‘Occupy Dallas’ Plans March To Federal Reserve

occupy wall strett 1 127232512 Occupy Dallas Plans March To Federal Reserve

Hundreds of activists affiliated with the 'Occupy Wall Street' demonstrations have begun living in a park in the Financial District in New York City. (credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The anti-Wall Street protests happening across the country are about to spread to North Texas.

A group is planning a huge march and demonstration in downtown Dallas Thursday and they’re willing to go to jail to get their point across.

The group called Occupy Dallas is an offshoot of a group staging a protest in New York City called Occupy Wall Street.

Groups are demonstrating and protesting government bailouts of big Wall Street institutions, joblessness, global warming and the influence of corporate money in politics among a host of other issues.

Cordel Cameron said their reasons for marching are clear. “We’re doing this for the 99-percent of the lower wage earners, who are carrying the burden of this economic crisis that we’re in. The sacrifice is not being shared.”

Cameron said once the march is over many participants plan on staying.

“In the end they are gonna ask us to leave and we’re not going to. So, that’s that,” Cameron said. “Hundreds of people specifically e-mail me saying they are not going to leave when the police ask them to vacate the area. They’re gonna sit down. We’re going to occupy that space indefinitely.”

The march will weave along a route that ends at the Federal Reserve. Between 200 and 1,000 people are expected to participate.

Officials with the Dallas Police Department said they would monitor the activities, but have no special plans to increase police presence.

The Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City began on September 17, since then demonstrations have spread across the nation.


One Comment

  1. schrodinger says:

    Perhaps these people should put as much energy and effort into finding a (better) job as they do into stirring up trouble. That would effect a REAL change for them.

    1. lowtolerance says:

      crawl out of your hole.

    2. Big D Mole says:

      Are you hiring? If not, you should join the march.

    3. Jared says:

      I have a job and go to school, I plan on attending anyways because the grotesque wealth gap we have in this nation is sickening.

      1. Devon says:

        Yeah, it’s really disgusting how people who earn their money get to keep it. I can’t wait until we fix that and give everything to all the people who don’t do anything, they totally deserve more for doing less.

      2. Common Sense says:

        Nice shot, Devon. Well played and true.

    4. 99Percent says:

      I work 7 days a week. I at one point had four jobs and still could not make ends meet and ended up without a place to leave. I will be there. Maybe it’s time for you to wake up.

      1. Dustin Brown says:

        Devon that is not what the dallas protest is about we are in Dallas to end the federal reserve not to continue the shill walstreet protest, get your facts right before you pick a side

    5. Pat Phillips says:

      I’m 72 years old, retired from my own business where i provided employment for many people. I am part of the 99% and would be occupying Dallas if I could.

      1. Nate Shilling says:

        Thank You Pat!

    6. Nate Shilling says:

      should we go get student loans to be properly trained for better jobs? cuz our public education doesn’t train people for “better jobs”. we build bombs not an educated workforce.

    7. Dont Trust Republicans says:

      Occupy Dallas FED is a cr*p shoot stitched together by that Federal criminal Pete Sessions to make the real Occupy Wall Street movement look bad.

      Why do I call him Federal criminal? It is because he broke the federal law that prohibits fundraising on federal property. Besides, he went to fundraising when he was supposed to be taking the oath of office with the rest of the members of congress.

  2. Angry White Guy says:

    Nobody’s forcing these idiots to stay in this country. Here’s an idea: go to Cuba, China, North Korea, Mexico, etc. and let me know how things are working out for you after about a year. How’s Greece and Portugal doing, by the way? It’s capitalism, including Wall Street, though not a perfect system, that has made this country great and unique. The less government interference and the less socialist ideals we have, the better we will be.

    1. The Frogs says:

      This is the same group that just wrapped up protesting in New York for days WITHOUT SHOWERING. Maybe they should move to FRANCE.

      1. Dustin Brown says:

        This is not the same group at all we support auditing and getting rid of the FED we do not support communism we support freedom and no more national banking system. What have you done to support liberty lately support Occupy the FED Dallas.

