Half Of Texas Doctors May Quit Medicare If It’s Cut

FORT WORTH (AP) – A new Texas Medical Association survey finds that half of Texas physicians would consider dropping the Medicare program if Congress allows the deep cuts planned in reimbursement payments.

Association President Dr. Bruce Malone says that would mean more elderly people would lose their doctor and have a harder time finding a new one.

The group wants federal lawmakers to fix the payment formula so it doesn’t end up penalizing doctors financially.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that physicians will see a 29.6 percent cut in reimbursements starting Jan. 1 if Congress doesn’t act.

Malone says physicians love their Medicare patients but they can’t afford to continue to care for them if Medicare doesn’t cover the cost of doing so.

Most people become eligible for Medicare when they turn 65.

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  1. darrell says:

    pay more. get less. be happy. while government employees we pay have the best medical and retirement program in the country maybe the world the people who pay for it are abused, ignored and deprived basic services they have earned and payed for. our government has become to big, too self empowered and too corrupt to deserve to exist as it is today. its time for change.

  2. Charlie Polston says:

    This is more of the change Obama promised, we only have one more year of the Demo Doom that has befell the USA!

    1. AC says:

      and once we get the pub’s backin office, then we will sink even deeper into the poopoo of their greed and lack of compassion for those that make less then a million a year.

  3. Fragile - It Must Be Italian! says:

    Less money in Medicare = less scams and fraudulent claims the docs can do. Of course they’ll dump it!

    1. joe T. says:

      You clearly hate doctors. Typical conspiracy theorist: “everyone is out to scam me”. Check out who the scammers are and you will find a relatively small demographic that would be easy to monitor and fix the problem.

      1. Fragile - It Must Be Italian! says:

        You clearly, and wrongly, assume I was using the fallacy of composition/division in my assertion.

    2. Chris Brooks says:

      If it costs $100 dollars to provide care for which the doctor is paid $90, eventually he’s going to go broke. So his choices are transfer the costs to other patients, or stop seeing Medicare patients.

  4. Joe says:

    Healthcare rationing here we come. I know, it’s not polite to say “I told you so.”

  5. Rick McDaniel says:

    Basically, the big problem is, government wants to cut senior care, to provide medical care to welfare recipients. It is that simple.

    It is Medicaid, that is the major problem. It has become a major problem, because of the Democrats, and their social welfare programs, for which NO taxes have been paid.

    Seniors paid taxes all their lives, to pay for their benefits. Welfare recipients, pay nothing, for theirs.

  6. RussP says:

    Sounds like we’ll be headed to a situation like they already have in Canada and England where health care is government funded. The majority of the better doctors people want to see don’t participate in the system so you have the choice of a mediocre doctor or pay the higher costs out of your own pocket.

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