Fort Worth ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters Argue With Each Other Over Who Controls The Group

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – The ‘Occupy’ protest hits Fort Worth. Some 50 protesters gathered Monday morning to protest Wall Streets control over Congress.

Organizer John Boeglin led off a mach that headed to several downtown banks. “Our plans today are to start making marches around the banks and then establish an occupation here, in Burnett Park,” he explained.

Before the marching began, protesters got into a shouting match with each other over questions of who controls the group, and their ability to speak.

Boeglin said the group needs to stay focused on their common goal.

“We’re tired of the one-percent having the ear of Congress. We want to end the power of the lobbyists.”

The “Occupy Wall Street” effort began with a small group of protesters in New York City and has grown to include nearly a dozen other cities and thousands of protesters.

Protester Brodrick Williams hopes the message of the group will have an impact. “I think that it can make a difference. You’ve got to remember our country was founded on change, it was supposed to be for the people and somewhere along the way we forgot that,” he said.

Protesters say they’ll stay throughout the night, week, and even the weekend if needed to get their voices heard.

Fort Worth police said they’d be monitoring the rally.


One Comment

  1. djh says:

    What a bunch of idiots.

    Go enjoy the Rangers baseball game.

  2. Steven Senior says:


  3. Joe Patone says:

    Calling all rednecks… let’s move these idiots back to Dallas.

  4. Al says:

    If I protest something can I take over and illegally camp in some nice public park in Fort Worth too and have the tax payers pick up the tab for the mess?

  5. bryan says:

    The idiots are the members of the 99% who refuse to see the problem at hand. It is time to end congressional prostitution

    1. Rude Boy says:

      Hey now. I’ve always fantasized about getting a Cleveland Steamer from Harry Reid. Let’s let the prostitution thing go on, at least until my fantasy is fulfilled.

      1. True Dat says:

        LOL. Funny, but to be frank, they’ve all been giving the American public Cleveland Steamers for quite some time now.

  6. The Blind Leading The Blind says:

    LOL. These morons try to plan action and can’t even decide on 1) shared issues, and 2) leadership. This is a common thread in all the “organized” rallies by this group thus far. If you’ve read the signs at the events, and heard some of them speak, some want the Fed abolished so printing currency and spending will stop (this is actually a good idea), while others want spending for nationalized health care (massive spending and/or taxes required for that).

    I knew it all along that these twits wouldn’t make a lick of difference, because they have no core. LOL. Typical moronic infantile leftist goofballs.

  7. Wes Word says:

    Wow.. There is some rather uninformed ignorance on this entire page. Sad to see that your news source is so misinformed and biased. It is also quite sad to read all the ignorant comments from people who have no resolve. Stand for something or you might fall for they say. It’s ok can hit snooze now..ignore any real threats to your freedom and future. Let’s all waste more time trying to make another bad joke about people who stand up for you. I am grateful for my sense of humor so that I can laugh at the blatant ignorance from such trolls as: Steven Senior, Joe Patone, Al, and The Blind Leading The Blind. Live blissfully 🙂

    1. RussP says:

      Just standing in a field does not show that these folks are standing for something. Most of those I’ve heard interviewed from these protests all across the country can barely begin to explain what it is they are angry with and none I’ve heard have offered any solutions. I’m sure there are some with particular complaints and possible solutions but they need to seperate from the majority of these protesters if they want to be taken seriously.

    2. Mark Levin Fan says:

      How is taking a side blatant ignorance? We choose to not side with your silly group of misfits, ergo, we have our own causes and beliefs. Perhaps some of us are in the Tea Party. Ever think of that? Why ASSuME we’re all apathetic to what’s going on in this country? Schmuck.

  8. les says:

    WOW this sounds like our government !!!!!! i bet 50% of them can’t even tell you what the issues are !!

  9. Nick says:

    Are they providing free condoms like their comrades in New York enjoy? Oh wait, I forgot, THESE protesters are serious…

  10. emmaliza says:

    Why would the media give such prominent coverage to so few people? The Washington Examiner reported less than 50 people at the ‘occupy the statehouse’ in Washington DC. Is this some kind of joke? How about some actual newsworthy event?

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