    2. lowtolerance says:

      Clueless white guy: When we’re done we’ll have functioning capitalism back. I assure you it will not be anything near socialism. Heck, maybe I’ll even have a reason to hire you.

      Oh, and go learn something about Greece and Portugal. You’re embarrassing yourself.

      1. Angry White Guy says:

        Lowtolerance: It’s hard to employ someone who’s living off the interest of wise investments. I just got through golfing the back nine at Vaquero, where I also live. I’m also only 42 years old. Say, what have you done today? So in layman’s terms, go “F” yourself, liberal. I’m going to light a Cohiba and laugh at you even more. While you’re at it, why don’t YOU give us a lesson on Greece and Portugal’s economy, since you’re such a maven on economic matters. Go on, we’re waiting. Don’t forget to quote your (legitimate) sources.

    3. Fulltlit14 says:

      Here’s another idea, if you don’t like protest you can move to Iran or China. Oh by the way how are those economies in the socialist countries like Canada, Sweden and Germany doing?

    4. Jason O says:

      Let them do whatever they want. This will not lead to an American Spring or some such non sense. Personally I think this is some far left fringe movement. Especially since i heard some crazy things they were basing the group around. Such as completely open borders and whatever else.

      They really need to get educated and stop believe in such craziness / conspiracy theory.

      1. Diaz says:

        You’re right…this isn’t an American Spring…it’s a worldwide spring. You may deny it all you want through whatever delusion best fits your mental narrative, but this is not only happening here but throughout the entire world. I know its a bit scary to deal with a movement that doesn’t follow the same narrative arc as past protests, and that’s because this is a different type of rebellion and revolution that completely upends traditional notions of what a protest is and how it functions. Don’t be frightened….this is happening already…at the moment it should be happening…and controlled by the youth, for the sake of their own future. The wonderful thing about this, is whether you are against it or not, if this movement is successful (which I feel is currently at 50/50 odds) it will be of benefit to everyone. The corporations will still get to make millions, but under regulations that assures they continue to pump in resources into the social fabric that sustains its existence. It’s too soon to dismiss the thousands of people that are taking up this 2nd American Revolution, and just because they aren’t shooting at each other like we’re used to, doesn’t make their movement any less important. I state this with the utmost respect.

    5. Jared says:

      I’m sorry that you agree with corporate influence on politics. I’m sorry you support the banks that should have failed using taxpayers money to stay alive while giving shameful bonuses to employees. I’m sorry you support the most expensive higher education in the world that can barely keep up with other nations. I’m sorry you support unequal economic opportunity. I’m also sorry you don’t realize how entirely laced this once great country is with government interference and regulation. It’s a shame all that regulation usually plays favor to the super rich. This isn’t capitalism, this is a corporate state.

      1. Pat Phillips says:


    6. Rational White Girl says:

      This is the most ignorant thing I have heard in a while. Way to go, Dumb White Guy.

      1. Common Sense says:

        Ignorant how? He’s ignorant because he’s 42, basically retired already, and understands how to thrive in a capitalistic society? Tell me your working knowledge of those economies (Greece, etc.) and governments (China, Cuba, etc.). It’s easy to hit a person with a comment like that, but do you have the stones to back it up? Data, please!

    7. Nate Shilling says:

      if you dont like people protesting government why are you here? our right to express our grievances with our leaders and the structure of financial markets that the FED reserve controls is what makes america, america. If we wanted to stay where we didn’t have a voice our fore fathers would have stayed in the tyranny of royal europe. STAND UP, HAVE A VOICE. STOP LETTING 1% RUN OUR GOVERNMENT!

  3. Michael Lynch says:

    These “Idiots” are not trying to go to Cuba or China. These idiots are trying to make AMERICA a better place. I do not agree with any socialist agenda, but if there are BILLION dollar bailouts then I want one too! Problem is you fools think its completely ok to PAY a bank to be irresponsible with OUR MONEY. Keep taking it up the butt. I’ll be in the streets (OUR STREETS)!

