, and I also has the right to ignore him. Also, it’s a pity that he has to use the Bible to promote his business (don’t tell me he does this only for the love of God, if so, he should have offered it FREE!)

    1. Your Karma Ran Over My Dogma says:

      Hey – newsflash – Christianity IS a business. Where have you been?

    2. Andre says:

      I must say that you are not doing a good job of “ignoring” him

  41. Jayne says:

    The love of God is free. An oil change for unbelievers costs DOUBLE! Awesome. I bet Zombie Jesus is proud.

    1. Davee says:

      What is the regular price for an oil change? Do business actually charge double to nonbelievers?
      I receive coupons in the mail, DFW clipper, etc all the time for cheaper oil changes, haircuts, etc….just use one of those establishments you are not offended by. You will still receive the same deal in most cases.
      I wonder how many of these folks, including you and myself, live in the Plano area? Would any of us EVEN drive to Plano for this deal? Even if we believed in it?
      This businessman just made a savvy move that increased his presence and gained free advertising amidst all the quick auto care places in the metro.
      Good thinking.

      1. Pam says:

        I live in the Rockwall area and YES I will drive there to have my oil changed in support of Mr. Wittington’s coupon but more his Christain stance.

  42. Davee says:

    Wow, I think I’ll file suit against Albertson’s. I’m in NO way a Dallas Cowboys fan, but, when I wear my Denver Broncos jersey, I don’t get the Sunday discount.
    Go figure. Hmmm

  43. Jenai says:

    Kwik Kar is a scam bait and switch company. Check out Yelp and ripouffreport.com. I no longer use this chain after repeated inspections over the years that ALWAYS ended up requiring me to purchase products they just happen to have in stock to pass inspection, only to realize later I paid four times the retail price for stock items such as wiper blades and headlights and tire stems. I have never seen any evidence of respectable business ethics demonstrated by this franchise.

    All you christians just go on over there and make your point…. anyone else who would rather not get ripped off can contact the company headquarters and express their opinion at:
    Kwik Industries, Inc.
    4725 Nall Road
    Dallas, TX 75244
    (800) 442-5368

    1. DDT says:

      I have NEVER been shafted by Kwik Kar in Roanoke, TX on Byron Nelson Blvd. I go there all the time, since one of my vehicles is now out of warranty and I don’t need to go to the dealership. That location is very honest. Let’s not paint the whole chain with a broad brush.

  44. Wesley says:

    I believe that Kwik Kar was within their legal rights, and I found it odd that Mr. Wei went in, changed his mind, and then contacted a news organization, which makes it appear he had an agenda as well. However, as a Christian this story saddens me because it is not furthering the cause of Christ. Had I been there I would have paid for the man’s oil change. If the owner REALLY wanted to bring glory he should have told Mr. Wei the oil change was on him.

  45. Txbrat says:

    God Bless You Sir, I appreciate you for standing up for your Christian beliefs! You will certainly now have my business. Keep the faith and don’t let the naysayers get to you.

  46. Adrian says:

    I would have quoted the man the scripture and then had a discussion with him about how his religion is false and destructive and how atheism frees one’s mind from the oppression of totalitarian dogma. Your evil god who burns innocent people in hell does not exist; he is an invention of sick and twisted minds from a time before the Enlightenment.

    1. Bob says:

      Really sorry for whatever happened to make you such a bitter person.

      1. Gray Matter says:

        Adrian, as a fellow atheist, may I say, “RELAX”. Atheism is a faith, too. We can’t PROVE scientifically the existence or non-existence of God. Let people believe in what they want to. One of us will be right in the end, or maybe none of us will. Life is too short to argue over such unprovable things.

    2. IActuallyReadtheBible says:

      But wasn’t atheism the religion of communist Russia? Didn’t the Soviets fanatically hold a totalitarian dogma that killed Jews and Christians? Or is my memory fading? All you commies are the same.

      1. JR says:

        Sure thing bud and Christians from the past have never persecuted or oppressed anyone…….hypocrite.

      2. GetReal says:

        Libertarian Atheist here. 1. Atheism is not a religion. 2. Communism is designed so that the people will hold the government as their god, much like the 1st Commandment. 3. xtianity, islam, judaism etc are ALL totalitarian dogmas. If you would actually read the bible, you would figure out that xtianity is one of the most barbaric religions known to man. Of course, the majority of so-called christians never actually read the bible. They just give their money to a guy to tell the little sheep what to think. Religion is nothing more than a totalitarian ponzi scheme.

      3. Atheist Lawyer says:

        I agree with you, except on one point. A Ponzi scheme requires people (at least some of the duped) to be paid back on their “investment”. What church does that in monetary terms? The investment is returned with fluff and empty promises built on contradictory information whilst the “man of God” buys a jet, houses it at Alliance, and lives in mansion (Ed Young, Jr. for example). I know more of “The Word” than most of those charlatans, anyway, being raised AG, then Baptist. They’re all about selling books, creating an image and amassing cash these days – and nothing else.

    3. Irchr says:

      Adrian, your form of “religion” is just as evil as the ones you are describing. I fear you more than I fear the muslims. Chill out dude, I think you need lots of help. GOD OR NO GOD you are messed up.

  47. davec says:

    COOL ! Someone is combatting the moral decay in Californication!

    Dont like it, wash your car at home.

    Odd that this sort of thing isnt a problem when the left wing anti religious activists want to do it!

  48. JR says:

    After reading all these comments, its amazing to think about how 90% of them would totally flip or not even post if this article was about a business owner requesting you recite a verse from the Koran to get a discount.

    All of you self important hypocritical Christians who are clammoring about free speech and freedom of religions would be up in arms.

  49. Brian Louis says:

    Whoever is complaining about this is special. If a business owner wanted me to stand on my head to receive a discount and I didn’t feel like standing on my head, then that’s my business, I’ll shop elsewhere. I’m not going to call the local newspaper or try to sue the business. That is entirely un-American and utterly ridiculous.

    1. irchr says:

      I totally agree, this is a non issue.

  50. Donna says:


    1. Irchr says:

      Lower your GOD to such standards? what standards would that be. I find that a very strange comment. GOD isn’t lowered nor is the person who chooses to quote it for an oil change. I find your comment to be very strange and like you don’t get it. Just saying.

