ISDs Lining Up To Sue Over Education Funding

TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – More Texas school districts are lining up to fight the state in court over the way public education is being paid for.

Dealing with some $4 billion in cuts from public schools, nearly 150 school districts have signed up to sue the state.

Among other things, they argue the cuts made by the GOP-headed legislature leaves them with too many students and not enough cash.

Decatur ISD Superintendent Ron Townsend said education should be put first. “Our young people deserve that and until that happens I don’t know that things are gonna get much better,” he said.

When the cuts were made republican lawmakers argued that while schools are important, so was fixing a budget problem without increasing taxes.

School administrators and educators argue that there just isn’t enough money in their budgets to get the job done.

“To me, the legislature and the public, in the state of Texas, are going to have to make education a number one priority,” Townsend said.

At least two groups, one led by veteran school finance lawyer David Thompson and another by the Equity Center, a nonprofit school finance lobbying and research organization, have been gathering plaintiffs for lawsuits expected to be filed this fall.


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  1. jcjet2 says:

    All Democratic candidates look forward to increased federal control of and spending for public schools.
    After cheering the promises made by the Democratic candidates, NEA delegates buckled down to the serious business of spelling out their political goals, many of which have nothing whatever to do with giving schoolchildren a better education.
    The teachers unions must like this lawsuit as they would have more taxpayer cash to spend on their Global Unions like the S.E.I.U.

  2. k says:

    Who voted?

  3. Rick McDaniel says:

    This might be amusing, if it wasn’t for the fact that the majority of kids in public schools, in the metro area, are illegal immigrant children, which the tax payers are being forced to fund.

    1. Susie says:

      Majority? Really? I think you drank too much of the Fox News Koolaid…

    2. Susie says:

      Also, a lot of children of illegal immigrants are citizens whether you like it or not and therefore have the same right to an education that you and your children have.

      1. 3rd gen legal immigrant from Cali says:

        ok Susie, then immediately deport the Illegal aliens and they can put their american children in beautiful Mexican schools in beautiful Mexico the land of latino pride and then, since you brought it up, also deport the illegal alien children of illegal aliens along with the illegal aliens.
        Viva America

  4. ilvrw says:

    I am waiting on a political candidate to ask Rick Perry if there is a single ISD in Texas that would endorse him.

  5. darrell says:

    i agree 100% that education should be the priority of school districts.
    NOT LAWSUITS. school district budget shortfalls are the districts fault. most are top heavy in overpaid administrators. if the purpose of schools is to give children an education then why is the focus of so many schools on sports? start eliminatings things like football, basketball etc which can eat up a huge amount of district money in equipment, stadiums and upkeep, coaching salaries, transportation etc. why are districts subsidizing after school programs? schools are not babysitters.
    dont even get me started on illegals in school or illegal parents of legal children. it wont be pretty.
    if school districts concentrate on their primary purpose they wouldnt have these massive budget shortfalls. school is for children to get an education and develope social skills in the process, not to have a social life and be forced to learn how to take a test.

    1. Sean says:

      Darrell, please proofread your essays before you post them. I only counted 26 mistakes in your post.

      1. darrell says:

        i do not now nor have i ever claimed to be a literature, english or composition major. if my grammar or sentence structure prevent you from understanding what i am saying then there was no point in you reading my post to begin with. thankyou for your suggestion. ill shall give it a moments thought then forget all about it.

      2. Jack says:

        Sean, you are an jerkoff.

  6. waltor says:

    Having 2 children in the Metro schools, funding is not a problem. The curriculum supported by the state is the larger issue. Any educated parent that reviews the approved texts and study methodology can see that it is confusing and supports shortcuts in lieu of conceptual learning.

    Benchmark testing has corrupted the Texas schools and has driven the districts to teach test taking methods as apposed to helping our children undrstand the subject matter. Please review your childs textbooks.

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