    1. Angry White Guy says:

      I don’t have a problem with them protesting the bailouts. I don’t agree with the bailouts, either. The reckless corporations and banks shouldn’t have gotten them, and “economic Darwinism” should have been allowed to take place. However, these kooks can’t just focus on one thing. Unemployment? Hold on. Weren’t the BAILOUTS and STIMULUS PACKAGE(S) supposed to curtail economic woes and unemployment? Global warming? Really? Green jobs are not happening (Solyndra, anyone?) and the vast majority of consumers are not warming up to alternative-fueled vehicles. They’re protesting some really ridiculous points, and that’s why they look like (and are) idiots.

  4. darrell says:

    if you are going to protest in dallas you better be wearing flak vests and helmets. DPD is not famous for its intelligence, understanding or public relations skills.

    1. Jonathan Bellew says:

      got it covered lol…

      1. Michael Lynch says:

        MEEEE TOO!!!

    2. Nonya says:

      Also, don’t forget that Texas has a CC law with the Castle Doctrine, be careful how you engage people. Don’t be like the idiots in NY swarming cars and blocking traffic. Also comply with the police and you won’t get hurt. Try to one up them and you might get a little encouragement to comply.

  5. AP says:

    Dear Michael-

    Your protest will do NOTHING. Wall street laughs at you folks… all the way to the bank.

    Common Sense

    1. lowtolerance says:

      Good luck with that. Time to pay attention.

    2. Martin K says:

      Oh come on, remember the Citigroup plutonomy memo? Even they understood that the threat of a backlash is real. From the memo:

      . . . . [A] policy error leading to asset deflation, would likely damage plutonomy. Furthermore, the rising wealth gap between the rich and poor will probably at some point lead to a political backlash. . . . At some point it is likely that labor will fight back against the rising profit share of the rich and there will be a political backlash against the rising wealth of the rich. This could be felt through higher taxation (on the rich or indirectly though [sic] higher corporate taxes/regulation) or through trying to protect indigenous laborers, in a push-back on globalization—either anti-immigration, or protectionism.”

  6. Joseph Dalton says:

    there protesting to get money out of politics and to end the elites rule over the world. there fighting for everyone who has ever had a dollar and had it taken for no reason. the federal reserve is a joke of a scam on the people. it is owned by jp morgan chase rockifeller. it was started in 1915 by pres. wilson on christmas eve when no senetors were there in d.c. it is set up so every single dollar you have means you owe private citizens a dollar and 15 cents. there protesting to end the way that money begins as debt to the elite. do some research on the fed and then you will be as mad as they are. check out http://www.livestream.com/globalrevolution then ask why there doing it.

    1. Mark says:

      When you can’t even get the ownership and start date of the Fed correct, why should I believe anything else you have to say about them?

      1. DDT says:

        Mark is correct. It was created in 1913, not 1915, and not on Christmas Eve, but on December 23. Joseph “Stalin” Dalton also misspelled “THERE” (needs to be THEIR). Other misspelled words (wrong letters in lowercase) are: ROCKiFELLER, SENeTORS, d.c., plus said illiterate liberal drone doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of punctuation and capitalization.

  7. icymore says:

    Don’t listen to the naysayers. You are supported by many! To the idiots who say “look for a job”: WE ARE! WE HAVE BEEN! The jobs are not there! And the ones that are there don’t pay enough for anyone to live off of, much less support a family. Or they only hire part time workers so they don’t have to give over-time or benefits. What is wrong with you people? Open your eyes! The system does not work anymore.

    1. Mark says:

      You can obviously afford an internet connection and either a smartphone, tablet, or computer to use it on. Guess the bank didn’t steal EVERYTHING from you.

    2. Nonya says:

      Sure there are, just not jobs you want to have.

  8. DB COOPA says:

    You nicknamed yourself Common Sense? It’s an oxymoron. Your negative attitude disguists me. We used to live in a country that celebrated people’s right to assemble peacefully in public. What are you people so against that they are protesting? Campaign finance reform? Equality? Whatever. You’re a lost cause.

    Our blog is here: http://www.occupydallas.com Check it out.