  51. Todd Sessions says:

    So, this opens the door for a Muslim-owned store to offer discounts if the customer recites, “There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet?”

    1. JR says:

      Absolutely and can you imagine the different comments on here regarding “freedom of speech and religion”…….or lack thereof.

      I am no fan of Islam, trust me, but I also am no fan of these hypocritical blinder wearing Christian elitists.

    2. PB says:

      yes, pretty much. I would appreciate if they did so, so I would know where to NOT go.

    3. irchr says:

      why would this be any different. If you don’t want to quote it then go elswhere. I am not offended by either offer. I get to chose where I go, now if I was forced to go there and say it, that would be different. But I have choices and I can make them or not. it is a non issue for me.

    4. J. Holt says:

      Your too late. I used to work for a doctor about 10 years ago that gave discounts only to muslims. There’s no difference.

  52. mathman54 says:

    Early Bird Special! Present this coupon before 5pm and get two meals for the price of one! (I demand you honor my coupon at 6pm when I want to eat!)

    Special Harry Potter Matinee! Dress as your favorite character and get in for Half Price! (I demand to be let in for half price and I plan on complaining about those geeks in their costumes, too!)

    Three Day Sale! Friday, Saturday, Sunday Only! (I’m going to be out of town this weekend. Give me the sale price on Wednesday or I’ll never do business with you again.)

    Put your hand on this car! The last one to remove their hand wins the car! (How unfair to demand I do anything to win that car! If it isn’t an unbiased random draw, the State Attorney General should look into it!)

  53. Austin T. Kling says:

    God bless that store owner

  54. amfh says:

    It’s clever marketing, for sure. The man knows (a majority) of his potential customer demographic. In other words, in the guise of “standing up for Christianity”, he is pandering for the sake of profit.

    And just look how many WILL drive to his shop now….(they will more than make up for those who will never patronize him because of this). He knew exactly what he was doing. Besides, look at all the free publicity this has generated – on the news for God’s sake (pun intended).

    And to those of you who keep harping that “God has been taken out of schools”…no….schools allow a moment of silence (AFTER the Pledges of Allegiance (both to the US flag and the Texas flag, BTW) and a child can pray if they choose. Nobody stops a student from saying grace at lunchtime, either. And I guarantee you some will pray before taking a test, lol. It’s teacher or student-led prayer that is gone and that’s a good thing. What if a Wiccan got a turn to say the prayer over that loud speaker? Y’all would be up in arms about that, for sure.

    All that being said, the man can do what he wants, since nothing about this violates any law.

  55. Candace says:

    I’d bet money that were this guy to move to Utah tomorrow that he’d change his tune real quick about his freedom of speech. Because in Utah he’d either have to deny god or quote from the Book of Mormon to get his oil change discount. I always found it funny that when I lived in Utah people like the guy who owns this shop were the first in line to complain about Mormons and atheists when they were not the majority.

    Someday he will get his, and I’m sure he’ll whine about the separation of church and state when his beliefs are no longer dominant. Because in Utah, the evangelicals side with the liberals. Why? Their precious beliefs are a minority, and so they have to live with it. Oh, the horror.

    You want freedom of speech? It also applies to folks who are not evangelical. And freedom of religion (or lack of it) also applies to everyone.

    The line the Mormons and the atheists in Utah use is “we’re the majority! so shut up already!” Believe me, there will come a time when the same is true in Texas and I’m sure that the mainline Christians will be the first in line to complain about the lack of separation of church and state.

    I’ve seen it with my own eyes in Utah. C

  56. baoxian says:

    The guy quoted in the story is an idiot. Nobody is “compelling” him to go to this shop to get an oil change or quote from the Bible. He isn’t owed anything by the shop, nor is the shop owner owed his business. It’s a mutual transaction between two free individuals.

    The real problem here is the customer thinking that he’s owed something because he was offended by something he was in no way required to do, by a shop he was in no way required to patronize. Then what? Cry to the government, of course.

  57. AllKnowingOne says:

    Jesus was the first socialist. The USA and its system built for and by the money changers would be enemy number one in the eyes of Christ.

    1. baoxian says:

      This ‘Jesus was a socialist BS’ is the biggest lie on the internet. Socialism is the government pointing a gun at you and taking away your wealth to redistribute as they see fit. Jesus taught voluntary giving from individual to individual out of love and respect.

    2. Ruth Mehagan Smith says:

      The money changers were in the temple there is a differance.

  58. Scott Martin says:

    Yeah, like this guy didn’t intend all along to cause a problem…that is the true STINKER to this story.

    He felt compelled to stand his ground on principle…now wait for the lawsuit.


  59. Jed says:

    I’m amazed at atheists reactions to stories like this. Rational ppl do not take this strong a stance against something (God) whom they believe doesn’t exist. Second is how the atheist’s stance against religion goes directly against their own believes in evolution. If an individual’s faith in God enhances their chances of survival, then it’s only logical the atheist support them under the Darwinian belief in survival of the fittest. The atheist’s own actions indicate they don’t believe in their own belief system. Just saying.

  60. mdnytx says:

    Those who think that the coupon scheme is a good idea have already had their “lube job.”

  61. Trevor says:

    I find it dumb but it is his business and can do what he wants since it is breaking no laws.

  62. said says:

    I tell you C.W. many times, Whites and Christians don’t stick together. Everyone thinks they are smarter then the next one. Take Meshach the preacher (reference comment from above), he does not know the difference between being a preacher and a teacher. You C.W. my friend are a teacher of men. Meshach is a preacher, he motivates individuals, he does not teach them. You C.W. not only teach, you back it up by your deeds, (Viet Nam, Africa, South America) building schools, putting in water wells, teaching farming techniques. Living your live in a truly Godly manner. If people would take the time to know who you are and that you are a true believer of what you believe in.
    I have learned many good things from you my friend and never once have you preached at me, not once. Never have you asked me who or what I believe in.
    You teach me every time I come by, the ways you handle difficult situations and how you handle people. You teach me by going to counties that you know no one and do good things for the poor people. I am glad to have met you. Maybe some day I take you to my country, where if you don’t believe in their God they kill you if they can not convert you. Maybe all of America should come home with me and see what happens if you do not obey the laws and the book they make everyone learn. Love You America, but please be good to each other

  63. Randy Darrah says:

    It’s his business,and if he want’s to do this, he has the freedom to do so. If you or anyone else don’t like it, either go somewhere else and get your oil changed or do it yourself. I guarantee you if it was some raghead who wanted you to quote a verse from the Koran, nobody would say a word about it, would they? What happened to freedom?

