DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Not even Dallas County’s top prosecutor is immune from crime. Thursday night someone stole an SUV belonging to Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins.

The thief apparently broke through a security gate to get to Watkins’s garage. And the SUV stolen wasn’t the average.

“It’s a Mercedes G-Wagen and they’re very rare,” explained Watkins. “It was heartbreaking this morning when I walked out to my garage and saw that it wasn’t there.”

The district attorney said he never heard a thing, because his bedroom is on the opposite side of the house and there was a loud thunderstorm Thursday night.

There’s no question the 7-foot-tall security gate was closed but Watkins admits his garage door was open and the keys to the SUV were in the ignition.

Regardless, theft is theft and Watkins said he’s confident the DeSoto Police Department will get the vehicle back.

If the thief is arrested the person won’t have to worry about facing off against Watkins in court. “I’d have to give it [the case] to the Special Prosecutor, because I’m the victim,” explained the DA. “It’d be up to that prosecutor to make a determination on what happens with this person… if they’re caught.”

Watkins said he and his wife are now discussing household safety and he’s considering getting a handgun license.