    1. Big D Mole says:

      Well said!

    2. Mark says:

      your spelling of disgust disquists me.

      1. Nate Shilling says:

        keep judging based on spelling errors and punctuation, not on content of message. petty. that’s the kind of close minded elitist attitude that is at the root of this evil corruption of our political system. the elite know whats best for us, just hand the keys to the 1%, let them drive, what could go wrong right?

    3. Mark says:

      I like the play on the name of DB Cooper. Hijack a plane and rob everybody on it. Is that what Occupy Dallas is trying to do.? Hijack the system and rob everybody? Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…

  9. YES, they are idiots says:

    These IDIOTS need to head back to the northeast, Washington to be exact, and march to the Federal Financing Bank (or it’s PO Box), they will find risky, LOW rate loans (less than 1%) to the ilks of Solynrda, foriegn oil production and a slew of loans that should have NEVER been made to other foriegn companies all from hard working peoples taxes. Capitalism is not the problem, people asking “:What’s in it for me” and the entitlement generation is the problem!

    1. Michael Lynch says:

      Bro, the only reason your alive is because you were entitled to be. Judging from your character you would not make it 2 days in certain environments around the world.

      1. I wanna be like Mike says:

        Lynchman, in one of your earlier posts you had mentioned “OUR MONEY”. Now, last I checked, OUR MONEY is what the Federal Financing Bank was giving away AT RECORD LOW INTEREST RATES! As for my character, you are as off base as you could possibly be, but keep on judging, that shows me a lot.

      2. Michael Lynch says:

        Im sorry sir? I have not caught on to why your opinion means something to me. Yes, I mentioned OUR MONEY in regards to two things: 1)the tax revenue (or borrowed money in the peoples name) that bailed out a defunct bank which was holding 2) the money the bank received from its customer (US). This little love triangle with debt has gone over the top. I’m tired of having to break it down. Who thought it would be a good idea to take a loan “at record low interest rates?” I don’t! Why can we not be adults and earn what we have been handed? You think you are cool with your BORROWED house or BORROWED car. Well enjoy!

    2. Really Tired says:

      Who are you calling the “entitlement generation’?

      1. Tired too! says:

        Let’s just say, by and large, it is not the over 50 crowd!

  10. Rynn says:

    The proposals in place aren’t unreasonable. They’re mostly conservative in nature appealing to big businesses and banks no longer being protected by government. There have been a lot of laws put into place over the last 100 years that our forefathers would have been appalled by. Whether you like government or not, we do have a say in the governments ethics. We currently have no say in the ethics of corporations and corporate spending. We need to make it our business what banks are doing with our money and what corporations are doing to us and the rest of the world. We’re not talking about small time mom and pop shops here. We are talking about monopolies that use the government like a puppet to further their agendas. They’re two sides of the same recklessly spent coin.

    1. Mark says:

      Unless you are a shareholder, you have NO say in how a private-sector company conducts it’s business. If you don’t like it, don’t patronize them or purchase any of their products or services.

      1. Nate Shilling says:

        We don’t? We cant say that we don’t want a manufacturer to pollute our water and air?
        Companies/Corporations would never put public’s health at risk to maximize profits.
        Oh, wait, whats the EPA doing……

        is the financial security and the future of our economy not a public concern?

  11. Hal says:

    I am just disgusted at the negativity from people on this topic and the misunderstanding that this is just about bailouts or jobs or some liberal agenda. This is about the top 1% using unlimited money and influence on the government to turn the issues and policies in their favor, leaving the rest of the country powerless and helpless. If you’re opposed to that or think that there is no chance of success, then you’re part of the reason our country has gone down the drain in recent years.

  12. Rick McDaniel says:

    The Democrats will go to any lengths to convince the public that hand outs is how life should be, and you should not actually have to earn a living.

    1. Pandora says:

      *face palm*
      some people will never get it….I think they like taking it up the ass from someone as long as they label themselves Republican (no offense to anyone who generally enjoys taking it up the ass 😉

      1. Denton Hippie says:

        Face palm? Oh, no. Not YOU again (using a different moniker, I see). Is “face palm” and “epic face palm” your entire repertoire? Seriously, dude.