    1. JTOM says:

      It is not a “Rag”
      It is a little Sheet used in their ceremonial rites.
      Please refer to those people as “Little Sheet Heads”

  64. Tommy says:

    As an agnostic, I stand by the store owner and his right to do business how he sees fit. This is a fundamental principal of the U.S. We should be ashamed at ourselves for flying the discrimination flag, and making this a mountain instead of the mole-hill it really is. We have religious freedom in this country, and as long as he is not forcing anyone to pray to his God, then so what.
    Having said that I will not be taking advantage, because I would not want to insult his beliefs, because I don’t share them, but I would gladly defend his right to belive with every fiber of my being.

    1. Libby says:

      What if he said to get a discount you must stick your face in a bag of dog poop………….no difference here, they are both piles of S

      1. MrsFudd says:

        Nice show of tolerance there, LIbby.

  65. Andrew Karl says:

    I guess a private business owner has a right to discriminate against non-christians if he chooses, but I’m sure if he required patrons to chant “white power” the authorities would find some legalistc way to harass him.

    1. Geno says:

      You don’t have to become a Christian to use it – you are simply reciting some words. Lighten up.

  66. JTOM says:

    So those of you that object to this would think that if the coupon read “Buy one Get One Free” that you should not have to buy one, just get the free one?
    It is a condition of the deal. If you don’t agree with the condition, you don’t have to buy there. Simple.

  67. Geno says:

    It’s a private business – they can do whatever they like with their coupon. If you don’t like it, don’t go. Good grief! Hush!

  68. Bryan says:

    Why are atheist so vocally bitter and angry? Oh, that’s right…

  69. ACLU-Satans Club says:

    Maybe they should have used the aclu version
    for peter pan so loved the world that she gave us tinker bell that whoever believes them shall exist until part 32 subsection d or article 6.23 which, well, you get the gest….I just love making fun of those jokers

  70. darrell says:

    @ Underwear
    native americans killed each other of land, resorces and to enslave their enemies long before pilgrims ever discovered america. pilgrims had the advantage of technology and organization. that was the difference.

  71. darrell says:

    having sat back and watched the wide range of comments from all sides this is my opinion.
    first, it isnt against any law. second it isnt discriminatory.
    its no worse than telling your child they cant have pudding after dinner unless they eat all of their vegetables. or that santa clause wont come see them if they are not good kids. on another scale its no worse than your boss telling you that if you dont meet your production requirements you will not get a bonus. this add as well as the things i listed all do the same thing. they promise you some time of reward for meeting certain criteria. none of them require the person to actually do whatever it is that they are asked.

  72. cf says:

    I’m agnostic, but I’d say it because it has about as much power as a nursery rhyme to me. And the more it’s said, the less meaning it has, and the less impact it has on those of us who don’t abide by that religious law. So more power to him.
    Relax, there is no god!

  73. Jed says:

    @ cf. You are an atheist, not an agnostic. ag·nos·tic ”a person who holds that the existence of the ultimate cause, as God, and the essential nature of things are unknown and unknowable, or that human knowledge is limited to experience.”

    a·the·ist “a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings.”

  74. Steve says:

    I’m sure this dumb hick out in Plano is real proud he got himself on TV. Pass the chicken-fried.

  75. bd maus says:

    Marshall Wei, say hello to the bad guy

  76. John Blackadder says:

    Is it me, or have we had an unusual rash of freakshows this summer?
    Bring on the clowns!

  77. comprof says:

    His business! He should be able to do whatever he wants. No one has to use his business. I t is called “freedom” which we are rapidly losing.

  78. Buzz Fuzzel says:

    Dallas attorney Andy Siegel said, “The study of the Bible has many rewards. I’m not sure that God intended a lube discount to be among its many riches.”

    Freedom is the primary reward God offers and this man is free to demonstrate that. Anyone who objects is free to not participate.

    That may offend the “progressive” gestapo, but I suspect that is part of God’s plan as well.

  79. Palmer1943 says:

    My recommendation would be that if any of the folks listed below feel uncomfortable having another religion jammed down your throat, avoid this business like the plague. It is obvious that he does not want your business. Did I mention that I think he is also ignorant and stupid? but then what do I know. Doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between him and the Radical Jihadists.

    Islam: 1.5 billion
    Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist: 1.1 billion
    Hinduism: 900 million
    Chinese traditional religion: 394 million
    Buddhism: 376 million
    primal-indigenous: 300 million
    African Traditional & Diasporic: 100 million
    Sikhism: 23 million
    Juche: 19 million
    Spiritism: 15 million
    Judaism: 14 million
    Baha’i: 7 million
    Jainism: 4.2 million
    Shinto: 4 million
    Cao Dai: 4 million
    Zoroastrianism: 2.6 million
    Tenrikyo: 2 million
    Neo-Paganism: 1 million
    Unitarian-Universalism: 800 thousand
    Rastafarianism: 600 thousand
    Scientology: 500 thousand

    1. YRofTexas says:

      Poor poor fool!

      Embrace the world = loss of the soul.

      High price to follow FALSE religions!

      Christ said that HE is the ONLY way to the Father, and the Father is the only way to ETERNAL LIFE.
      You happy with your short visit here on planet earth…so be it. Such a small value you place on your Eternal Soul!!!

    2. Ruth Mehagan Smith says:

      He’s not blowing up his own people and others as well. so it is difference.

  80. darrell says:

    return to vulcan, your logic is flawed. stay away from the phazer, you might hurt yourself.

  81. Will says:

    If you recite the koran, do virgins do the work?

  82. Echelon says:

    While the business owner is free to make such an offer, and while some may even call it a commendable thing to do, deserving of honorable mention here are Jason Allen’s finely-honed propaganda skills. In the second sentence of his article, he managed to transform the business owner’s offer from, “Here’s the normal price; however, we’ll give you a discount if you’ll read the verse,” into, “Here’s the normal price, but if you don’t read the verse we’ll punish and penalize you by jacking up the cost.”

  83. Thomas says:

    I’m glad this article came up. I have been there in the past and will def not be going back to give these bible thumpers my money.

  84. Jonathan Kent says:


  85. Peggy Moore says:

    I think you were unfair interviewing only ONE person who was against repeating the verse. Why did you not interview a person who had repeated the verse and get both sides?
    Way to go Mr Charles Custer, we need more people like you!

  86. corey says:

    Honestly, I don’t care if the owner uses this, it’s not a violation of the law, nor is he required to hide his Christian beliefs as a private businessman. The coupon explicitly states that the recital of the quote is part of the value of the deal, and he isn’t forcing anyone to either come to his store or recite the scripture.

    All that being said, it’s tiresome to see this type of action being taken on both sides of the issue. Certain left-leaning people love to rub their atheism and deism in peoples’ faces just as much as certain right-leaning people like to rub their Christianity in peoples’ faces. While I think it’s kinda funny he did this, I really don’t care, and I don’t consider him any more of a “patriot” for doing it.

  87. Dominic Carabello says:

    It’s a PRIVATE business…the guy can offer WHATEVER deals he CHOOSES. You Christ-haters who have a problem with this are simply FASCISTS…PERIOD.

    BTW, although I despise false religions like Islam, if a Muslim businessman does something like that with a Quran verse, I have NO PROBLEM with that, because it’s HIS PRIVATE BUSINESS & he can do what he CHOOSES.

  88. Tyrone says:

    Charlie Whittington is not a Christian. He’s an apostate.

  89. Echelon says:

    The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 (gcide)

    Compel Com*pel”, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Compelled; p. pr. & vb. n. Compelling.] [L. compellere, compulsum, to drive together, to compel, urge; com- + pellere to drive: cf. OF. compellir. See Pulse.]

    1. To drive or urge with force, or irresistibly; to force; to constrain; to oblige; to necessitate, either by physical or moral force. [1913 Webster]

    2. To take by force or violence; to seize; to exact; to extort. [R.]

    3. To force to yield; to overpower; to subjugate.

    Syn: To force; constrain; oblige; necessitate; coerce. See Coerce.

    WordNet (r) 2.0 (wn)

    1: force or compel somebody to do something.

    2: make someone do something [syn: command, require]

    If Wei felt compelled to do something he did not want to do, including going to the business in the first place, then I want to know who compelled him, and what weapons, threats, extortion and etc. were used to compel him.

  90. max frisson says:

    Of course it is legal, conditional discounts have few if any regulatory limits. But in the most recent studies, over 15% claim to be non-believers and among under 30 the percentage almost doubles. That cuts out a large market share, add Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, not so sure this guy is the best marketer in all of Plano, TX.

    And FYI, if I see that Xian fish symbol on your business, I will not shop there and I know lots of people that feel the same way. You might at well put KKK and a Rebel flag

    1. Jed says:

      Or an Obama campaign sticker.

  91. Grasshopper Junction says:

    Good for Mr. Whittington for expressing his belief in God, it seems everyone else is so politicly correct and willing to do exactly what he establishment tells them to. It is about time to get rid of the liberal progressive hold on our Country.

  92. Matt says:

    I would quote John 3:16 and follow it up with Ezekiel 23:20: “There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.” In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  93. bob says:

    Solomon and Israel would like a word with the store owner.

    Christianity truly is predicated on people being ignorant of the Hebrew Bible. But, hey, let us face it, the REAL god of Christianity is Paul of Tarsus the enemy of the Jesus movement.

  94. misha says:

    Good for this store owner. No one put a gun to this customer’s head and made him go there. He made the decision not to recite the verse (which is his right). He WAS treated like everyone else…anyone who did not quote the verse paid full price. He knew the stipulations and yet he wants to whine about being mistreated. If I had a coupon that said I had to quote from a Satanic Bible to get a discount, if I disagreed with that, I simply would not shop there. If I backed out at the last moment and still had the oil changed, I would expect to pay the full price….and if a business owner did want to have quotes from the Satanic Bible (or a Fairy Tale or the back of a cereal box), then that would be his right.

  95. Farmer Bob says:

    “. . . and how atheism frees one’s mind from the oppression of totalitarian dogma.” — Adrian

    No one can fail to be impressed by how atheism freed the minds of the communists and the Nazis from the “oppression of totalitarian dogma.” And just today I read of a grade school teacher who fights such oppression by punishing students who say “bless you” when another child sneezes.

    In any case, I change my own oil, by God’s grace.

    1. GetReal says:

      If you would actually look at history, Hitler (the Nazi dictator) was a CATHOLIC!!!!

      And Communism is designed to have the government be worshipped. Free minds are skeptical of ANYTHING that claims to need worshipping. The atrocities perpetrated by the communist regimes had nothing to do with enforcing atheism. They had more to do with ensuring that the state was receiving the peoples’ worship (aka subservience), much like the Catholic Church during the Inquisition.

  96. bob says:

    And by the way. For the uninformed and ignorant.

    America was not founded as a christian nation. Our founding fathers HATED christianity with a passion. In fact most Americans then were FLEEING Christianity that had taken over and caused the Dark Ages in Europe.

    Our founding Fathers were DEIST. They believed in a Creator, many followed the TEACHINGS of Jesus, but they rejected Christianity as a FALSE RELIGION based upon the false Apostle Paul, the ENEMY OF THE JESUS MOVEMENT!

    Get informed people!

    1. Farmer Bob says:

      Hated with a passion? How curious. I wonder why the same Founding Fathers held religious services in both the Treasury building and the Supreme Court building I wonder why congress had/has a chaplain. The country was unquestionably founded in Christian beliefs by Christians. It’s true, Jefferson had a problem with Paul and edited the new Testament to suit himself. But he didn’t have a problem with Jesus.

  97. Alex Storm says:

    I have been to that business with a coupon, I ended up paying more than expected, but I was not asked to quote anything. I opted to never return for other reasons.

    1. Tommy Rigsby says:

      Then why did you pay?

  98. Alex Storm says:

    I Just wanted to add:

    The do-good religious think they are discriminated against for their beliefs. they are not discriminated against – people can just spot jerks when they see them.

  99. Farmer Bob says:

    It’s interesting that is most Christian countries, you are free to be an atheist; but in most atheist countries, you are not free to be a Christian.