  13. Reef Ledger says:

    This has nothing to do with republican/democrat, left/right….Take your talking points elsewhere. I’m middle class, have a decent job, provide for my daughter and pay my taxes. I don’t want corporations paying off politicians to enact policies solely for THEIR benefit. Politicians work FOR THE PEOPLE, not for whatever company lines their pockets the most. There is A LOT more to this movement than just “i’m unemployed” “i can’t find a good job”. However, your ignorance is humorous.

  14. Real Journalism says:

    This is not proper journalism. The march on the Federal Reserve in Dallas is in response to the Wall St. protest, yes, but it is a rebuttal in ways. Very few people who are marching on the Federal Reserve are concerned about global warming and the socialist rhetoric being espoused by uninformed protesters in NY. They are protesting a long defunct monetary policy which has systematically ruined our currency and dismantled any industry and prosperity this nation once had. They want the Federal Reserve gone and for Congress to coin and issue the currency, as was their original Constitutional duty. Do not just copy and paste a statement made by Wall St. protesters and ascribe it to this group. Thank you.

    1. Real Journalism says:

      To be clear, the Occupy Dallas group may be stating this, but the majority of these protesters are not represented by them. There are a great many other groups with much more reasonable demands. I am not endorsing one or the other, just thought people ought to know.

    2. Mark says:

      History 101: Before the Federal Reserve, there were panics and bank runs in 1873, 1893, and 1907 that rivaled the stock market crash in it’s severity. Since the USA has relied on the Fed since 1913, what is the plan to replace it with without longterm economic consequences? How do you just up and abolish something relied on for almost 100 years without disruption?

      1. Real Journalism says:

        I don’t know, how do you abandon a monetary policy that worked for just as long before it? There were bank runs, but there wasn’t a massive economic meltdown which happened twice after the Federal Reserve took effect, and is gearing up to happen a third time. The gold standard is not a perfect monetary policy, but it is far more stable and reliable than a fiat currency which carries more debt with it than the currency it issues. It is a rigged system run by independent banks which have free reign to manipulate markets how they see fit. Before you insult my intelligence, why don’t you consider that nothing good has come out of the Federal Reserve except a huge currency bubble that is ready to burst and has created massive amounts of imaginary debt since Nixon took us off the gold standard officially.

      2. Real Journalism says:

        I should also add, the National Banking Act of 1862 introduced a fractional reserve banking system, which can be attributed to many of those panics. JP Morgan provided liquidity to the system by giving low interest loans to the banks and Treasury knowing that he would be secure in getting repaid. The banking crisis of 1907 lasted something like less than two months, and the depression lasted less than a year. I could go on, but I have more important things to do than to bandy words on a news comments section all day. Interesting conversation.

  15. wineandgrind says:

    We are not idiots. We are not looking for a handout. I’m a hardworking, single mother that wants a better future for our children. We all know our government is corrupt on so many levels. While our schools and communities suffer through budget cuts, we are funding hundreds of US military bases around the world and this “war on terror” that is impossible to “win” and is never ending; that is just one of many points.
    Our children have suffered greatly for the decisions to help and bail out these bank corporations and tax cuts for the wealthy; of course they don’t care because they can afford private schooling and health care. But that’s how it works: they want us to stay ignorant so we can keep feeding their pockets. A form of oppression, pretty much, for political power and money, while we, and future America, carry the burden; just like we have been for decades, but now it’s affecting even more Americans.
    Remember, we give the value to the American dollar; when all is said and done, it’s pretty much worthless, and knowledge is power! We, the people, are becoming more educated and uniting in numbers across the nation to show them that, no, WE, carry the power in our democracy!
    You can no longer “dumb down America.” Let the revolution begin!

    1. Frank Costanza says:

      Ah, a Ron Paul nut. OK. Now it’s all coming into focus.

    2. Pandora says:

      Here Here!!