  100. Bo Jiden says:

    Look at this whiner. “Why can’t you treat me like everyone else?”

    You are, dude. They have to quote the scripture too. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else. Nobody’s violating your rights or forcing you into anything.

    Just think, if the coupon had said you have to kiss a pig we wouldn’t have had to listen to all these dimbulb atheists and their wisdomless genius. It’s the Christian aspect that brings these “Anyone But God” lemmings out of the woodwork.

  101. Farmer Bob says:

    The Frenchman, Alexis de Tocqueville said in the 1800’s:

    “I sought for the key to the greatness and genius of America in her harbors. . .; in her fertile fields and boundless forests; in her rich mines and vast commerce; in her public school system and institutions of learning. I sought for it in her democratic Congress and in her matchless Constitution. Not until I went into the churches of America and heard her pulpits flame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power. America is great because America is good and, if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”

  102. JCrowe says:

    CBSDFW – why dont you portait this event as your readers see it? Instead you liberal punks jump on the “hate christians” band wagon because it it the latest fad. I dont necesarilly agree or disagree with Mr. Whittingtons promotion tactic but I damn sure disagree with how CBSDFW spins this. Bottom line is I would rather do business with Kwik Kar than CBSDFW because he stands for soemthing.

  103. Joe says:

    This is a private business. There is no separation of church and oil changes. If this is such a terrible idea than the free market will work it out and people will not go there.

  104. JusSayin says:

    First thing, I’m agnostic. When I saw this on the news, I was not outraged, offended, nor left with a feeling of discrimination. I’m actually proud of the owner for attempting to spread goodwill using his business as the vehicle. Further, regardless of your faith or lack thereof, the common person realizes that the Holy Book was intended to do good, not bad. You don’t have to believe in God, however, to be educated in its contents. Ever heard of a theology class, folks? Faith has absolutely nothing to do with quoting a work. The beauty of America is that we have a voice, and a choice. Mr. Wei needs to trudge on down the road and see if they’ll discount his oil change for being a petty ass. And, Mr. Seigel, if you knew your stuff, you’d know that God works in mysterious ways. This may well be one of them.

  105. Tuscaneer says:

    “The opposite of the religious fanatic is not the fanatical atheist but the gentle cynic who cares not whether there is a god or not.” — Eric Hoffer

  106. lee evans says:

    I watched the report on cbs11 last night. So dissapointing to see 11 jump on the liberal midea band-wagon, bashing christians. 11 usually does a better job presneting a news report in an objective manner. The reporting last night was presented in a biased manner. I almost switched channels. Locally hundreds, probably thousands, of christians are pleased with his approach and ad…and one muslim (or whatever) makes the news… Good grief cbs11 – get a life!..or lose a customer, a bunch of ’em.

  107. Tuscaneer says:

    “He was an embittered atheist, the sort of atheist who does not so much disbelieve in God as personally dislike Him.” – George Orwell

    A rabid hatred of religion, religious people and of God merely identifies the hater as a person who hates himself. His hatred of God confirms both his belief in and his resentment of Him. Usually such a person has identified an incurable defect in himself, for which he can never forgive his Creator. He “disbelieves” in God in order to spite God.

  108. K Voss says:

    I am fine with the coupon and hope it will start more of the working American speaking out and doing what he feels is right. Why would this idiot even complain! He could always go back to his on country and leave the U.S. or he could have gone home, read the verse and gotten his discount. Just another way for the foreigner to get his way. I personally am tired of this kind of thing.

  109. Gary Brown says:

    It would be just fine if a private business owner required someone to recite a verse of the Koran or a verse from the Satanic Bible in order to get a discount on an oil change. Of course, he might lose business that way but that’s what FREEDOM is all about! Wow, FREEDOM, what a concept!

    Sometimes I want to get in my William Wallace mode and just shout FREEDOM!!!!!

  110. David Deal says:

    This business owner has the right to do anything he wants to do. If you do not like it, take your business elsewhere. Ever saw the No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service at restaurants. Based on the people who think the Kwik Kar is discriminating, then restaurants with the No Shirt etc sign are also discriminating against people who want to go barefoot. How about the one that says no handguns allowed? Is this discrimination against gun owners?

  111. Kevin Bower says:

    I can’t express it better than most everyone else has already. God made us with free will to believe in him or not. The choice is his to recite the verse and get the discount or not.

  112. darrell says:

    @alex seredin. shut up!
    every piece of land on this planet except antartica and a few volcanic atolls has been conquered at least once most many times. its what humans, all humans do best. native americans fought each other over land, resorces and for slaves made from captured enemies. american settlers had technology and organization on their side.

  113. robert says:

    If you not okay joe with say that…you go another place. okay joe?

  114. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    “The Christian God is a being of terrific character – cruel, vindictive, capricious, and unjust” ~ Thomas Jefferson

    ———– http://911essentials.com

  115. bitters says:

    What’s the problem? He stated very clearly the terms of the coupon..it was not a ‘bait and switch’. If you don’t like the terms..don’t go there.

    Three cheers for a man who have convictions he’s willing to take a stand for..

  116. william says:

    I LOVE IT, I believe his business will flourish!

  117. Tom Stephenson says:

    Well done! You don’t like it? Go somewhere else – otherwise – keep an open mind (like most liberals claim they do) and learn something that will save your soul!

  118. Sparky2 says:

    Outstanding! A private businessman doing what he thinks is good. It’s a great biblical Bible verse and full of good. The liberal Democrats are going to be really upset with this..because it supports Christianity.

    1. darrell says:

      liberals have to change tampons everytime something rains on their agenda parade or something bursts their grasp on reality bubble.
      democrats get upset when something isnt free and handed to them on a golden platter while they sit on their fat duffs.

  119. V R Guelpa says:

    I am amazed at the hysterical criticism. I’m pretty sure an atheist can change your oil; one probably already has. I am blessed in so many ways but understand that others aren’t. Perhaps this won’t fly in some places, here it will. Try opening an ‘all atheist all the time’ garage in this town and wait for customers. Stupid.

  120. T Wilkison says:

    The owner may have a “right” to require the bible verse recital for the discount.
    But is it “right” to do so for Christianity? It is different.

    As some others have said, many other things could be required for the discount:
    Wear school colors or have to say “Go (team name)” to show support for local high school. Or something like pay for the oil change with only a pre-1965 silver dime.
    Odd things like that.

    It’s just different enough to seem a little weird. People are indeed getting tired of having their religion trampled on, even by the govt that is supposed to protect it. This is merely this man’s method to reinforce his beliefs to others.

  121. Steven says:

    The problem that I see with this coupon is that there are no gods. So coercing people into a shared delusion seems counter productive. Why are people supporting this nonsense?

  122. keith says:

    it is discrimination of sorts. Ok so he can believe what he wants, but he can’t force that upon others by requiring people to recite a bible verse to get a discount. That’s just wrong…no different than if a Jehovah’s Witness comes to your door and forces your door to stay open while they preach their mumbo jumbo

  123. darrell says:

    LOL, after reading all of these widely opinionated posts my deviant sense of humor has acted up.
    this would not be too far removed from a really hot lady of the night offering a free liaison in exchange for buying her $100 raincoats.

  124. T Wilkison says:

    Please, believers…..don’t waste your time trying to teach others the gospel in a format like this. It cheapens it (the gospel, not this format!), and you will only aggrevate nonbelievers even more.

    Yes, share your testimony and your faith, but let’s leave all the bible verses out of this format. It’s better to teach your faith to your neighbors and fellow workers where it will make a better impression.

    1. joe345243 says:

      Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

  125. T.J. says:

    I think this is a very creative way to be a fisher of men and to get people to think about the very verse that explains the gospel in a nutshell. People who know the verse get the discount and those who REALLY WANT that discount will do the work to find out the verse. God works in mysterious ways. Some person may have a future testimony that ” I went looking for a discount oil change and found the Lord” ! Way to go oil change man!! PTL!!

  126. Bill Vernon says:

    How about I quote this one:

    “There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.” Ezekiel 23:20

  127. Jaytheist says:

    Just preface your recital of that Bible verse with “There is no evidence to support the veracity of the following statement…” That way you uphold your end of the agreement, and he should give you the discount. Although that seems like a way to fulfill your end of the agreement without speaking against your personal beliefs, I would still support his right to deny you the discount for doing so.

  128. gx says:

    “Whittington may be right that he can make the offer if he wants to.”

    may be right? he is absolutely right

  129. Dave Shaffer says:

    Gee…I go to Precision Auto Tune, and they don’t make me quote anything. And it only costs me $16.95. Oh…and NotSureWhatYourStudying? Look what was done to the Native Americans here in the name of “god”.

  130. Cynthia Bixby says:

    Matt 5:10Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

    11Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

  131. Gordon Campbell says:

    Mr Wei is a d*ckhead.He knew the requirement,he chose to whine like a bytch

  132. JohnAGJ says:

    Personally I think this is stupid and for evangelization purposes is counterproductive. However, I do think that he is well within his constitutionally-protected rights to be doing this.

  133. SaraJ says:

    I’ll quote any verse from any religious text for $20+ off of every service I pay for. NO PROBLEM!!!

  134. Bill says:

    I respect this merchant and applaud him for making a stand from his heart! He is not making anyone to do something they don’t want to do. Most coupons have some stipulation on them: date, time of day, age, AAA and AARP members get discounts that others don’t get an no one has ever complained about that!

  135. m hardy says:

    Deal with it. I think Christians should be more militant and radical. We should apologize for not being as aggressive as militant islam. It is time for Christians to be more radical. You don’t like it? Go elseware.

  136. kyle says:

    this country was founded on principles ,god, and freedom. You can pray how you want ,to who you want…and gripe about what you want, but you sure like making and spending our money that says “in god we trust” on it….you don’t mind carrying that around in your pocket do you…. go home to wherever you came from and complain to someone there….oh …..no one there will listen to you or care so you moved here….I forget. Too many people move here from other countries and want to complain and whine about some story like this…..pick up a hobby….oh yeah….welcome to America….now go home.

  137. Rob says:

    Dave said: Actually, the “Douay Rheims” (Bible) version is believed by “many scholars” to be the “most accurate” as it is “a direct translation.”

    Rob responded: As a Hebrew/Greek Bible scholar/teacher myself for more years than most people posting here have been alive, “every version” of the “Douay Rheims” (since the 1600’s) has been a “badly corrupted” version; from extra chapters added to the Book of Daniel, to the removal of the word “Repent” many, many, times (which is a God mandate); and replacing it with “Do Penance” (which is a Catholic/man mandate) … which isn’t even the same thing anyway; the first one (Repentance) earns you actual forgiveness from God Himself; the second one (Do Penance) earns you nothing, since nothing has actually been forgiven; especially since the Bible actually says that “Only God” can forgive sins; and God surely did not leave Roman Catholicism in-charge of that department; the Papacy merely usurped that authority for itself; thus, “Do Penance” has you coming back next Saturday again (for nothing) … and I could take you through the Psalms that have been totally changed and re-written in the “Douay Rheims” and now have no meaning at all (even the ones King David was Inspired by God to write); also, the “Douay Rheims” incorporates several of the “historical only” Apocryphas as “Sacred and Inspired text”… when in fact , they are not “Inspired by the Holy Spirit” books? And if you are going to say that they were “Inspired” (which they weren’t), why then did the Roman Catholic church wait until the Council of Trent (in 1546) to pronounce them as Sacred, since Roman Catholicism had already been around since the early third, to early fourth century? 1546 is nearly 1200 years “after” the Roman Catholic church was started, and clearly more than 1400 years after the “original manuscripts” were declared and witnessed as being both “Inerrant” and “Divinely Inspired” by “the actual first hand eyewitnesses” to the lives of both Jesus, and His apostles; and as for being a “direct translation” … it might actually be, just not a direct translation of God’s Holy “original” word. I say “no religion”- have a direct one-to-one “personal relationship” with God the Father, through His Son, Jesus; become “born again” (like is mandated by Jesus Himself in John 3:1-7) and forget all that religiosity stuff. Just like Peter being the first Pope; no such thing; Jews don’t become Catholics; Jesus would never have been a Catholic; to do so, He would have had to break His own “Hebrew” not “Catholic” Second Commandment; yet another major thing that Catholics totally changed to suit themselves; read the actual Hebrew version; you’ll be shocked. Today, His apostles would be called “Christian Jews” or “Messianic Jews;” (Saved by accepting Jesus as their LORD and Savior, Jews); but never a Catholic. Some Jews claim to be Jews, but are not, the Book of Revelation says; but “real Jews” would never convert; just wouldn’t happen, they call Gentiles “Goyim”… a very slanderous and offensive name … sorry, but Peter just wouldn’t do that, ever; ask any “real” Jew; how do I know these things? I was a staunch Catholic for 32 years; then I became born again.