  16. j says:

    you think this is about asking for handouts? you are not paying attention. look around you. millions in this country are suffering precisely because banks, the federal government, and the fed played a high risk game with YOUR MONEY knowing if they won, they’d be rich and if they lost, we’d be poor. that’s legalized theivery, and all we’re asking for is a bit of economic justice. you can debate the hows and the whys but do it in the street. i just had half my company let go to appease shareholders. now not only are my friends jobless, but i’m asked to pick up the slack. maybe i need to take a day off on thursday.

  17. kristylynell says:

    Very lame local coverage by cbs…. Vague at best. I’ll be there. I am the 99%.

  18. RussP says:

    If the cars in your driveway are not American or the clothes in your closet from Mexico or China, you’re part of the problem. If you hire companies to work on your home that employ immigrant workers or hire immigrant workers yourself, you’re part of the problem. If you take on more debt than you can pay back and then try to walk away from it, you’re part of the problem. Until folks in this country get back to the “be American, Buy American” mentality and actually invest in THIS country, neither the government nor Wall Street can fix our financial problems.

  19. e says:

    More and more the trolls will believe everything the news tells them. The revolution is coming and it will not be televised !!!

  20. darrell says:

    i do hope the protests go well and are peaceful. but dallas is dallas. its a protest so everyone with an agenda will be there. i would not be surprised if select students from select schools dont empty the classrooms to join or just to create mischief for its own sake. you have to remember that dallas is a city where public officials have been known to use peaceful demonstrations to commit pre-meditated aggravated assault. so anything is possible.

  21. TJ says:

    I love how when it comes to something as simple as freedom for everyone, and wanting to make it a reality. No one can seem to agree upon a decision because it for some reason doesn’t tailor to their specific needs. Time to grow up and put on your big boy pants everyone. Wake up to what is going on around you…and not just in America, but all over the world.

  22. Rhoda Penmarl says:

    The system is broken. People are waking up and realizing we’ve been duped. We are the change and it scares the **** out of the powers that be…

  23. Mark Johns says:

    Alex Jones is prominently involved in organizing some of these anti-Fed protests in Texas. For his credibility’s sake I hope Alex does more than a two hour appearance here and there while real protesters are giving it up camping out for days and weeks risking arrests and police brutality. If that’s all Alex does he’ll just look like Reg from ‘Life Of Brian’ closing the manhole down on his fellow People’s Front member thinking he was coming along on the raid, saying “solidarity brother”

  24. Jason says:

    “Occupy” the Federal Reserve?
    How about DESTROY the Federal Reserve.
    Biggest scam in World history.

    1. Thought Police says:

      Jason’s door being kicked down in 3… 2…

  25. Cynthia Tebay Burleson says:

    It doesn’t hurt to show how you feel about things it is what our country was based on Free Speech

  26. Dustin Brown says:

    Stop manipulating our purpose it is called Occupy Dallas FED it is not an offshoot of Wall Street Protest we are not against capitalism we are against a national banking system

    1. Matt Chappel says:

      HERE HERE!!!!!

  27. Matt Chappel says:

    There are some people protesting valid points, and there are some people protesting not-so-valid points… But to say ALL the protestors are “idiots” or “troublemakers” makes you an enemy.

    It means you hate the Constitution.

    There is SOMETHING everyone can agree on, and that’s the fact there’s something wrong with our country. We need to end the Fed. We need to end the bailouts. We need to respect the Bill of Rights. We need to get OUT of wars. We need the symbiotic relationship between business and government to end.

    1. Matt Chappel says:

      And if you can’t agree with at least SOME of what I just mentioned, there’s something seriously wrong with YOU… Not the protestors.

  28. Looney Loon says:

    Ron Paul 2012: Tin Foil Hats For Everyone!

    Paid for by Ron Paul 2012 in partnership with the Texas Department of Mental Health

    very small print: this is a parody

  29. Jeff Koppang says:

    We hold this Truth to be self-evident:
    A government which represents only the interests of banks, media conglomerates, corporations and the richest #1 is no longer democracy. It is oligarchy.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Look out for cops, agents and liars:

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