    “Inspired by God”: In the Bible, these words would best mean: “to be dictated into the minds of the holy men of God; by God the Holy Spirit Himself.” That is the Biblical claim throughout Holy Scripture.

    “Prophet and Prophecy”: In the Bible, these two words had a very serious meaning. If a person in the Biblical times ever claimed to be a “prophet of God”… thus, went around saying “Thus says the LORD”… if that person was ever wrong even “one time”… claiming that God had said something when He (God) hadn’t, he was taken out of City, and stoned to death. Being a prophet was serious business; one error and it was lights out! So, for anyone to say that the Bible was written by man; and not God, is a very foolish statement. It’s like me having a secretary, and I dictate a letter to her; if you read it, it would sound like it was her speaking to you, but it would be me; she merely “penned” what she heard me say to her. God Himself spoke to His chosen holy men. The Bible claims that “All of Scripture” was “Inspired” by God the Holy Spirit”… none of it was by man; God said it, I didn’t; a person need only to accept or reject that claim by God.

    Sorry, I really didn’t mean to go on and on … but there is a lesson in there, friends.

  138. Tom Howard says:

    The dudes offering a discount if you quote a verse so what I quoted the big mac jingle 45 years ago and got a free big mac. If I didnt quote it my dad paid full price, this college educated brainwashed mindset even ruins the immigrants these days…

    1. Atheist Lawyer says:

      Excuse me, Tom, I graduated summa from Cornell Law School and I don’t have a problem at all with the discount stipulations. It’s all 100% legal, and to me, not even offensive. Please don’t paint all college-educated people as spoon-fed, brain-dead, liberal drones. Yes, I am an atheist, but I’m also, believe it or not, pro-life and conservative. How’s that for obliterating a stereotype? Some of us college-educated idiots actually think for ourselves and exercise common sense.

  139. Jerry Frey says:

    “If you haven’t any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.”
    Bob Hope

    And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.
    I Cor. 13:13

    For positive FACTS about Christianity that smashes atheism, pls visit:


  140. Scott Caywood says:

    I’ve known Charlie for over 35 years. He is just a really great guy. Donates a lot of his time and money to his church. Hard working family man, give you the shirt off his back kinda guy. And what a great verse to have a conversation about. Good going !

  141. joe jericho says:

    I live on the left coast and fight the socialists and communists all the time, but I gotta say, this is ridiculous. I hate it when people are trying to influence the behavior of others. To quote Nancy Reagan, just say no. Or not. Strange.

    1. Echelon says:

      Exactly right. He is free to say no and take his business to a competitor.

  142. former Lizzyanian says:

    While I’m amused at arbitrary, Texan nationalism only when Federal dollars are available; this is a straight property rights issue and frankly I’m a Christian.
    So f*ck you !

  143. Truth Detector says:

    Like President Obama, he’s all Wei-Wei-ed up!

  144. Echelon says:

    Congratulations, Jason. Your story has made the big time and 90% of the people posting about it have recognized your propaganda. Your hidden master will be disappointed in you. 😦

  145. Echelon says:

    archive dot org will have the original version of this article, from before it was edited in attempt to keep it from setting off the “agenda” flag…

  146. jiffy says:

    This guy does lube jobs he is not a trained theologin. Cut him a break he was just trying to live according to his convictions. Mr. Wei made a poor choice of business. Sorry Mr. Wei you can go to Jiffy Lube next time.

  147. John McGeough says:

    It is a private business so the coupon requirement is completely reasonable. I am for it 100%. If you don’t want to quote a bible verse or can’t then go somewhere else.

  148. Stone says:

    Charlie Whittington has accomplished his goal! He has people talking about the bible! Just look at the comments here on this article, no matter your beliefs people have running dialogs going with each other! It’s good for us to talk about it, it’s good for us to remember the principles this country was founded on and take full advantage of our freedoms! Maybe discussions like this will bring us to our knees in front of Almighty God, as that is our only hope of this great nations survival!

  149. joe3333333 says:

    As a private business owner, he has every right to do this. Customers also have the right to take their business elsewhere. No one is forcing the customer to recite the verse.

  150. Derek Vandivere says:

    The natives never formed a country? Google Iriquois Five Nations.

    And the Pilgrims did NOT go to the New Wolrd for religious freedom; they had religious freedom when they were living in Leiden. They went to the New World to impose their own religious intolerance; they were afraid the religious freedom they found in Holland would entice their kids away from Puritanism.

    /Nederland voor de win

  151. mossdale says:

    This is a great idea, and all Muslim business owners should require customers to recite the Koran to get a discount as well.

  152. mikey says:

    It’s freedom of religion, and not freedom FROM religion, that is protected, right?

  153. Dave, Tampa, FL says:

    Seems like a pretty idiotic idea and will generate more animosity towards Christians. That said, he has every right to do it and is in no way discriminating against anyone. Say a quote, get a discount, if you do not want to, don’t have to.

  154. Willis says:

    This Wei customer was just angry and flustered that he couldn’t remember one short verse. That’s when he changed his tune. Typical cheap customer. It’s not as if he needed to recite the book. sure, this is a unique idea, but valid since the lube owner is not requiring a passage be read for any regular priced services. Some companies require you to print out a coupon online, difficult four some of those without computer, printer, or the patience to configue one. All Wei had to do was remember one line of verse. He can lube up elsewhere next time if he doesn’t like it. What a baby.

  155. jim bob says:

    No different than asking a person to stand on there head a crow like a chicken. To get oil changed for 19.99. Bring in coupon, stand on head crow like chicken or quote bible verse. Get oil changed for 19.99….. Great ad

  156. Willis says:

    A true atheist doesn’t verbally oppose religion. He or she just ignores it, as it is their right. They live their life and allow others to live theirs. Whenever a proclaimed atheist speaks against or mocks religion, it leads people of faith to an understanding that the atheist is likely not an atheist at all. Atheism for them is a crutch to lean on, a temporary diversion of their true underlying faith, or yearnings. God loves you.

  157. David slew the Giant says:

    wei wei wei all the way home…………………..

  158. oh my my says:

    Jesus said to “FORGIVE” them………. So the new F word is Forgive them. So to Mr Wei…….. F you

  159. Lewis says:

    If Charlie was the only oil lube shop around and refused to service someone that could not quote the verse would be discrimination. His offer is his to right to set a restriction for a coupon use he gives. someone that doesnt want to use it doesnt have to use it or even take their business to him. How many oil change businesses are in a 10 mile radius of his? Maybe I dont like pototoes, but want a hamburger and try to use a coupon that says free burger with purchase of fries and drink? Am I discriminated against for not getting a free burger unless I purchase the fries too? If Charlie wants to hear you say John 3:16 to reduce the rate of a service he offers, more power to him! his right.

  160. XXtian says:

    I, as an atheist, would be happy to recite the quote, get the discount, and then confess my atheism and school him on how stupid his religious beliefs are. The only problem would be getting him to open his eyes to reality, people like that are usually too stupid to grasp science. Very sad!

  161. darrell says:

    @ Tony Imgrund
    so obama wouldnt qualify because he is half white.

  162. Tom in Lazybrook says:

    The owner’s faith is a faith to be mined for his personal financial profit. And he wants to be lead not a Christian discussion, but a “Rice Christian” movement (using monatary benefits to promote fake professions of Christianity). He’s a hypocrite and a scandal to the true meaning of evangelism and Christianity. But its part of the new political Christianity.

    You are of course aware that stunts like this and attitudes by the angry “Christians” in here do nothing to bring anyone to Christ. They repel people. And that will be the largest legacy of the discriminatory owner’s actions.

    Praise Jesus! There’s money in it!

  163. Jiffy Henry says:

    LOL! That $19.99 will be $150 by the time they leave the shop. same old scam wrapped up in a tunic & a crown of thorns.

  164. Tommy Rigsby says:

    It seems that a business can stipulate that a customer do certain things to get discounts or free things (i.e. Chic-Fil-A: wearing a cow costume for a free sandwich or mention “name” for a percentage discount). I don’t see anyone making a fuss about those. Is that because dressing like a cow is FUN or saying someone’s name makes you FEEL IMPORTANT like you personally know the person? I see everyone crawling out of the woodwork because of the mention of Christianity or Religion. Why is that? Could it be that since there is no self-gratification in thinking that you are GODs only personal friend, becuase you know you are not because ALL Christains are, or if you are not Christian you KNOW you will never be. It seems to me that all the negative comments are aimed at being selfish and lazy, because it seems that if there is no self-gratification then what is the use of doing anything, but gripe. If Mr. Whittington is not FREE to put stipulations on HIS discounts, the What exaclty is FREE-enterprise?

  165. Tommy Rigsby says:

    What I really think is neat is that the News, Mr. Wei through his complaining, and everyone else that spreads this story will be evangelizing for the Christian Faith. Even negative metion of Christianity, once heard can be thought about by the person that heard it in a good or bad context.

  166. Ed says:

    And a free lube job for anyone who can quote Ezekiel 23:20!

  167. Damie says:

    Can you imagine Jesus giving a deal to Pharisees because they will quote scripture but turning his back on sinners because they couldn’t or wouldn’t? Give me a break. This guy worships his own ego. He no more walks in Jesus’ footsteps than the Man in the Moon.

  168. Damie says:

    In reading some of the comments here I notice that there are those who think that a person is either a believer or an atheist. How little they know of the world of spirituality! Belief does nothing more than comfort the ego and allow it to think it is “right” and “safe.” One can be religious and have beliefs but when one moves on to mature spirituality beliefs are left behind. They are the playthings of children.

  169. Mark says:

    Yet another religious fanatic who enjoys lubing someone up.

  170. Pam Fortner says:

    You have set a WONDERFUL example for other people that proclaim they are Christians! We should be unashamed to let people know about our Lord and Savior!

    Matthew 10:33 (Whole Chapter)
    But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.

    Thank you for leading the way and taking a stand! Way to go, Charlie!!!

  171. Duke says:


    No one is making anyone do anything. Wei made it his choice to go there, and it was his choice not to use the quote.

  172. Nicholas Ernst says:

    The only thing sad about this is that you have to do something to get a 19.99 oil change and people think it’s a good deal. In the Phoenix area, you can get an oil change virtually anywhere for that price with no extra effort involved. I can’t understand why anyone lives in the Midwest.

    Anyway, this is no big deal. The owner is perfectly within his legal rights to put this stipulation on a coupon. And in the same vein, if some other business wants to print a coupon that says you can only use it if you’re white/black/whatever, they are also within their rights to do so. The difference is that the latter would cause an overall loss of business, whereas the former won’t. Atheists will hate what this business owner is doing, and won’t do business there. Christians will love it, and will do business there. I doubt there will be any noticeable net change in his earnings.

  173. anti-neander says:

    I think this is great! Only because there are so many Americans who have never opened a Bible, yet who think they somehow know what’s in it. They might get a shock if they ever find out that the place of Jesus’ birth and the manner and date of His death were predicted several hundred years earlier.

  174. Michelle says:

    Too bad he didn’t make the deal “quote ANY bible verse” for a discount. There are many very ugly verses in the bible that many Christians either ignore, gloss over, try to rationalize, or simply don’t know about. If he had made it “any bible verse” he quickly would have ended that promotion.

  175. Dfghj F says:

    if it were the dmv forcing you to say that before getting your license renewed, that would be one thing.
    However, this is a private business, not a government institution. In the United States, we have the right and the freedom to run our businesses the way we want.
    “No shirt, No shoes, No service” signs can hang in your store, even though no cop would/could hassle you for those things on the sidewalk… Because they’re not illegal; it’s the stores prerogative to tell you what does or does not fly with them. If they want to give you a perk, that’s all good. If not, take your business ELSEWHERE—- Hey, we don’t allow monopolies for a reason. This Kwik Kar “ain’t” the only place in town to get your oil changed (not even close!), and isn’t even affiliated with any other Kwik Kar in DFW!

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